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Dear Dog Friend,

Thank you for being willing to help me identify the very title for my new e-book about mental stimulation of dogs - how important it is to let our dogs work with their brains - and how simple and fun it actually is to do so.

I appreciate the time you take for this!


Mogens Eliasen
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Which of the following titles would create the biggest desire in you for buying the book?

Please identify one of the following proposed titles as the one that appeals the most to you (first choice), then the one that ranks second, and the one that comes third.

Or, put in a different awy: if all of the titles below were for different books, which one would you buy first, which one second, and which one third?

Considered title First choice Second choice Third choice
How 15 minutes of fun per day can make your dog happy and well-behaved!

A Dog's Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste...

How to Solve Your Dog's Behavior Problems With Brainwork

Solve your dog problems with just 15 minutes of fun per day!

Brainwork for Smart Dogs

At last! Eliminate dog problem behaviors by putting the dog to work its brain!

Are you stimulating your dog's intelligence - or is it challenging YOURS?

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Once you submit your choices/suggestions, you will be entered into the drawing for a free download of the e-book when it is ready. Should you not be "the lucky one", you will, in any case, as a token thank-you for your time, be notified per e-mail about how to get your copy at a discount.