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This list is organized alphabetically, following the authors' last names, as you would find it in a library. Please click on a letter below to get directly to the part of the list where you can find the publication you are looking for.


Do you know of any valuable information on feeding dogs a raw natural diet which you can recommend?

This list is meant to be a guide for those who are looking for additional information about raw food for dog and feeding dogs a natural diet.

We hope to grow this list dramatically and fast. If you know of any great publication that has proven its value to yourself, then please fill in this form and submit it to us so we can expand the list.

Please note that all submissions are subject to our review and approval. For your recommendation to be considered, we need you to explain, whom this book or publication can benefit, why this is so, and what someone else can expect to get out of it.

In the following table, the publications are listed as we have received the information from the sponsor, and the presentation of this information is solely the sponsor's responsibility. The titles are links to an order page where you can also get more information about the publication.

The Sponsor is the person who submitted the listing, and the comments are made by the sponsor. Additional information is available from the sponsor - click on the name, and an e-mail will be prepared.



Ian Billinghurst:

"Give Your Dog A Bone"

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Recommendation by Mogens Eliasen, December 1997:
A great book with a wealth of information relating to carnivore nutrition. It is a classic, introducing the BARF concept ("Biologically Adequate Raw Food") as a reference for all food. It was written mainly as a "wake-up call" for sleeping dog owners who did not see that they do indeed have simple and inexpensive alternatives to commercial "pet food". This, unfortunataly, turns the focus of the book a bit much towards becoming a recommendation of chicken - which is not the world's best source of raw meat, if it is all you have. Too bad that Ian Billinghurst wrote it before he knew that you can get raw unbleached tripe in North America...



Edmund Dorosz & David Poulsen:

"Let's Cook for Our Dog"

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Recommendation by Mogens Eliasen, June 1996:
This is an older book but full of valuable information. Ed Dorosz was the one who discovered the "missing links", that is a bunch of fundamental nutrients that are present in raw meat, but get destroyed irreversibly by any form of heat processing. It is a very good reference book that deserves to be know more than it is.


Mogens Eliasen:

"Why feeding your dog a consistent diet "on time" is a bad idea…"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
If your dog vomits raw food, then this article is a must to read!

Mogens Eliasen:

"How you can avoid detoxification problems when shifting your dog's diet…"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
When you shift to a natural diet, you might experience problems. This article explains the reasons for those problems - and they are not related to the raw food, but to the crap you fed in the past that has accumulated in the dog's body!

Mogens Eliasen:

"Why cooking of dog food can cause allergies and malnourishment…"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
This is an excellent way of explaining the chemistry of digestion so even I can understand it! (I hated science in school...)

Mogens Eliasen:

"Grain or not in a dog's diet?"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
Grain is cheap - but not a natural ingredient of dog food - yet all the pet food manufacturers use it as the main base of all their food!

Mogens Eliasen:

"Why fat in the diet isn't "bad" when you are a dog…"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
Using human standards for dog food simply doesn't work. This article explains a simple example that is easy to understand.

Mogens Eliasen:

"Why your dogs needs to fill its stomach on a regular basis"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
Digestion for a carnivore is not the same as for a monkey... You need to know this stuf!

Mogens Eliasen:

"Balancing the Calcium/Phosphorous ratio in a raw diet for dogs"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
Good reasons for feeding your dog lots of bones. Raw. And good reasons for no worrying!

Mogens Eliasen:

"Why adding Vitamin C to your dog's diet is not always a wise thing to do…"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
We are so programmed to believe that "Vitamin C is good" - but dogs are supposed to produce it themselves, and when we feed them too much vitamin C in the diet, it causes havoc in their metabolism!

Mogens Eliasen:

"The truth about Vitamin E"

Free article online

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
Good and easy-to-understand explanation about this vitamin and what it does in the body.

Mogens Eliasen:

"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way"

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Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
This one-hour video explains why and how you should feed your dog a natural diet. Great illustrations and good examples from the kitchen, watching Mogens' students prepare the meals for their dogs. The little pamphlet that folllows the video is a great hand tool for reference in your own kitchen!

Mogens Eliasen:

"Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners"

Order for download

Recommendation by Anita O'Neill, June, 2003:
This e-book is a very powerful tool for anybody who wants to know the truth about dog food. Lots of shocking stuff most people have no clue about, but presented so that you can understand why things are the way they are and then make your own informed decisions about how you feed your dog. When you have read this book, you know what you are talking about when the topic is dog food, also when you discuss it with your vet! The guidelines and the specific feeding plans make a lot of sense and are easy to follow - they actually leave a lot of flexibility and call for "sloppy management"! Remember, your dog is a domesticated wolf, not a four-legged monkey... Also: the chapter about water and drinking water management is stuff you definitely want to use for yourself too!









Ann Martin & Michael Fox:

"Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food"

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Recommendation by Mogens Eliasen, September 1997:< BR>This is a scary, scary revelation of the modern pet food industry and their hidden practices. After reading it, you will never want to feed kibble again. The documentation is thorough and genuine and cannot be disputed - we talk about documented facts, no kidding here! Unfortunately, Ann Martin does not dare to go the full distance to recommending a raw diet...




Francis Pottenger, Jr:

"POTTENGER'S CATS- The Original Study
In Animal And Human Nutrition"

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Recommendation by Mogens Eliasen, January 1995:
Cats are also carnivores! And even more so than dogs! Pottenger's classical study has unfortunately never been done on dogs (and when you read the results for cats, you will not want it to be done ever!) During 1932-42, Pottenger was forced by circumstances to feed his hundreds of cats their food uncooked (he could not get any fuel) - and they thrived!! This is a classic you must have.




Kymythy Schultze:

"Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats:
The Ultimate Pet Diet"

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Recommendation by Mogens Eliasen, May, 1997:
A nice comprehensive overview - presented by a good teacher. The book is very inexpensive but a little gold mine for the dog owner who feels a bit unsure about feeding natural. It does not explain everything, but it gives you enough to get "over the hump" and get started on feeding natural with confidence.








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