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There is only a total of 500 shares.
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for 10 shares or more, $220.00 per share for 9 or less.

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This PET DOOR is so simple,
we're surprised nobody has thought of it sooner!

About the invention

This uniquely simple Pet Door is based on two simple principles:
  1. The force of gravity for energy
  2. Simple animal training for operation
If you have those available, you can teach your pet to become the exclusive user of this unique invention! Your pet can be a dog, a cat, a pig, a rabbit, a goat, a monkey, a hamster, a ferret, or a bird - as long as the size of the door fits the size of the animal.

Operating this door takes a learning process. Any intelligent animal that can learn to walk through a hole in a wall can learn to use this Pet Door. The learning process is very simple and does not require any knowledge from your side about training of animals.

The easy to follow instructions can be followed by anyone who cares for their animal. An as example, it typically takes about a week for a cat, about two weeks for a dog. Once the learning process is completed, this Pet Door becomes impossible for other animals to operate, with the possible exception of monkeys who do learn well from watching. The chances of another dog or cat or wild animal in figuring out how to operate the door by accident are slim to none.

Because the operation of the door involves no other technology than a simple application of gravity, it is extremely sturdy. There is absolutely no electronics involved, only pure, simple mechanics. Your pet can operate it without wearing any collar that could go lost or become ineffective as the batteries wear out or get wet.

The construction will provide for a simple operation, yet this Pet Door closes tight and is not subject to wind and weather or even insects, as other primitive constructions are. You can even lock it when you and your pet are not home!

It really is so simple, we're surprised
nobody has thought of it sooner!

Mogens has used the principle of this Pet Door in several personal pet door constructions in the houses he has lived in over the past couple of decades, perfecting it's operation and construction. It has proven itself as easy to install as it is to use. Mogens even had his 7-8 week old puppies learn to use it!

And although he has had many friends over with their dogs, the friends' dogs always stayed outside in the fenced yard - much to the other dog's continued astonishment! Only Mogens' own dogs were able to use this pet door to get into the house - and out again.

This pet door will only be able to be used by the pet who is trained to use it, and not other wandering animals in the neighborhood.

This door will also keep out unwanted
insects, rain, and wind.

It has locking ability for when you are away for holidays or such. Thus making it a secure door for city as well as country dwellings.

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About the inventor

Mogens Eliasen is a business entrepreneur that has founded numerous business ventures around his passions: dogs, environmental protection, and personal freedom. He was born in 1949 in Denmark and immigrated to Canada in 1990. From 1998 to 2000 he lived in the USA.

He has a very diverse background, encompassing
  • A Mag. Scient. scientific degree in Chemistry from Århus University in Denmark (similar to a US Ph.D.)
  • 19 years as Army Intelligence Officer (rank of major)
  • 12 years in corporate management, in Denmark and Canada
  • 18 years as self-employed businessman and entrepreneur
  • 33 years as professional dog trainer and education program developer for all kinds of dog
  • developing various organizations in North America and Europe, including his own businesses
Mogens has made many personal accomplishments in the area of dog training, including winning several National Championships with his Search & Rescue dogs. However, his most important results are in the realms of his training systems and education development. This includes his manual for the Danish government about how to educate and deploy its Search & Rescue Dogs and his establishment of Human Dog Leadership Inc., a dog handler training school in the Vancouver, BC area, employing 14 trainers, all educated by Mogens.

Check out his online newsletter THE PEEING POST. In it you'll find great ideas on:
  • choosing your puppy,
  • dog training, behavioral problems, etc.,
  • feeding, dog health care - including how you work together with your veterinarian,
  • how to make important decisions including when to end your dog's time here.
He is available for speaking and training engagements where he can bring his wife and dog along. More information about his most popular seminars, workshops, courses etc. are available from

Mogens is adamantly opposed to government attempts to control and restrict our personal freedom in the name of "protecting us". So it's no wonder that another of his passions is helping people protect their financial privacy.

From private individuals to small business owners and private investors, they come to him for guidance in protection of their legal rights, asset protection, privacy, International diversification, and even to minimize their income tax - sometimes even eliminating it altogether.

He advocates using the law and the government's own limitations instead of open confrontation. He has published several books and home-study courses in these realms.

Mogens publishes an on-line newsletter pertaining to these issues: THE DOGGY BONE about protection of:
  • legal rights,
  • assets protection,
  • estate planning,
  • privacy, and
  • business and investment profits.
He is also available for speaking and training engagements about this favorite topic too. More information about his most popular seminars, workshops, courses etc. are available from

More details about Mogens' background and his publications are available at Mogens bio.

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About the Business Opportunity

What has been done so far:

Mogens Eliasen has transferred his intellectual rights to this invention to PT#21427 Prosper International Limited (PIL), who, together with himself, Egun Eliasen, Inge Thomsen, Anita O’Neill, and (name to be provided by Anita O'Neill), have provided financing of the preliminary stages of the development of this invention. This includes manufacturing and testing of prototypes, plus the extensive preliminary marketing study done by INVENTION SUBMISSION CORP.

Mogens Eliasen retains a minority interest in the venture and is willing to extend his professional services to the venture, primarily in the areas of technical insight and experience, and presentations and negotiations with potential business partners for manufacturing and marketing.

The study done by INVENTION SUBMISSION CORP. has demonstrated that the invention is patentable, without a doubt. See letter from patent attorney Thomas Frost, P.A., Florida

The study further shows that there is a likely potential market in North America alone in the magnitude of at least 5-6 million dollars per year, out of which 1/3 is likely to be net profit for the inventor and his partners.

Since the launch of this venture, the following has been achieved:

  • The International Business Corporation has been established in Commonwealth of Dominica under the legal name of FurPower Investments Inc.

  • A Director has been appointed for the IBC.

  • Invention Submission Corp. has beeen engaged to facilitate the following:

    1. Prepare the Utility Patent application in co-operation with the inventor and submit it.
    2. Prepare the marketing materials and the marketing campaign for identifying suitable manufaturers and marketers of the final product.
    3. Carry out the marketing campaign when ready.

Currently, the formal organization of FurPower Investments Inc. is in progress, including having the necessary agreements in place for the IBC to assume the rights to all financial benefits from the invention, including:

  • The existing prototypes of the Pet Door in Mogens Eliasen's possession;
  • The rights to market and sell the invention, as they can be achieved, through patents, trademarks, business agreements, and in other ways, will be transferred to the IBC that can receive the revenue on a legally tax-free basis.

The next stages will include:

  • Negotiating with interested manufacturers/marketers about license agreements
  • Possibly producing prototypes and demo videos in cooperation with interested manufacturers and marketers
  • Overseeing construction and test production in co-operation with the chosen manufacturer
  • Assisting in development of marketing materials with marketers

The identity of the shareholders of FurPower Investment Inc. will remain undisclosed in order to protect their privacy. No public registration of their names will be required.

The working capital generated by the final sale of the 50 shares still available will be used as follows:
  • $2,500 Novasol Judicare Inc. - for the setup of the IBC and issuance of the allotted shares
  • $1,000 Novasol Judicare Inc. - management services for the first year
  • The balance to be held in bank account (with minimum of two signatories required) for additional expenses such as: maintenance costs, travel expenses, tradeshow attendance, and demonstrations, with the possibility of going outside North America also, as warranted by the situation and decided by the Directors of the IBC and on recommendations of Invention Submission Corp.

Later on, the following tasks will be part of what FurPower Investment Inc. will be involved in:
  • Provide a marketing plan as decided by the Board for possibly exploiting additional contact
  • possibilities for manufacturers/marketers of the product;
  • Provide the prototypes and demo materials needed for presentations;
  • Present the product and the opportunity to interested manufacturers and marketers;
  • Negotiate win-win deals with these businesses, in accordance with the strategic objectives for the IBC;
  • Receive royalties from sales on legally tax-free environment;
  • Provide dividend payments to shareholders on an anonymous basis.
It is suggested (and subject to negotiation) that the shareholder agreement includes the following:
Any shareholder or group of shareholders in control of 100 shares or more is entitled to appoint a Director.

In case of any additional financing being desirable, the corporation must offer the sale of any new shares first to the existing shareholders, in proportion of their existing holdings.

More questions answered here.

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About the Investor(s)

Currently the involved parties are looking for passive investors. Although management contributions are not required, we do value your input particularly in the following areas:
  • Marketing strategies
  • Networking to useful contacts
  • Negotiation planning
  • Team contributions to management
  • Access to additional funding, directly or indirectly, if needed.
Any income generated to this IBC is tax-free. If you are interested in receiving your dividends tax-free also, please contact Novasol Judicare Inc. for more info.

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Take advantage of this SPECIAL OFFER where you get shares for only

  • $220/share (1-9 shares) or
  • $200/share (10 shares or more)
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This investment is a unique opportunity to give you a return on your money that could blow the mind of any aggressive investor. It will make a major contribution to people who love their pets and their security.

There are 50 shares in total left for sale.

At the offered price, this is an affordable investment and will get you in on a very unique way of making a pet door that almost any pet can use. It allows "the little guy" to become part of venture that normally is exclusively for people with "big money".

No business venture is risk free, and statistics for inventions are showing many inventions that fail. The main reasons for this are:

  1. The idea was not really unique - many similar products that could serve the same purposes were already available on the market.

  2. The idea was complicated and thus too expensive to manufacture.

  3. There was no real market need for the product.

  4. The manufacturer did not have the infrastructure to access the market.

  5. The inventor did not understand the different phases of the marketing process and failed to involve professionals that could provide the knowledge and the contacts he did not have himself.

  6. The venture was poorly managed with unrealistic goals or no relevant goals at all.

  7. There was not enough capital available to get the necessary protection in place.

But this venture is not "average". All of the points above are well addressed:

  1. The idea is indeed unique - there is nothing on the market that comes even close!

  2. The idea is so simple that it almost hurts to learn about it...! Manufacturing can be kept at a very low-cost level, allowing almost any profit margin desired.

  3. The market is documented to be there - $5-6 million in the US alone.

  4. The business plan is to use professional, well-established services to identify the manufacturers and marketers that have the potential to carry through with the plans.

  5. This inventor is an experienced businessman that understands the elements of the process well enough to want to involve professionals in the critical tasks.

  6. By using professional services as outlined, the management tasks are literally reduced to facilitating a teamwork amongst the shareholders - something Mogens Eliasen has a lot of experience and skills doing...

  7. Undercapitalization should not be an issue for this venture - because you are going to buy your shares now!

We would be happy to welcome you on board!