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"Is Your Dog's
Drinking Water Safe?"

An easy overview of the problems with our drinking water - and what your options for practical solutions are


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  What you let your dog drink
  matters for its health!

"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" is written for ordinary people who do not trust their politicians in regard to taking care of their own health and their dog's health. In fact, hardly anybody should trust any government on this - there are countless examples of governments shortchanging our health on the altar of finance, either their own budget, or in the interest of jobs in the community or other related concerns that really boils down to nothing but money....

For most people, it is impossible to judge whether or not the political recommendations are adequate, and, quite often, they are not.

This little e-book gives you a quick overview of what the common problems are with drinking water supply. There are many - and they are completely different from region to region, so you cannot conclude that what is good for someone else is also good for you!

You will further get an overview also of the possible common technical solutions that are used to purify drinking water. There are quite a few, and they have different advantages and disadvantages. Some are applicable for installation on water treatment plants, others are useful in private households. There is no "one-size-fits-all" solution to these problems, and it is impossible to address the problems without knowing both the nature of the problem and the potential and limitations of the proposed solution.

This little e-book gives you both - in terms you can understand well enough to make your own informed decisions about which water yous hould drink yourself - and serve also for your dog. Since dogs handle bacterial contamination much better than humans, your dog has more options available than you do yourself! But you need to know where the limits are...

The e-book is in PDF format and all references are hyperlinks that make it easy to use it also as a reference. The 20 pages are concentrated stuff - but also fairly easy to read and understand.

I never thought of water being a possible problem until our city decided to chlorinate our nice drinking water! I did not know how easy it is to remove chlorine from water - but thanks to this e-book, we saved a lot of money on filters.

Hector Brilliard
Montreal, Quebec

From this e-book, you will get:

  • An overview of the common reasons for drinking water not being what it used to be and should be....

  • A solid layman's understanding of the available technologies that can be applied to solve the problems.

  • The pros and cons of those technoligies - what problems they can solve and what problems they don't solve.

  • How you can manage this and make diligent decisions in regard to your water supply for your dog (and your family).

Nice overview! Interesting reading. I used to worry about my dog getting sick from drinking on the walks, but I understand now that I don't need to all. Thanks for the peace.

Charlene Murray,
Burnaby, BC,

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The Author:

Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio! Mogens Eliasen was the founder and Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn how to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Mogens has published several books and videos, on dog training, as well as feeding and health care. He holds a scientific degree in analytical chemistry, so this topic is "right up his alley".

Mogens' main "secret" as instructor is that he is very much a "down-to-earth" kind of person that makes it an honor to maske things understandable by providing "the big picture" for all the confusing details, so the details end up making sense.

  • Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio.

Above all, thank you for sharing all of this information. I am glad that I read this and your other books. You are a great resource!

Wendy Blake
North Carolina, USA

Why you want this e-book:

You want to know the facts about this drinking water issue, without having to rely on commercial information or political propaganda.

You want to know what your options are, so you can make your own judgment and take the precautions you find are right for you and your dog.

You want your dog to be healthy - but without incurring unreasonable expenses....

  Is drinking from a platic bowl safe?
  Get the answers from the e-book
  'Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?'

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  Check the chapter about how
  water picks up contaminants 
  on its awy to the consumer.

Excerpt 1 (pp. 6-7 in original)
The Problem with Transportation
- how naturally clean water picks up contaminants on its flow to the consumer.

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This should be taught in school.... it is too important to not know.

Inge Thomsen
Roskilde, Denmark


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