Leadership Training for Serious Dog Owners,

by Mogens Eliasen

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Committed to

helping serious dog owners
- with respect for the animals’ nature -
to give their canine companions
a decent dog life
- in a human family -
by educating them on how to
communicate with their dogs,
take good care of them,
have fun with them,
and stay in charge!

Your coach, Mogens Eliasen, with his Bettemuir

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Phone Consultation - if you have a problem with your dog, or your dog has a problem with your (they are most likely connected...), then you can call me through KEEN Advisors and I will do what I can to help you on the phone.

Seminars for dog lovers - also at your location! Most seminars can run in a 3-hour schedule, but they can be expanded into full weekend workshops and include practical dog work. "Custom designs" also available! The seminars/workshop can cover all kinds of topics related to responsible dog ownership with the aim of getting to understand your dog better and to get more out of your relationship with it. If your dog will enjoy what your learn, I will teach it!

Practical Training Courses for you and your dog - they can be run on a private basis or for your organization! We can start from scratch with 8-week puppies, or we can do professional Search & Rescue dog training - or anything in-between! My standards are very much focussed on achieving performance results, more than on the style in accordance with some standards that won't work in real life... training must be fun, first of all, but I like it best when it also makes sense, for both you and your dog.

Camp-outs! Spend a week (or two if you like) bringing the family along for intensive dog training in the woods! The camp courses are focussing on practical work, like tracking and search, and they are excellent ways to enhance the bonding between you and your dog. On a camp course, you will have no chance of "escaping" getting things done right - you will have constant access to supervision from your coach!

Private Lessons - for those who just cannot make a standard schedule fit with their plans... Whether you have a problem or just want to prevent getting one - or you want some serious training in a special area. I take special pleasure in assisting people with special needs - like coaching a handicapped person to train his/her own assistance dog. If you can maneuver a motorized wheelchair/scooter, use your voice and one hand, and invest the time and energy, then we can do it!

Special Assignments - businesses, private groups, organizations - if you have a need for getting dogs trained, and you have the people to do it but lack the education plan and/or the instructor, then let's talk! We can even go into educating your staff to use dogs for mold detection, pipeline leaks, and other areas where a dog nose simply is the most effective gas detector you can find! But it could also be a limited challenge in your organization you want a fresh assessment of - and some help to solve.

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Is your dog happy to obey you?

When you give your dog a command, even a command to stop doing something it really likes to do, the reaction must be happy. If you do not see both an approach to you and a wagging tail, you have not trained this command very well...

Seriously: you do not achieve this by being strict. You achieve it by being consistent both in your demand and with your reward for performance well done. If you do not get the right balance with this, your training will not give the results it should.

Dog training is a 24/7 job for any serious pack leader. You can only have a break when the dog sleeps or is not physically able to interact with you.

More information about solving dog behavioral problems

Got a "dog problem"?

If you have a problem with your dog, chances are that your dog also has a problem with you...

You can contact Mogens Eliasen about any behavioral problem you experience with your dog and get answers on the phone (no matter where you live!):

Titles available from K9joy®:

Anders Hallgren:
"The ABC's of Dog Language" (140 page book - 1996)
Understand what your dog is telling you - and communicate with it on its own terms. A must have for all dog lovers. Easy to read. Easy to use as reference.

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Dog's Social Behavior" (2.5 hr. video - 1998, updated on DVD 2006, with support materials on a CD)
How the dog's behavior is linked to its instincts and needs. What you can change and what is "for life". How you use this information to dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (380 page e-book - 2003)
How you get a happy and well-behaved dog, stimulating its brain with 15 minutes of fun per day. Dogs need to work and use their instinct in order to be in mental balance. Everyone can do it with these instructions. More than 40 exercises to choose from!

Mogens Eliasen:
"Don't Pull on the Leash!" (40 page e-book - 2005)
The 5 simple steps in this complete training manual will effectively stop any dog from pulling on the leash, with no pain or abuse and no special equipment - and make the start of a much better relationship with the dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" (30 page e-book - 2005, updated 2006)
A layman's overview of how and why drinking water gets contaminated - and what you can do about it.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way" (1 hr. video - 1998)
The fastest introduction to get you started on feeding your dog a natural diet. It explains the dog's physiology in simple terms, so you also understand why you should do this.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Canine Choice - by Nature" (80 page e-book - 1999, updated 2005)
The simple "how-to" about feeding a natural diet for optimal health.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners"
(340 page e-book - revised/expanded 2006)
Everything you need for making your own informed decisions about what to feed your dog, and why and how. Includes numerous examples of feeding plans plus two chapters on how to work with your vet, also if he/she does not approve of your feeding...

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"
(125 page e-book - 2004 updated/revised 2006)
What we know and don't know about the wolf and its natural feeding, and about the dog and its domestication, and what we can and cannot conclude from wolf to dog... this is the big "why?" behind any responsible approach to feeding your dog.

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