Mogens Eliasen:

"Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners"

Healthy and balanced nutrition, through feeding your canine companion a raw, natural diet

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  • Would it matter to you if you could make your dog live 17-19 years in good health instead of 12 years with lots of health problems?

  • Would you like to be among those dog owners who are able to keep their vet bills down at less than 15% of average for responsible dog owners?

  • Would you enjoy seeing on your dog's behavior that it feels great?

  • Would you like your dog to have a soft, shiny coat? Nice clean teeth with no "doggy breath"?

  • Would it be OK with you if you could spend less money on dog food because you could use ingredients and left-overs from your own kitchen?

  • Would you enjoy to have much more freedom in regards to what you feed and when you feed your dog - and even have your dog thrive on it?

  • Would you feel good by knowing that your dog feels satiety because it got a real meal that makes it feel full and content?

Well, if you answered "yes" to just a few of these questions, you have come to the right place... With Mogens Eliasen's e-book "Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners", you get all the knowledge you need in order to accomplish all of the above, plus much more!

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The E-book:

"Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference
for Dog Owners"
RAW - as Nature intended it for dogs.
	Giving your pal a biologically adequate diet
	is not complicated when you understand 
	how your dog's digestive system works.
	With this book, you will know 
	far more than your veterinarian
	about healthy canine nutrition!
is everything you need to know to feed your dog.

No matter what you feed and how you feed your canine companion - the information in this book will give you the confidence to continue or it will give you the reasons and the ways to change.

For optimal health, there is no other single factor that matters as much as a balanced diet. But how do you make sure your dog gets all the nutrients it needs? What is the difference between "dog nutrition" and nutrition for humans? Why is raw dog food better than cooked food? What ingredients should you use? In what proportions? What about supplementing - what does your dog's body truly need and what is just a waste of money? How much should you feed - and when? Can you use treats? What kind of treats? Just one single less-than-great decision regarding this could cost you several visits to the vet... And your vet might not even be able to identify the true nature of the problem...

(Now, if you think the pet food manufacturers take good care of that for you by balancing the food they offer for sale, you really need to read the evidence concerning this in this book!)

From this e-book, YOU will know how to provide a healthy diet with balanced nutrition for your dog! And you will also know what to do with all the most common problems - or better yet: how to prevent them!

Thousands of people have done it - with amazing results. You can do it too! The feeding recommendations of this book are simple to follow, and the logical concepts have been proven over many decades in Europe. This is rock-solid wizdom combining scientific research with practical observations of real dogs enjoying real, natural dog food. "Real food" meaning Biologically Adequate Raw Food - or BARF, for short.

But BARF is more than "Raw meat and bones" (RMB) or "raw, meaty bones". Although dogs have many carnivore features, they are not able to thrive on a meal plan that consists exclusively of RMB. They need vegetables too - but cannot thrive on a vegetarian diet either! For you to balance the nutritional needs, you need to understand what they are, how they relate to food sources you have available, and the way they impact the dog's digestion processes.

From explaining the way the dog's digestive system works to developing a practical BARF feeding plan, this e-book takes you through all the steps that make it easy to feed your dog to optimal health! Here you will find all the reasons you need to understand in order to make your own informed choices and manage the meal plans in a way that might add 4-6 years of good health to your dog's life - and cut your vet bills dramatically!

You will understand that fat isn't bad - when you are a dog. But carbohydrates from grain products can cause some serious digestion problems and problems with the metabolism... Yet, more than 65% of all commercial foods are made up of grain or grain products!

You will learn why most veterinarians and government officials are not going to tell you the truth about commercial pet food and what your dog truly needs. Neither are the pet food manufacturers. They want you to believe that they are the experts in dog nutrition and that raw dog food is dangerous - as people a little over 500 years ago wanted Columbus to believe that the Earth was flat. The truth is that a raw food diet has to be balanced in order to support optimal health. Sure, without knowing anything about the dog's needs for nutrition, you can almost do as much damage with unbalanced raw ingredients as you can by serving the cheapest of kibble. But this e-book explains why and how you obtain a balance that will make your natural dog food dramatically out-perform even the best of commercial pet foods!

With this book, you get to know far more than what your veterinarian ever learned on carnivore nutrition in order to earn the DVM title! (Note: some veterinarians do supplement their education after graduation, but in their regular training in the USA and Canada, there is nothing more relating to carnivore nutrition than what is given in a two-hour lecture by sales representatives from a pet food manufacturer!)

Yes, Mogens includes some controversial stuff that could make him some enemies (and it has!), but no one has been able to prove him wrong. Yet thousands of dog owners and their dogs are living proof that his concepts work! Feeding natural is both simple, effective, and economic.

For Mogens, it is important to get the truth out about dog nutrition and what a natural diet for dogs should consist of, so that you can take good care of your canine companion, without succumbing to commercial exploitation. With his scientific education and strong background both in corporate commerce and in the Military, and his passionate love for dogs, he cuts through all the piles of BS and down to the core of the misinformation you are exposed to. From this book, you will also understand why most veterinarians cannot afford to support the idea of a raw, natural diet for dogs...

When all the crap is peeled off, what is left is a deep respect for Mother Nature. Using the wolf as the ultimate guide for what a practical meal plan should consist of, Mogens gets you to understand the few rules you need to use when putting your dog's meals together. You will be amazed how simple it is! Once you comprehend the overall concept, that is...

But Mogens does not let you down. He explains everything you need to know in terms that make sense. There are no loose ends here. When you read this book, you will feel very competent when making your own choices about raw dog food. And you will have an easy time referring back to it again and again. Its extensive internal reference system makes reading this book feel like visiting a comprehensive reference library. "Dog nutrition" becomes common sense.

Excellent organization and layout - very enjoyable and entertaining reading! I did not know anything about natural feeding before, but now I feel like an expert! It just makes so much sense...

Eric Johansson, Missouri

This is the best book on the market I have seen regarding feeding natural. Just looking at the contents and I was sold! The book covered EVERYTHING I need to make sure my canine companion gets a healthy diet. I like the links referring back to an important part, rather than me having to find the place myself. You've done all the work for me. Thanks!

June Watson, British Columbia

If you want to order this book for immediate download, you can click on the picture below of the little white dog eating a whole piece of unbleached tripe (often called "green tripe", even though it is greyish-brown and not green...) By the way: whole green tripe is the most effective natural toothbrush you can ever get for your dog!

"Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference
for Dog Owners"
Real food takes work!
	Your dog will need its teeth, 
	its paws, and its entire body 
	to get a piece of whole tripe 
	cut into pieces that are small 
	enough to be swallowed.
	You bet it will like it!
is an all-encompassing e-book, based on a major expansion of the forerunner "Canine Choice - by Nature", which was created by public demand and based on the simple feeding guidelines Mogens developed for his customers and distributors while he was running a manufacturing business he founded for frozen raw, natural dog food (and later sold). The plant was the first of its kind in North America (and probably the World) offering a balanced selection of a great variety of raw ingredients, with a guarantee on the labels that absolutely nothing was added that wasn't listed on the label. Unbleached tripe ("green tripe") was the big favorite for most of the dogs!

This new e-book is more than three times as big as its precessor! Some of the major expansions include:

  • A down-to-earth explanation of the feeding philosophy - just plain logic and "common sense"! (Although "common sense" isn't very common at all, as you know...)

  • A detailed revision of the feeding guide for adult dogs, including many thorough examples of practical meal plans.

  • A chapter on balancing - why it is important and how you can do it with no sweat when you understand the concept of a natural diet for dogs.

  • A chapter on the dog's digestive system - the way its gastrointestinal system is put together, both mechanically and chemically - so everyone can understand we are dealing with something that is very different from our own gastrointestinal system! (Fat and carbohydrates are certainly prominent examples, but there are several others...)

  • A chapter on reading labels of pet food - and an explanation of what information you can and cannot extract from them and from the comparative analyses on them. (You will be shocked to know what a manufacturer legally can get away with! Most of those "Guaranteed Analyses" tell you absolutely nothing on the quality of the product as an adequate source of canine nutrition...)

  • A chapter on the ways you can work with your vet - even if she/he does not agree with your feeding raw food to your domesticated wolf!

  • A chapter on water - and what you can do to get drinking water that is good enough. (This information is extremely useful for yourself too!)

  • An extensive series of specific meal plans and feeding schedules (adapted to different supply possibilities), for both puppies (all stages) and adults, including the transition plans.

  • A discussion on converting to a biologically adquate meal plan. There are several philosophies offering guidance, and each one has some advantages and also some disadvantages, for the digestion processes and the overal metabolism. When you know pros and cons, you can make your own intelligent and informed choice for your situation.

The chapters on storing the food, and checking stool will give you quite some unusual insights! It is actually amazing what you can learn about digestion and wellness from a dog pile!

Many people like to give their dog a treat - but forget to include the treats in the overal meal plan. And you should make your own treats... (Yes, there are specific recipes in this cook book!)

On top of that, Mogens revised and reorganized the puppy feeding guide, based on new research and insight. The old way is still a workable solution, but the new guide has more information and organizes the meal plans in a more logical way that will benefit the puppy's development even more - and be easier to follow!

As you know, puppies in Nature get nourishment from three sources:

  1. the mother's milk (rich in fat and carbohydrates);
  2. regurgitated stomach contents from adult pack members (semi-digested);
  3. "real food" - the true challenge for an immature gastrointestinal system.

Also when we look at the chemistry in these three types of meals, it makes a lot of sense to plan the puppy's meals in a way that fits these three categories as well as we can make them - and that is actually quite easy! At the same token, preparing the meals becomes simpler. A great improvement to combine user friendliness with better functionality. Mogens deserves to feel very good about this result!

This is the book I've been waiting for. I can't thank you enough for writing it! I have been extremely satisfied with this purchase and I will recommend it to anyone, whether they want to feed raw or not!

Marcy Levine, New Jersey

For a complete overview of what this e-book all contains, you can review the complete "Table of Contents" (opens in a separate window).

Impressive? Well, wait till you see the entire thing! (If you want to order it for immediate download, you can do so here.)

The background:

The contents of this new e-book are based on Mogens' research on canine physiology, combined with his own 30+ years of experience with dogs. Also on the preventive health care programs and trainer education programs that he developed with the famous Danish veterinarian Finn Smed, who has practised holistic veterinarian medicine from a time long before the words "holistic" was introduced. Together, they ran these programs for over 15 years for training associations in Denmark.

The contents have been carefully reviewed by holistic veterinarians in both Europe and North America, on whose suggestions many additions were made in order to make this book as complete a reference as possible, providing a whole picture of the topic and leaving no important questions unanswered. Just defining what exactly "natural dog food" is causes some controversy; it is a matter of balancing the information we do have on dog nutrition and digestion chemistry - without making assumptions that are not founded in reality.

The e-book is not another attempt to promote any specific recipes as "the best" representative of a natural diet for dogs. It is a serious attempt to have you understand exactly what you are doing to your dog by giving it a commercial pet food product, and what you can do to manage the obvious problems you are faced with as a consumer by trying to compose your own balanced meal plan for it:

  • What raw dog food should consist of and why.
  • What ingredients you can use and which ways you should serve them.
  • How you balance the components, so you not miss out on something important.
  • Why unbleached tripe ("green tripe") is worth an extra effort for you to get...
  • Which ingredients you can use from your own kitchen and garden (if you have one).
  • How you handle other people's "good advice", in order to make your own informed decisions.
  • When and how to discuss the topic of feeding natural with your vet.

For Mogens, the ultimate reference for what we should feed our dogs is what Canis Lupus, the wolf, would eat in a natural, thriving environment. This reference, however, is impossible to transfer into a dog owner's reality. And also: Mother Nature is not always kind to her children - she will sacrifice individuals on the altar of the what fits the species!

Now, we can benefit a lot from understanding this - but we do not have to repeat the cruelties that were involved in getting us where we are now...

The key is to understand the main concept behind the possible solutions, by relating the options you have as a member of our modern society to what Mother Nature would have done in your place when she is in a kind mood and not pursuing those kinds of hardship she pulls the wolf through in order to keep the species fit for survival!

This e-book gives you that key in a way that makes sense.

It is not a matter of "going back to nature" by letting your dog hunt for itself. That would not be responsible.

It is about learning from Nature, using the information that we do have, and using it in a sensible way. In doing so, we should also acknowledge the practical limitations you have as a consumer. There is no point in coming up with an "ideal" plan that goes way beyond what a normal dog owner can manage. And it isn't necessary...

I love the way you bring common sense into the learning. Relating to a wolf's diet makes me really think about what my canine really needs for a good diet "unplan" in order to avoid the predictable problems from feeding "on time"! It's just amazing - but when you get it explained, it all makes sense! It makes life so much easier.

Inge Thomsen, Denmark

Mogens uses scientific theory in a way that a layperson can make sense of when talking about natural dog food. He boils the complicated matters down to some very practical and down-to-earth guidelines that are easy to use on a day-to-day basis - because they make so much sense!

In order to "play the game", you need to understand the rules, though. With this e-book you learn to understand the rules of biologically adequate feeding and it gives you some very specific plans for easily managing what for many appears to be a chaotic task. Feeding your domesticated wolf does not have to be a complicated science, and you shouldn't have to put blind faith in commercial exploiters either!

With numerous sample feeding plans for both puppies and adult dogs for: before, during, and after transition, you will have some powerful tools as your reference. When you understand the principles, you simply cannot screw up your dog's diet! The really good news is that feeding your dog a natural raw diet is simple and easy to do! And it does not have to be expensive.

You can do everything at your own convenience - no reason to be bound by the clock or by some strict recipe. With this e-book, you will understand that your dog has some significant advantages for you to be very laid-back about the way you feed!

This book is in PDF format and is also filled with hyperlinks which make it easy to use it as a reference. The 200+ pages are concentrated stuff! (Printed in standard book format, it would take up some 300-350 pages...) And its recommendations and guidelines are tested over more than 30 years by many thousands of happy dogs and happy owners.

Maybe this great book might appear overwhelming for someone 'just looking into raw', but please don't take anything out - this book offers so much more than any other I've found on feeding raw!

The thoroughness and detail provide excellent support, even for an experienced raw-feeder like me. This very enjoying and entertaining book contained information I could not find without doing all the research myself, and even then I probably wouldn't have been able to find all the information....

Marcy Levine, New Jersey

You can get your copy now.

What you get:

From this all-encompassing cook book for dogs, you will get:

  • A thorough understanding of what "Biologically Adequate Raw Food" (BARF) actually is for a dog...

  • A very simple formula for balancing the meal plan so it comes as close as practically possible to what Mother Nature intended with a natural diet for dogs.

  • What ingredients you can use and which you should avoid - and why.

  • To what degree you can safely use left-overs from your own cooking.

  • Some simple ways you can prepare the raw dog food meals with minimal effort.

  • How much you should feed and when.

  • What you can do to keep your dog's stomach in good shape and capable of digesting the meals well.

  • How you avoid transition problems when shifting, by following a very simple plan.

  • What exactly you can feed a puppy - and how you should change the meals and the feeding schedule as it grows.

  • How you feed your adult dog so it stays in optimal shape, health-wise, making your vet bills drop to a small fraction of what you otherwise could expect!

  • What exactly you need to do in terms of checking that your canine companion is doing OK on its diet, other than simply enjoying its clean teeth, soft coat, great vitality, resistance to disease, ability to reject parasites, and all those other obvious health benefits you will see in a matter of just weeks when feeding natural!

  • Why you cannot always believe what your vet will want you to believe - and what you can do to get around that problem!

  • Why diarrhea most often is not to worry about at all - and when you need to take it seriously and involve your vet.

  • How you can use other characteristics of your dog's stool to check on your dog's wellness! (You may think you do not really want to know this - but it is actually very useful and does not have to be disgusting... There is a lot to learn from a dog pile!)

  • Why some dogs vomit their food after ingesting it - and what you do about it, particularly if you fed something unusual. (You will be amazed to learn that this problem almost exclusively is related to the specific way you fed your pal in the past - it has nothing to do with the quality of the new food, as most people would think when they don't know any better!)

  • Why you sometimes don't need to worry about food perishing, and why you sometimes have to be very careful not to serve perished food!

  • How you can cut your food costs by 30% and at the same time enhance your dog's health!

  • Why you cannot put any faith into the commercial pet food manufacturers and their claims, reading their labels.

  • How the veterinarian associations are connected with government and how this affects your veterinarian's ability to support you.

  • How the veterinarian associations involve themselves financially in pet food manufacturing.

  • What exact information you can get about pet food by reading labels, for commercial kibble as well as for frozen raw food and other relevant food sources you might have available.

  • Why the information you can get from most labels are of very little value, if not outright deceiving. (When you see the comments a scientifically educated analytical chemist has on this, you will have some serious food for thought!)

  • Why you should never feed your dog any kind of bakery products, like biscuits, treats made of flour, or bread products of any kind, but you can safely feed it fat trimmings from your own steaks as long as they are not cooked.

  • Why grain products cause problems because of digestion chemistry conflicts in the stomach.

  • What supplements you should use and where you find them.

  • What treats you should use - and some simple recipes for you to easily make your own.

  • How you choose drinking water of a decent quality, for yourself as well as for your dog.

  • Why some people want you to believe that dogs get vicious when fed raw meat - actually it is the fact of them not getting it regularly that makes them want to protect it so adamantly when they finally get it!

You can get it all here.

I have lots of experience with feeding raw, yet this book was of great value to me and gave me a much better understanding of the issues involved. The setup of the book was very nice, I was able to jump around as needed to read a little here and there, then come back and pick back up where I left off. Excellent setup for reference type literature. I highly recommend this book to all dog owners, whether or not they consider shifting to raw.

Josh Turner, Virginia

All I can say is WOW! This is the book I've been waiting for. I've seen some of those other books out there but never one as complete as this one. Thank you so much for making feeding my dog a raw natural diet so understanding. I'm not so scared to feed my dog now that I know what to do and how to go about it.

A. J. Watson, Idaho

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Check out the Table of Contents so you can see what this e-book contains!

Excerpt 1 (pp. 3-7 in original)
Table of Contents (complete)

Check the beginning of the chapter on Feeding Pholosophy, 
so you can see for yourself that kibble cannot be a healthy choice for a dog...

Excerpt 1 (pp.10-13 in original)
Feeding Philosophy

Check the beginning of the Chapter on the Dog's Digestive System,
including Mogens' personal experiment with himself and his dog!

Excerpt 2 (pp.19-22 in original)
The Dog's Digestive System

Check the beginning of the chapter on Reading Labels,
at your own risk!  You won't like it!

Excerpt 3 (pp. 41-45 in original)
Reading Labels

Check this excerpt from the Feeding Guide for Adult Dogs 
on including meaty bones and fat in the meal plan

Excerpt 4 (pp. 61-63 and 67-69 in original)
Feeding Guide for Adult Dogs

Check the beginning of the Feeding Guide for Puppies,
including the rationale for putting the meal plan together this way!

Excerpt 5 (pp. 93-97 in original)
Feeding Guide for Puppies

Check the beginning of the Chapter on Converting to Natural Feeding,
including a discussion on the problems you want to avoid.

Excerpt 6 (pp.109-111 in original)
Converting to a Natural Diet

Check the beginning of the Chapter on Working with Your Vet, 
so you understand the conflicts in his/her working situation.

Excerpt 7 (pp. 167-169 in original)
Working with Your Vet

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The Author:

Mogens Eliasen, the author of 
	'Raw Food For Dogs - 
	the Ultimate Reference 
	for Dog Owners' Mogens Eliasen was the founder and Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn effective ways to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Together with his close friend, the Danish Veterinarian Finn Jensen Smed, who is famous for his overwhelming results with his health maintenance programs based on a holistic approach, Mogens developed his seminars on biologically adequate feeding of dogs. Based on the interest among his students, he founded (and later sold) Canine Choice Natural Foods Inc., probably the first raw food manufacturing business in North America. The product program was built on Finn's veterinary expertise and extensive practical experience with applied dog nutrition and raw dog food, combined with Mogens' own scientific education in chemistry and his practical experiences with students. Add to that Mogens' talent to entertain, and make complicated things simple, and you will enjoy the enlightenment process!

  • Click on the picture above to see Mogens Eliasen's bio.

Download your copy now! 
	For your dog's health...
	Your dog is a carnivore - 
	it deserves to be fed right -
	in accordance with its nature!

You had all my questions answered before I could even think of them!

Anita June, British Columbia

Why you want this e-book:

You love your dog! And you are serious about taking good care of it! You want to see your dog healthy, enjoying its life. You want as few reasons as you can get for having to see your veterinarian. You know that you can expect your canine companion to live significantly longer on a natural diet - and remain far more healthy all its life than what you can ever achieve on any commercial pet foods. But you also know that you only achieve this by diligently balancing the meals! RMB alone won't do it...

You want to learn how you can balance your dog's meals with ingredients you can easily get. You want your carnivore pack member to enjoy his meals - and you want no hassle preparing them! As a side benefit, you would also like to be able to assess the commercial information you get from pet food manufacturers, including the many raw food suppliers!

You will probably want to read this reference book several times. In order to get the most out of it, you will read it once to get an overview. Then to make sure you get started right, you will concentrate on the specific feeding guides for your dog or puppy, using it as a cook book. Then you will use it again and again as a reference, just to check - particularly when you run into a question regarding a possible food source, when you experience a problem that could be nutrition related, or when you want to help a friend.

You will not take long to truly incorporate the principles in your daily life, and you will enjoy realizing that providing your dog a natural diet is indeed both simple and inexpensive.

You want to know what you need to do in order to keep your dog in optimal health - and have it live some 30% longer than it most likely would if you fed it even the best of kibbles!

You want to see your vet bills kept at a minimum. And you probably wouldn't mind if you could reduce them down to just 10-20% of what most other responsible dog owners generally spend.... (because they pay for cleaning the teeth, allergy treatments, skin problems, combatting parasites, and all kinds of organ problems and other problems that most often are silently caused by an inadequate meal plan...)

You want to see your pal happy and active, showing that he feels good.

You want the nice feel of a soft, shiny, healthy coat.

You want those teeth to be clean and white - without you ever having to brush them - or have them cleaned... The necessary anesthesia is not risk free and certainly not inexpensive either! (Dogs that are fed natural do not get plaq on their teeth...) And, after all, do you know of anybody who ever saw a wolf that had its own toothbrush? J

You want to reduce the chances of your dog getting fleas and other unpleasant parasites.

You want your dog to have a strong immune system, so it can handle any stress from disease, or least fight back with might.

You want to know the truth about those who try to make money on selling you stuff you don't need...

You don't want your love for your dog to be commercially exploited by people who don't care as much about you or your dog as they care about their profit from your doing business with them.

You don't want to gamble with losing odds by not knowing what you should know. Feeding your four-legged family member and keeping it in optimal health for a long life should not be a lottery game...

You don't want to let commercial interests tell you what is good for your dog when they benefit financially from your buying their products. (Did anybody say "conflict of interest"?)

You don't want to listen to "good advice" that is nothing but advertising.

You want to make choices that make sense for you and your dog!

You care for your canine companion - and take your responsibility as owner seriously.

You want to feel competent to take good care of your dog!

The real good news: You can get it all!

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Is there a term better than great or excellent? This book is all I need.

Dawn Forsyth, Ontario

Here is an overview of some of the feedback people have given on this book:

94% returned the questionnaire.

When asked about the way they rated the value of the information in this e-book, the answers were:

  • 49% were "excellent value"
  • 37% were "great value"
  • 6% were "good value"

When asked about the way they rated their own satisfaction with the purchase of this e-nook, the answers were:

  • 43% were "extremely satisfied"
  • 31% were "very satisfied"
  • 19% were "satisfied"

When asked if they would recommend the e-book to other dog owners, the answers were:

  • 69% said "Yes, even to people who do not consider shifting to a raw diet for dogs"
  • 19% said "yes, absolutely"
  • 6% said "yes"

It just says it, doesn't it? (Please note that the above answers include all the answers we got to those questions!)

Why don't you join this noble "pack"?

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Killing a few myths:

Oh, you heard that dogs get viscious when they get raw meat or real meaty bones?

Here is the truth:

When a carnivore that is fed an non-adequate diet finally gets a hold of what it is genetically programmed to perceive as "real food" (i.e. raw food), it is not going to let go of that precious possession easily! Such a stressed animal will be inclined to do almost anything to protect its treasure, including showing aggressive behavior of unusual intensity.

A dog that is used to getting raw meat and raw meaty bones as regular ingredients in its meals, will value those ingredients, sure - but not care too much. Heck, it will get more later! It will not be desperate to protect it...

However, if you want your domesticated wolf to show aggressive food protection behavior, then feed it kibble and wait till it, by accident, gets a hold of a delicious meaty bone - and you will be unprepared for the aggression! (Sorry for being jaded - but this is, of course, this way some people get to think that raw meat or meaty bones make dogs viscious!)

The solution is simple: feed your dog a natural diet on a consistent basis - and you will need true provocation to trigger aggressive food protection behaviors...

Oh, and the story about dogs going hunting for live prey when they get a taste for meat?

No less BS than the previous myth. Dogs' hunting instincts don't function that way. Many dogs chase balls you throw for them just fine - but does that mean that such a "ball crazy" puppy is going to eat tennis balls for dinner? or sticks?

All carnivores need to learn the connection between individual instinct reactions. Such as: they need to learn that chasing can lead to a kill. And they need to learn that killing can lead to a meal. Without those learning processes, those instincts are not going to be combined so that the behavior from one of them will trigger the behavior from another one. Nature does not work that way. And why would you teach your dog to kill live animals to fill its stomach? Besides, even if you did teach it, for instance, to kill mice, this does in no way transfer to it killing birds or any other animals that do not look like, smell like, and behave like mice.

It's the same type of thinking that by feeding your kids ground hamburger meat you are teaching them to slaughter cattle... It takes far more education and training than that! Same thing with your fur-kid.

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