Conditions for Participation

in K9joy Leadership Training's courses:

The following constitutes the conditions under which any STUDENT joins any of K9joy Leadership Training's courses for dog handlers, arranged and conducted by Mogens Eliasen, or any other person appointed by him as the INSTRUCTOR.

  1. K9joy Leadership Training is a private business, and the STUDENT takes part in its courses as a private person, with the purpose of personal education.

  2. The STUDENT remains the sole responsible party for his/her dog.

  3. The INSTRUCTOR will teach the STUDENT how to train his/her dog in accordance with the the course description and instructor manuals for the course, but the INSTRUCTOR will not assume any responsibility for the dog and/or the STUDENT's training of it. This further implies that the STUDENT will hold harmless K9joy Leadership Training and its INSTRUCTOR, any affiliates of K9joy Leadership Training (including property owners and public authorities), and/or any other student in the course for any damage caused by his/her dog. It is recommended that the STUDENT ensures that such liability is covered by his/her personal insurance policies. (Many home or tenant insurance policies do that.)

  4. Regardless of the above, any STUDENT applying for participation in any of K9joy Leadership Training's classes covenants that his/her dog will not be posing any threat or any danger to any other person with whom the dog will naturally come in contact during normal class activities. This especially means that a dog, which the handler is incapable of exercising responsible physical control over while having it on leash, is not accepted in K9joy Leadership Training's classes; a handler of such a dog is referred to separate private lessons for all practical training, until the dog is fully controllable by the handler, and this control is confirmed by the INSTRUCTOR.

  5. The STUDENT further covenants that he/she remains solely responsible for him/herself and waives and claim against K9joy Leadership Training or Mogens Eliasen or any INSTRUCTOR replacing him for any damage or injury suffered by the STUDENT or done by the STUDENT as a result of his/her own actions as a participant in K9joy Leadership Training's courses.

  6. In case any health problems, disabilities, or other personal problems prevent the STUDENT from following the directions from the INSTRUCTOR, the STUDENT carries the entire responsibility for not achieving the expected results with his/her dog, and the STUDENT waives any claim against K9joy Leadership Training pertinent to this.

  7. The INSTRUCTOR will make any practical and reasonable effort, however, to ensure the STUDENT the best possible result, despite any personal handicaps, provided such handicaps are fully disclosed in advance of the training.

  8. The STUDENT further acknowledges that the specific education results for his/her dog will depend not only on following the directions from the INSTRUCTOR, but also on

    • the dog's personal history, especially in the period from it was 3 weeks to 12 weeks old;

    • the dog's personality/temperament;

    • the amount of contact, exercise, and training the dog gets on a daily basis;

    • the STUDENT's ability and willingness to follow the instructions in class up with consistent homework.

  9. K9joy Leadership Training covenants that the training methods taught in its classes by the INSTRUCTOR are will proven and effective for any mentally healthy dog that has been properly raised in a human family. In case the STUDENT is in doubt whether or not these preconditions are met, it is recommended that a test be done by the INSTRUCTOR prior to the training in order to establish the dog's trainability; such a test is subject to a non-refundable fee, payable directly to K9joy Leadership Training, regardless of the outcome of the test.

  10. Optimal training results, however, are only possible for STUDENTS who follow through on the instructions given in class; this especially hold true for the homework assigned and the amount of contact/exercise/training the dog is given on a daily basis. The STUDENT therefore releases K9joy Leadership Training and its INSTRUCTOR from any claim pertinent to not reaching any specific objective the STUDENT was or is aiming at achieving with his/her dog as a result of the training in a K9joy Leadership Training class.

  11. From K9joy Leadership Training, the STUDENT has received a complete schedule for the course, showing all dates/times and places for training classes, and the STUDENT covenants that all necessary information in regards to the scheduling and locations has been received prior to commencement of the training.

  12. Registration for any K9joy Leadership Training course is effective upon receipt of the specified deposit for the course.

  13. Courses are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis in accordance with receipt of deposits.

  14. Deposits received after a course has been filled up will be returned to the STUDENT or transferred to another course, as the STUDENT instructs.

  15. Otherwise, deposits are refundable only in one of the following two cases:

    • K9joy Leadership Training receives the STUDENT's cancellation no later than 10 days before the scheduled start of the course.

    • The STUDENT participates in the first theory/workshop class, regrets to have signed up, and cancels his/her participation in the remainder of the course no later than the following day.

  16. Payment in full is due on the first theory/workshop class of the course, unless K9joy Leadership Training has agreed in writing to accept a different pay schedule. For such financial service, a minor fee will be charged on top of the price for the course.

  17. If, for reasons beyond K9joy Leadership Training's or the INSTRUCTOR's control, a lesson in a course is cancelled, K9joy Leadership Training and the INSTRUCTOR will use their best efforts to find a substitute lesson at a time acceptable to the majority of the students in the course.

  18. If K9joy Leadership Training or the INSTRUCTOR, for reasons of their own, changes the times for the training or cancels scheduled training sessions, and such change does not fit into the STUDENT's other plans, K9joy Leadership Training will find and offer another time that fits, or offer the STUDENT a proportionate refund of the course fee.

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