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Sooner or later, all my courses will be available on video - but it is a huge project that will take years to finish. The idea of a video course is that you get the instructions per video, together with the "normal" course materials, like your work book, as you would in a live class. You follow the instructions and train your dog as explained in each particular lesson. When you feel you have reached the goal of the lesson, as described in the workbook (it should take you about a week or two), you get a friend to make a video recording of your training. You send that video tape to me, so I can see what you are doing and how you dog responds to your training. If I agree that you did indeed reach the objective, I will send you the next lesson. If not, I will instruct you about what you still are missing out on, per e-mail, phone, or video - depending on the nature of the problems we need to deal with. This way, you literally get private lessons at a very discounted price!

The following table is an overview of the courses that are already available and those that are planned to become available soon. If your course is not listed, then let me know - if there are other people like you, I might find reason to change the planned priorities....

Course title: Planned offered:
Article Indication (Introduction level) Fall 2005
Small Area Search (Basic level) Fall 2005
Tracking (Basic level) Winter 2005/2006
General Manners (Introduction level) Spring 2006
General Manners (Basic level) Spring 2006

Maybe you want something that does not fit in here? It does not have to fit the standards... Please check the Special Assignments page, so we can discuss what can work for you! Especially if you represent a group of people, we can tailor almost anything that will make sense for your dogs also.

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