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If you have a problem with your dog, chances are your dog also has a problem with you...! Many problems are simple to solve when you know what to do - and tough to endure if you don't. Your dog deserves that you take its problems seriously - and you deserve to know what you can do about it!

When you call your "canine superior" via my KEEN service, you can get the advice you need on:
  • Any kind of dog training
  • Behavior problems
  • Problem behaviors
  • "Why does my dog do that?"
  • How to choose a puppy
  • Feeding and daily care
  • Any other "My-dog" question you would like an answer to that makes sense!

To get my direct advice on your problem, click on the button below, and you will get connected to me via KEEN, an on-line phone service that makes it easy for you to get expert advice of all kinds when you need it, at reasonable charges:

It is free sign up for using KEEN's services, and your first 3 minutes will be at no charge. If your problem is outside my range of experience, I will tell you right away, so you don't get charged for "nothing".

When you call 1-800-ASK-KEEN and add my extension, 0230674, your privacy is 100% secure - all you personal information, including your phone number, remains with Keen. When you call first time, you will be guided through the set-up of your membership, which gives you access also to many other advisors you might want to call on when you got your dog problem solved. Your dog, of course, is your first priority - I understand that... :-)

You can check my KEEN home page for more information. From that page, you can also access my pre-recorded "mini-lectures" on some of the most common dog problems - maybe yours is one of them? If so, you can listen to the recording, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Need immediate advice on a dog problem?
You can call me via my Keen service and get immediate answers on the phone.
Get more information about my Keen service.

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