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Dear Dog Friend,

Thank you for being willing to help me identify the very title for my new e-book about why and how you should feed your dog - how important and easy it is to balance a healthy diet of raw natural ingredients.

I appreciate the time you take for this!


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Considered title First choice Second choice Third choice
Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble - They Enjoy a Long Healthy Life

How to extend your dog's life expectancy by 30% and reduce your vet bills by 80% through feeding your dog a raw natural diet

Do you dare to feed your dog a home-made natural diet? Do your really dare NOT to?

The road to optimal health for your dog goes through a raw natural diet

Your dog deserves better than being fed like a pig

Why feeding your dog a natural diet is the natural thing to do!

Raw Food for Dogs - the ultimate reference for dog owners who care

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