K9joy Affiliate Sign-up Form

By submitting this application to become a K9joy affiliate, you covenant that you have read and understood K9joy's Affiliate Agreement and that you agree to all its terms.

You particularly confirm that you, under no circumstances whatsoever, will engage yourself or K9joy in any kind of operations that will be illegal in the sense of the law in the USA, Canada, or the country where you reside. This particularly includes all activities generally considered as spam; you explicitly warrant that you will not involve neither yourself nor K9joy's name, products, or reputation in any automated unsolicited mailings to any people who have not in advance given you their consent to receive such mailings. In case you do obtain such consent and do use automated mailings, you must provide your phone number and personal e-mail address in every single mail sent automatically, in addition to respecting all relevant laws.

You further covenant that you are applying as a private person, or a private enterprise, in the pursuit of using your affiliate status to promote K9joy's products/services on a joint-venture basis, for your own financial benefit - or the benefit of your assigned payee. You warrant that you are not in any way whatsoever acting in the capacity of representing or benefitting any organization, including, but not limited to, religious groups, political groups, investor groups, government agents or private enterprises working for government, or any other kind of organization where you have obligations of any kind to superiors or peers. You futher covenant that the information you gather from K9joy when signing up as affiliate in no way whatsoever can be passed on to other people, except as expressly permitted by K9joy, and that you under no circumstances whatsoever are allowed to share this information with any superiors or peers in any organization you might belong to or work for, except for the sole purpose of marketing K9joy's services/products as instructed.

You accept full responsibility for paying all costs and damages incurred by K9joy in case you should be in breach of the above, in the broadest possible sense of the law.

I confirm that the above declaration is true
I decline this and cancel this application

Your digital signature, as provided by the information in the form below (which is disabled if you do not consent to the affiliate agreement) affirms the above to be true under penalty of perjury.

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When you submit this information, you confirm that you have read and accept K9joy's Affiliate Agreement and that you will abstain from using any other abusive or intrusive practises in your promotion of K9joy's products. You will treat your prospective customers with respect and you will conduct your marketing from the perspective of helping other people accessing information they are likely to need and want, because the product(s) have value for them in their quest for taking responsible care of their dog(s) and developing a mutually rewarding relationship between the human and the canine(s).


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