Ordering through bank transfer
to Den Danske Bank in Denmark:

The bank's SWIFT number is DABADKKK, and the address of its main headquarters is Holmens Kanal 2-12, 1092 København K, Denmark.

The IBANs are:

  • DK6930004308106108 for DKK ("Danske kroner");

  • DK6930004308122358 for USD ("US Dollars");

  • DK6930004308122367 for EUR ("Euros");

If you are unfamiliar with the European IBAN system (IBAN = "International Bank Account Number"), then tell your bank clerk that
    - DK693000 is the European equivalent of the
      American SWIFT number (an ID for the bank);
    - 4308 is the ID of the branch (= "Vanløse afdeling");
    - the last 6 digits are the specific account number
      in that branch of that bank.

If you want to pay in any of the three currencies above, then please use the appropriate IBAN and forget the other two.

Since we incur bank charges and extra administrative work for receving money this way, please add a handling fee to the amount payable as follows:

  • 40 DKK,
  • 8 USD, or
  • 5 EUR.

If your bank does not use any of those currencies, or you are being charged an unreasonable exchange fee, then send the funds to the DKK account in your own country's currency after adding 2% to the amount payable, minimum 10 DKK. Den Danske Bank will then automatically transfer the received amount to DKK, for a very reasonable exchange fee - and we can handle it from there. You can use the exchange rates you find here (opens new window).

If you are asked for a name of the account, then use "K9joy", and, in the highly unlikely and unreasonable case of your being asked for an address of the account holder, then don't argue with your bank, but give them 3980C Riverview Road, Creston, BC, V0B 1G2 Canada. And, if they don't like that this address is in Canada, whereas the bank is in Denmark, then give them this address instead: Åbjergvej 2BI, 2720 Vanløse, Denmark.

You can most likely pay on-line, through your own bank in Europe. When payment has gone through, please keep a copy of your receipt! You then send this copy to us at the e-mail address together with the following information:

  • What exactly you order
    - for educational materials: title and format (DL/CD/print);
    for seminars/courses: the date and title;
    - for other services: the reference you get from the web page from where on-line ordering is possible.

  • Your name;

  • Your mailing address;

  • Your phone number (will only be used in emergency cases):

Please do us the favor also of making sure that the words "Den Danske Bank" appear in the subject line of your e-mail - it helps us find your order faster...

When we receive your payment confirmation and your personal information in that e-mail, we will send you a receipt by e-mail - plus the necessary instructions, so you can get what you paid for. Please note that you have to make sure that you can receive e-mails from us! We have some unfortunate experiences with many ISPs (particularly in Europe!) who simply call all mail from outside Europe "spam" - and they delete it before you get it! You can normally avoid this by setting up your e-mail program to accept mail from k9joy.com.

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