Preferring Private Lessons?

All courses and seminars are available also on a private lesson basis, fitting your busy schedule - anywhere where I can bring my dog along.

If you want to do private lessons, for yourself or for yourself and a friend or family member, then we can certainly find a way of doing that, if you have access to the rooms and terrain we need for the training. Even if I need to travel for it, it is not impossible - provided you then also take care of the accommodation for me and my dog. Private accommodation is just fine, as long as it is in a smoke-free environment.

Yes, of course private lessons are generally more expensive than participating in a class, but you also get the exclusive attention of your coach! Particularly if you have a dog that causes you severe difficulties when around other people or other dogs, private lessons might be the best way for you to acquire that control and self-confidence you need in order to get value out of a class situation. Please check the Fee Schedule for Private Lessons and Special Assignments to assure yourself that it can work out for you, also financially.

Also, if distance is a problem, please ask for the training programs based on video! If you can get someone to help you taping your training, I can coach you to the optimal results! Please for the availability of video courses.

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