Want to arrange something special?

All K9joy courses and seminars can be given for your special audience - your club, association, or other group, fitting your special needs. Mogens Eliasen will travel anywhere where he can bring his dog along, and possibly also, for a short time, to other places.

Private accommodation is just fine, as long as it is in a smoke-free environment.

If you want Mogens to come and do several seminars over a weekend, we can arrange that! Maybe you want a combination of some seminars with a course specifically made to fit your group - running over several weekends, or as a crash course in just a full week or two? That too can be arranged!

In order for us to have a meaningful dialog about this, we need to know:

  • What the audience is and what background the participants have;

  • What time frame you want to work with;

  • What the objective should be for my teaching (must be adjusted to the time frame... we will have to discuss that!)

  • Which special problems or issues you want the focus on.

We generally ask a fee to cover our instructor's teaching, travel, and time. We also ask a reasonable part of the payment as an up-front deposit to make the commitment. We expect you to take care of the facilities we need, including room(s) for lectures and terrain for practical training and the AV equipment we need (normally and overhead projector + screen and a whiteboard or blackboard with some markers will do just fine). "Facilities" also include accommodation and meals....

If you want to see some numbers to jiggle with, please check the Fee Schedule for Special Assignments. Please note that if you hire Mogens Eliasen to come and do a seminar for you, then it is up to you to get the people to come - and it is up to you to figure out what you want to charge them! We have no problem with your making a profit on having the trouble arranging the whole thing.

For your inspiration, please check our Seminar Overview. You are welcome to combine several seminar/workshops in the same trip.

In regards to specific training tasks and training programs, then we can offer this at any level you desire, in the following areas of nosework:

  1. Tracking - which means pursuit of scent on/from the ground, typically food prints from person or an animal.

  2. Extensive search - which means using air-scent to identify the location of an object or person, typically employed under a handler's command to ensure a systematic search. "Search and Rescue" work falls under this category.

  3. Scent identification, which means that the dog wll indicate with clear and undisputable body language whether or not a certain kind of scent-giving substanse is present. Such substances can include:

    • Oil or gas from pipelines
    • Specific foods or drugs in luggage
    • Mold activity in buildings
    • Personal touch (fingerprint) on an object

  4. Small Area Search ("Crime scene search") - which is a search for any articles or object that carry human scent, typically in a relatively limited area, like a backyard, but with virtually no limit on how small an article we can focus on. This disciplines can be combined with Scent Identification, so the dog specifically will look for a specified kind of object that carries a characteristic scent.

But also "General Manners", "Obedience" and "Trick Training" are areas we would love to assist you in, such as:

  1. Command Performance Exercises - which mean that the dog performs a specific behavior (or whole series of connected behaviors) on a single command. The scope of this can be practical control of the dog, specific ahievements (certification or competition), or plain simply for fun.

  2. Body Balance - such as passage of obstacles that pose a challenge to body control.

Give us a call (phone numbers at the bottom of this page) or , so we can discuss how we can make your idea become reality.

Who is taking initiative?

In the human world as well as in the dog's world, the leader is the one who takes initiative to action.

How much of your dog's action is initiated by you?

If you are like most dog owners, you leave the dog to mostly decide for itself what it wants to do, even on the walks!

When the dog wants to play, it grabs a toy. When it wants to check out something, it goes there and sniffs. When it want to say hi to someone, it does so. When it wants food or attention, it looks cute and melts your heart.

Until you change that and actively engage the dog in activities chosen by you, you are not the pack leader...

More information about solving dog behavioral problems

Got a "dog problem"?

If you have a problem with your dog, chances are that your dog also has a problem with you...

You can contact Mogens Eliasen about any behavioral problem you experience with your dog and get answers on the phone (no matter where you live!):

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