adjustable leashes

The benefits you get with this kind of leash:

This leash is the perfect tool for you to control your dog, under almost any kind of circumstances, except off-leash work (such as wildernis search, where you need to work completely off-leash) and advanced tracking (where you need a 10 m (30 feet) tracking line for optimal results).

This leash will serve you well for

  • all kinds of obedience and command performance training
  • casual dog walks
  • not-so-casual walks, like heeling
  • hiking
  • bicycling
  • pull training
  • no-pull training
  • any kind of training where your control is important
This leash is it!

It gives you

  • a solid great grip for your hand anywhere along it length
  • its length is adjustable for your training purpose
  • it feels good to work with
  • it is flexible and strong
  • when treated well, it will last for a lifetime - not for your dog, but for you!

So, why doesn't everybody have one?

The only good answer is that they probably do not know where to get it yet - but you could tell them!

The features of the leash:

The leash is about 2.00-2.20 m long (7 ft) and has a snap in either end. (Double-braided leashes appear to be a bit shorter - but they will typically stretch about 10% as a result of being used.)

Close to the base snap (attached to the dog's collar) is a small ring for attachment of the other snap (the "adjustment" snap), thus folding the leash to about half the full length.

The two other rings on the leash (a big one and a small one) serve a similar purpose, enabling adjustment of the length of the leash four different interim lengths, so you can fit the length of the leash to the specific purpose you have for using it.

Because the leather gives your hand a good grip at just about any location along the length, you will soon realize how comfortable this leash is for all kinds of training purposes. You will get a very good "feel for the dog" through the leash - and the dog will sense your touch through the leash so you can impact its behavior in a very nuanced way when you get good at communicating with your dog. (Yes, when you have your dog on leash, you are training it - whether or not you intended to do so! Most people, unfortunately (and without realizing it!), teach the dog to pull them on the leash, and retractable leashes are simply the most effective training tool you can find for that! If you want to learn how to teach your dog to not pull on the leash, Mogens Eliasen's e-book Don't Pull on the Leash!" is for you!)

Also, when the dog gets tangled in to leash (typically because you make the leash too long for your purposes...), the nature of the material of the leash makes it easy for the dog to learn to untangle itself - a task that is close to impossible with a leash of nylon or other lightweight material.

Using the leash in "short mode":

By attaching the "adjustment" snap (the one that does not have a ring close to it) to the ring closest to the "base" snap that goes to the dog's collar, and pulling a loop through the big ring for making a handle, you get the leash in its shortest form. This gives you a good, direct control, keeping the dog close to you.

For most obedience training, this will be your preference. If you need a grip that is even closer, you simply grab the leash at the desired length and - the leather will make your grip comfortable and sturdy, also outside the handle.

Using the leash in "medium mode":

By attaching either snap to the large ring that is close to the center of the leash, you can generate two slightly different "medium lengths" of the leash, depending on which snap you attach to the ring.

By using the one farthest away from the ring, you can make a handle by pulling the leash through the small ring, as shown below to the left.

By using the snap that is closest to the big ring, you make the leash slightly longer and the loop slightly smaller, as shown below to the right.

With the leash in "medium", you can also use it for "hands-free" control of the dog. As shown below to the right, you can simply clip the leash around your waist. For hiking with a bigger dog, this can be a great advantage uphill!

You can also stick one arm and your head through the loop, wearing the leash as a postal bag. This gives you some very strong control of a dog that might suddenly launch. By taking the pressure with your shoulders and with your entire body weight behind, this allows you to manage a big unruly dog without injuring yourself.

Using the leash in "long mode":

By clicking the snap closest to the small ring into that ring, you create a small handle - and make the leash as long as you can - with handle.

For a casual stroll where you want the dog to sniff all the peeing posts on the way, this is the way you get the most comfort. The length of the leash allows both you and the dog some flexibility, yet the leash does not become unmanageable or dangerous to other people or dogs (like a retractable leash that is like a long thin string that easily can cut skin and flesh...)

With the leash "unsnapped", you can also let it trail behind the dog, so there is no handle to catch on to obstacles on the way. This is great for a dog in training where you might want the possibility of stepping of the leash to stop the dog in a situation where your command did not work. It is also great for training search work, like tracking, where you need to constantly adjust your own position, relatively to the dog and its performance.

Using the leash in "off mode":

Off course, when your dog is well trained, you only need the leash in very special situations - so you can always carry it with you around the shoulder, using the snap to grab either the handle or the metal ring before the handle.

One of the nice things about this is that you can get the leash off again, with the use of only one hand! This can be very useful if you suddenly encounter a situation where you need to get a quick hold of your dog and put it on leash... One hand goes to the collar and grabs the dog, the other hand gets the leash, and one click: it is on again!

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