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Can you work if your computer can't?

What if your computer crashed at 3 AM Saturday night and you had some work you had to get done before Monday?

Have you ever had problems with some new software that did not work on your system - and everybody claimed it to be somebody else's problem, refusing to help you?

If you need a solution to this NOW, you can get it here.

Picture of Mogens EliasenMy name is Mogens Eliasen (pronounced MOW-ence e-LEE-a-sen – it is Danish), and I am a very happy customer of JUVIO. I have had some tremendous problems with our computer system – and have repeatedly been “rescued” by JUVIO’s technical staff. I would like to share some of my experiences with you and share with you also some references to more information, so you can judge for yourself if JUVIO is for you too.

I am running several home-based businesses, and my family depends quite heavily on those computers. We do very little paperwork, but have the two computers networking with each other.

You are probably visiting this page because you are a valued business contact or friend I wanted to share this information with because I saw a possibility that you could benefit from JUVIO also.

If you can relate to any of the following, you should check JUVIO in greater detail:

  • You use your computer professionally - "downtime" means "lost business";
  • You use e-mail for communication and browse the Internet regularly;
  • You constantly consider installing new software that can help you - and you try programs out on trial basis you downloaded from the Internet;
  • You occasionally buy software on-line;
  • You do not have a spare computer with full back-up of all files you can use when your machine is in for technical services;
  • Despite your protection efforts, you still get the occasional virus infection (no updates of virus definitions are made before the virus is out!) or hacker attack (if you have a program that makes you aware of those...);
  • You are not a computer expert yourself - but you do want to understand what is being done to your machine, so you can avoid future errors or maybe learn to fix the problem yourself next time it pops up;
  • Your access to computer tech services are either expensive or cumbersome - and maybe they are even amateurish or non-qualified;
  • When you get your computer back from service, you have no idea what has been done to it...

We all have different purposes with our computers. I use mine extensively for both business and private stuff, and if you are like me and like the benefits you can get from your computer, you too have developed quite a dependency on your machine...

And that’s exactly what computers are: MACHINES. Machines that can break down. Through our constant Internet connection, those machines are even subject to other people’s attacks – hackers, viruses, spam. Yes, with all the firewalls and virus protection software in place, combined with the network and our peripherals (two printers, a scanner, VRC, DVD player, CD-burner in addition to what everybody else also has), we are running a software system that is a bit complex – far too complex for me to understand in all detail…

It does not make things easier that my two machines are 6 and 4 years old, respectively - made by two different manufacturers. Some of the hardware is outdated – but it still works, and I would prefer keeping it running instead of going through the hassle of getting costly new stuff incorporated.

Besides, I want to spend my time on running our businesses, not on doing technical maintenance on those machines… Neither do I want to disconnect all the cords and plugs and bring the machines in to service for days in a row – leaving the businesses almost dormant in the meantime.

We also tried paying a technician for coming out an doing the service on the spot – solving one problem by creating another one – so we had a reason to have him come back, and he had a reason to continue billing us… Needless to say, this ended up being quite expensive.

So, instead of experiencing the business prospering, we experienced constant time-outs because of computer problems. The network did not work – the machines could not see each other. Got that fixed, but now the scanner could not be accessed. Got that fixed – but then the Internet connection got screwed up. Installed some new software – but it caused the machine to crash all the time. Had to uninstall the virus protection to fix it. When we got it working, we had a serious virus infection. The virus propagated too far into the system, slowing everything down to a speed that made one machine unusable. Problem could not be fixed without “cleaning” the machine completely. Got that done – but the tech “forgot” to make a back-up copy of the e-mails before deleting the programs… paid him for spending 8 hours and two months on finding a way to recover those files – which did not work. Cursed two months later when we realized that the programs he re-installed were trial versions that expired, not our originals that he just deleted….

Well, that was enough motivation for us to try JUVIO. I think less should do for most people – we just did not know of JUVIO before...

If you have about 30 minutes to browse and review all the information directly from JUVIO, you can do so by clicking here. If you don't have that time now but prefer to get a guided tour, please continue below.

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