Food for dogs
- and food for thought...

There are two important areas of knowledge regarding feeding:

The first one, naturally, is the answer to "How can I be sure that my dog gets everything it needs, and will thrive and stay healthy on the diet I give it?" It is what many speakers call "a good question" - which often means that they do not have a good answer. But it can also mean (as in this case) that the answer is too elaborate to serve as a diligent response to a "fast" question. We know that a diligent useful answer takes about 3 hours to give - and we can do it in that time....

Once you know the answer to this first question, the next question comes with no hesitation, "Why, then, are veterinarians not promoting this, and why can the pet manufacturing industry get away with telling people all those lies?" Again, this is a "good question" - and the answer takes another 3 hours to be explained! But we can certainly give you the answer...

The two answers we would like to share with you are each put together in a 3-3.5 hour seminar, which will be brutally honest with you about what we know and what we don't know - so you can make up your own mind, and make your own decisions. We do hope, though, that your main concern will be your dog's health, and that you are indeed ready to use your brain to digest some logic, even though it might be an uncomfortable deviation from what the vast majority of people, including most vets, believe is true.... But there was a time also when even the Pope believed that the Earth was flat!

Here are links to those two K9joy seminars:

Clicking on each one will open a new window with all the information you might want on those seminars, including detailed course descriptions, scheduled performances open to the public, and much more.

If something is missing, you are welcome to contact us, and we will do what we can to fill the paps.

If you want to organize a seminar like these ones in your own area, then please check out this page for more information on how you can do that, possibly in a way that makes it a feasible venture also for yourself.

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