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Nursing Supervisor
The mission of The Healthcare Marketing Institute is to help clinicians and other healthcare professionals

Fashion Designers
People In Fashion is an employment website specifically for the fashion industry, covering both retail and manufacturing.

Dog Training School
A complete guide to Dog Training School

Free Love Your Pet Day Ecards
Cute kittens and lovely pups, chirpy birds and colorful fish... Pets are undoubtedly human's best companions !

Strength Training Routines
The programs at the Institute are down to earth and practical.

Business School In A Box
The mission of the Center for Executive Coaching is to educate and train executive coaches to get outstanding results for their clients

Cosmetic Surgery
California cosmetic surgery clinic offering laser surgery,breast augmentation,lipisuction and a host of other surgical procedures performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon.

The Astrology Career focuses on creating rewarding career opportunities for people interested in Astrology.
16.000 photographers in the US, UK, Germany, Canada and rest of the World. Find a professional wedding, portrait or commercial photographer.

Taxes in Poland.

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Fact: Every year, some 40,000-60,000 people die from rabies. North America and Europe have a total of 5 cases/year or less, though, a total of 7 from 2000 through 2006.

Fact: None of those cases are related to dog bites - of which there are 4,000,000 reported every year in the USA alone....

Fact: Maximum 95% of all dogs in the USA are vaccinated against rabies.

Fact: There is no scientific proof whatsoever that a dog that has been vaccinated against rabies cannot transfer the disease to a human...

Question: why are we vaccinating our dogs against rabies?

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