My Background and Methods

Can you see how the tail is swinging from side to side?

I love dogs.

I love to see happy dogs with wagging tails.

I love to see dog handlers enjoy achieving practically useful results with their dogs.

I love to see people and dogs having fun together.

I am addicted to hearing my students saying "That makes sense!"....

My training methods have been developed from the extensive experience in Europe and in North America I have gained from working with Competitive Obedience, Search & Rescue Dog Work, Public Education, Problem Dog Consulting, and all kinds of practical applications of dogs’ ability to assist people with reliable performances. I have developed extensive education systems for trainers and dog handlers for various associations and government agencies.

My experience encompasses all kinds of breeds of dogs, from Pomeranians to Great Danes - and I have yet to encounter a breed (or a mix of breeds) that is non-responsive to my consistent, natural training methods.

Because I build all our training on your understanding of the dog’s nature, and I do not accept using any form of pain or fear in the training, my methods work on 7 week old puppies as well as on a 17 year "retiree". Some of my students tell me they work on their kids too, but that is beyond my guarantee... :-)

All the practical training is done on a one-on-one basis in small groups of only 3-5 dog handlers or totally in private, primarily outdoors in a public environment, because that is where it counts!

Please note how the handler encourages the dog to be brave - she has a treat in her right hand...

I never train your dog -
I coach you to do it yourself,
so you can enjoy a lasting result
and a rewarding relationship!

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