Preferring Private Lessons?

All courses and seminars with K9joy are available also on a private lesson basis, fitting your busy schedule - anywhere where I can bring my dog along.

If you want to do private lessons, for yourself or for yourself and a friend or family member, then we can certainly find a way of doing that, if you have access to the rooms and terrain we need for the training. Even if I need to travel for it, it is not impossible - provided you then also take care of the accommodation for me and my dog. Private accommodation is just fine, as long as it is in a smoke-free environment.

Yes, of course private lessons are generally more expensive than participating in a class, but you also get the exclusive attention of your coach! Particularly if you have a dog that causes you severe difficulties when around other people or other dogs, private lessons might be the best way for you to acquire that control and self-confidence you need in order to get value out of a class situation.

If you have a very specific training issue you want to have resolved, then private lessons are the way to go. We can put together just about any program we can agree on! If you have some specific objectives, then we can put together the training that will meet those objectives. The exceptions are only set by our respect for the dog - and for other people and other animals. That means that we will not be involved in any training that is detrimental to the dog's interest - and also not in any training that is aimed at aggression towards other people or other animals.

Please check the Fee Schedule for Private Lessons to assure yourself that it can work out for you, also financially.

If travel and/or accommodation is involved in an out-of-town arrangement, please see this page for details.

The nerve center in the brain that processes all nerve impulses from the 5 senses can be located, also in a dog's brain. Through experiments, it has been shown that about 75-80% of this center is devoted to the nose and the sense impressions coming from the nose.

That is more than what is devoted to the eyes and the ears together in the similar center in a human brain....

Depriving a dog from activities that involve the dog using its nose would thus be worse for a dog than it would be for a human to go blind and deaf.