Marketing Tools for organizers of K9joy® Seminars/Workshops

If you contemplating organizing a K9joy® Seminar/Workshop in your area, you should first of all sign up as a K9joy affiliate.

Then, you should contact us about which seminars/workshops you are most interested in - and what the dates and locations are. Be aware that we will not make any final date reservations without a non-refundable deposit. You should check our standard fees to get an idea of our expectations. If you are looking for something special or have good reasons for other deviations, please let us know - we are very open-minded towards win-win arrangements!

For your planning, you are more than welcome to use us for leverage, by also arranging seminars with public access, in conjunction with what you want to do for a smaller audience. If you want to use our seminars as fundraisers for your particular organization, you should check out our to-do list for organizing such events with a group of peers.

Below is a brief overview of K9joy®'s most commonly offered seminars/workshops/courses.

When you click on a title, you will get a detailed description of that particular seminar/workshop.

When you clisk on the "Flier" links, you will get a WORD document which you can easily modify with your own particular information, such as dates, times, locations, URLs, and phone numbers for more information. The idea is that you insert your particulars and then print and distribute the document. You have our permission to do that if you do not make any other changes than this.

If you not to make other changes, then please get our permission first. Just modify the document and send it to us as an attachment to an e-mail, and we will take a serious look at your suggestions.

(All links open in a separate windows, course desciption in one, and fliers in another one.)

Bonding with Your Dog
Introductions course in 6 lessons of 3 hours each

(evenings or 2˝ days)
Intensive camp course
- boot camp with dogs

(full week externat course)
The Dog’s Social Instincts
and how you can use them to build a rewarding relationship with your dog

(evening seminar)
Food & Nutrition for Dogs
- feeding a healthy, natural diet

(evening seminar or full-day seminar)
How to Impact the Dog's Social Behavior
- and make sure that you are the obvious candidate for the pack leadership

(full-day seminar)
Risk Management and Preventive Medication for Dogs
- how to find out if you should vaccinate or not - and if you should use medication or not.

(evening seminar)
Building a Rewarding Relationship with Your Dog
- becoming a great Pack Leader

("quadruple" - 2-day workshop for 10-20 people with their dogs)
Responsible Health Care for Dogs
- keeping your dog in great shape and your vet bills low

(evening seminar)
The Basics of Dog Language
- effective communication with Your Dog

(full-day seminar/workshop)
"Kids Going to the Dogs"
- a practical guide for kids to have fun with dogs, in a responsible way

(seminar plus workshop, two short evenings)
Mental Activation for Smart Dogs
- facilitated by smart owners

("double", "triple", or "quadruple" - seminar with one or more workshops)
How to Choose a Puppy
- and ensure you can raise it well

(evening seminar)
Leash Pulling Course and Contest
(limited participation - prizes to the students that show the best improvement)

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