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Good leash manners are important to any responsible dog owner. A dog that pulls on the leash is a nuisance - but worse: it indicates an owner that has not yet spent the time and effort on making it more attractive to the dog to not pull!

This leash training course is a free opportunity to learn how to make this change - and the winners of the contest will be allowed to pick prizes of a value that might be up to $800 each.

The training is based on the principles in Mogens Eliasen's e-book "Don't Pull on the Leash!". All participants will get a free CD copy of this e-book.

Participation is limited, subject to available facilities at any specific location. Registration on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The training is based on positive reinforcement - there is no abuse, pain, or punishment involved. No choke chains, no pinch collars, no E-collars, no halties, or any other devices that are unplesant for the dog and will make the walk less enjoyable for it.

The training will start with an evaluation of the current status of the dogs' abilities to behave on a leash without pulling. And it will end with a similar evaluation. Both those evaluations be merely a matter of ranking the dogs. What matters is not how well they rank at any time - but much they improve their ranking from the start of the lesson till the end! In other words: the handler that does a good job during class will be rewarded!

And the reward will be substantial: We will give away prizes, in the form of free tickets to our planned courses/seminars in the area! We will give prizes to the best improvements we see on this day, using Mogens Eliasen's techniques, as taught in the course this day. The winner will be given first choice of prize, number 2 the second choice, etc. until all prizes have been claimed. The specific prizes will vary with the location - and so will the number of prizes and the number of participants. We will generally have prizes for at least 30% of the participants.

The course and the evaluation is estimasted to last 4-4 hours, and the training area with be a public place, outdoors, "rain or shine".

Please check the printer friendly overview of the terms for details (opens in a new window).

Participation is free - but because we have limited space, it is not free to sign up and then not show up! Doing that will preclude someone else from participating, and we will consider such behavior "bad manners". There is a $10 penalty for that. This penalty is payable up front with your registration, and it will be returned to you at the conclusion of the event, provided you have participated fully! If you do not show up or do not carry through with the training on the day, your deposit is non-refundable, no matter what excuse you have for taking up the space and not using it.

Signing up for leash pulling training and the contest:

To sign up for this event, you will need to pay your fully refundable deposit up front with your registration. Until we receive your payment, you are not booked.

On the deadline (or before, if we possibly can), we will decide the event's fate. If too few people are signed up, it will get cancelled, and those who made a payment will get they money back immediately. In the moment we get enough people to make it possible to run the event, you will be immediately notified, so you can prepare yourself. So, if you miss that crucial confirmation deadline, you could very well become the reason for the event being cancelled!

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Conditions and terms

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Your payment is fully refundable if and only if

  1. you sign up after the seminar is over-booked

  2. K9joy cancels the event, or

  3. you attend the event in full and carry through with the training.

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Leash training/contest
April 21, 2005
6:00-10:30 PM

Available Prizes

Louisville, Kentucky
(travel directions: 100 km (65 mi) SW of Cincinatti, OH)

Iroqouis Park, access from New Cut Road

April 15, 2005

Leash training/contest
April 27, 2005
6:00-10:30 PM

Available Prizes

Thurmont, Maryland
(travel directions: 100 km (65 miles) NW of Washington, DC)

The Rambler Inn

April 15, 2005

Leash training/contest
May 17, 2005
6:00-10:30 PM

Available Prizes

Ottawa, Ontario

Montague Seniors Forgetmenot Hall on Rosedale Rd, Smiths Falls
(2 km off hwy 43)

Book participation:

(Refundable deposit)

Limit: 25 students

May 10, 2005

Since other participants will plan their time and travel based on your commitment, please don't delay submitting your confirmation... If your booking payment is late, the event might be cancelled! The sooner you book, the greater the chance will be that the event will run and the sooner we can confirm that it will run. With you participating....

If you have any questions in regards to this, please contact us!.

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Mogens Eliasen

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