Seminars/Workshops and Courses
in southern Ontario, May, 2005

Mogens Eliasen will be giving seminars and courses for the general public in southern Ontario. Mogens' unique training concepts build on a thorough understanding of the dog's instincts and needs. It is focused on developing the dog's ability to use its instincts and natural behaviors in a useful way instead of curbing and restricting them, as traditionally is the case in standard obedience training. The result is a much happier and well-behaved dog - and owner.

Mogens' dog training concepts are unique and have never before been offered in the Eastern part of North America. They are based on a thorough respect for the dog's nature and always have an answer to the question, "What is in it for the dog?". In sharp contrast to standard obedience training, Mogens' methods focus on developing the dog's natural behaviors, not restricting them or prohibiting them. "Dogs are not meant to be robots - they are intelligent animals that need mental stimulation and challenges in order to stay in harmony with themselves and their environment - in my experience, 90-95% of all behavioral problems originate in inadequate mental stimulation", says Mogens.

"Most people do not comprehend that dogs need more than food and shelter and some petting. They need to be appreciated as valuable members in a pack with competent human leadership, and they need to work their instincts. Instincts are like a river. If you try to stop the flow, then, sooner, or later, it will break the dam and do a lot of damage. Instead, if you redirect its flow into some meaningful and useful purposes, it becomes a treasured pal and valuable ally, not an annoying nuisance or a threat."

Through his studies in Europe with famous mentors like Konrad Lorenz and Eberhart Trumler, and his own extensive experimenting with training concepts during his many years in competition training and Search & Rescue training, Mogens has developed a very simple and very practical model for how instincts work and control behavior, "The Need Barrel" model. Applied particularly to the dog's social instincts, it provides some very powerful insights into how a person can control the dog's behavior through positive motivation of fundamental mechanisms that are more effective and reliable than food...

The key to results with this approach is to build a relationship with the dog - with the dog's terms of communication, but under the human's control and guidance.

Mogens Eliasen's background is very diversified. In addition to all his dog training and studies of dogs, it includes a high-level scientific degree in analytical chemistry, service as Intelligence Officer in NATO headquarters in Europe during the "Cold War", a business career in hazardous waste management, and public speaking and publishing. He has been involved with training of dogs, dog owners, and dog trainers since 1972, and he has developed many training programs and education systems, including the Search and Rescue Dog training and deployment manual for the Danish Government. He enjoys public speaking and practical work with dog owners. His is the author of several books, e-books, and videos on dog training, feeding, and healthcare for dogs, published through K9joy.

A more detailed bio is available at http://k9joy.com/mogensbio.html.

Mogens Eliasen publishes an on-line newsletter "The Peeing Post" - you are invited to get a free subscription here.

K9joy gives full money-back guarantee for all our training: At the end of the training, after having followed the instructions and done the required work, if you do not feel that the results you obtained were worth the price you paid, you will get your money back!

The Ontario tour includes the following events:

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Titles available from K9joy:

Mogens Eliasen:
"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" (20 page e-book, 2005)
An overview of the common problems with drinking water, for you and for your dog - and with the common technologies that are used to solve the problems. The book gives a brief overview of possible solutions, including many very simple techniques that don't cost a fortune to implement. We invite you to get a complimentary free copy.

Anders Hallgren:
"The ABC's of Dog Language" (140 page book - 1996)
Understand what your dog is telling you - and communicate with it on its own terms. A must have for all dog lovers. Easy to read. Easy to use as reference.

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Dog's Social Behavior" (2.5 hr. video - 1998)
How the dog's behavior is linked to its instincts and needs. What you can change and what is "for life". How you use this information to dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (380 page e-book - 2003)
How you get a happy and well-behaved dog, stimulating its brain with 15 minutes of fun per day. Dogs need to work and use their instinct in order to be in mental balance. Everyone can do it with these instructions. More than 40 exercises to choose from!

Mogens Eliasen:
"Don't Pull on the Leash!" (40 page e-book - 2005)
The 5 simple steps in this complete training manual will effectively stop any dog from pulling on the leash, with no pain or abuse and no special equipment - and make the start of a much better relationship with the dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way" (1 hr. video - 1998)
The fastest introduction to get you started on feeding your dog a natural diet. It explains the dog's physiology in simple terms, so you also understand why you should do this.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Canine Choice - by Nature" (80 page e-book - 1999)
The simple "how-to" about feeding a natural diet for optimal health.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" (225 page e-book - 2003)
Everything you need for making your own informed decisions about what to feed your dog, and why and how. Includes numerous examples of feeding plans plus two chapters on how to work with your vet, also if he/she does not approve of your feeding...

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" (80 page e-book - 2004)
What we know and don't know about the wolf and its natural feeding, and about the dog and its domestication, and what we can and cannot conclude from wolf to dog... this is the big "why?" behind any responsible approach to feeding your dog.

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