My Fundamental Beliefs

Every dog bred by humans has a right to food, drink, shelter, and general care, and also to a strong social relationship with a pack family, which provides a relevant and decent leadership.

It is easier to teach a dog handler how to interpret the dog’s body language and to express emotions in Dog Language than it is to train a dog to bark understandably in English....

Human dog leadership can and must be combined with happiness and joy, also for the dog. There is no need and no excuse for using violence, pain, or abuse. Any remedy that causes the dog pain is prohibited from my classes - and I make no exceptions. My training is choke chain free!

Theory is fine, but only results in practice count.

Training must make sense and be fun - for you as well as for your dog.

Puppies should be trained from the day they can walk. Waiting till they are 6 months old corresponds to not sending kids to school before they are 16 years old!

Any dog of any age should have a chance to enjoy the excitement of learning new tricks from a responsible and competent pack leader.

All dog owners should have a chance to enjoy the love of a dog who adores its pack leader....

Not tried it yet? You will love it!

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