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This other newsletter:
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What was your main objective for signing up for "The Peeing Post"? (Please check all that apply)

Just curious - I wanted to know what this was all about
I wanted to learn more about my dog
I wanted to become a better packleader for my dog
I had some special issues with my dog I wanted to find a solution to
I wanted to raise my puppy well
I wanted to get inspiration for my own teachings
I was looking for a possibility of doing a joint venture
I wanted to check you out!
I simply wanted to know more about these topics about the dog's nature and how to deal with it, educating myself

What was your personal background, relating to dogs, when you signed up?

I had no clue what dog ownership was all about
I had studied some, but I had no personal experience in regards to dogs
I had some experience with dogs, but not very successful
I had a lot of experience with dogs, but still felt uncertain about many things
I knew from personal experience what it takes to own a dog and enjoy its companionship, having brought it to a level of a successful lifestyle
I am a professional working in the field of advising people about dealing with their dogs

Did you actually read all the issues?

Hardly any of them.
Only a few here and there.
I picked what I was interested in
Most of them, except stuff I did not need
Practically all of them, with very few exceptions
Every single page!

How do you value the amount of information covered in "The Peeing Post"?

Too much information - too overwhelming
A bit too much information - I would have preferred less and shorter
Just right - everything is covered that should be covered
A bit too little - I would have liked to get more in-depth discussions, instead of being referred to other sources that are not always free
Too little - the topics are generally far from covered

How did you, in general, find the organization of the material and the layout?

Too disorganized - too difficult to follow
A bit confusing - navigation wasn't easy
Just fine - easy to navigate and use
Nicely organized - it was easy to use as reference
Excellent - very well structured and easy to use!

How would you evaluate the contents of "The Peeing Post"?

Not of any value - too difficult to make sense of
Of little value - there were too many things I did not understand
Of good value - I understood most, at least all the important stuff
Of great value - easy to understand and use
Just excellent - I thoroughly enjoyed the subscription so far!

How did you perceive the style and the tone of the writing?

Very offensive, annoying, and pushy
Not my preference - I didn't like it
Acceptable, but not really enjoyable
Quite good - I liked it
Very enjoyable and entertaining

What did you dislike the most about "The Peeing Post"?

What did you enjoy the most about "The Peeing Post"?

How did "The Peeing Post" help you achieve your objectives?

It did not bring any clarification at all - it was a waste of time
It brought some clarification, but not really enough for me to make the decisions I want to make
It was somewhat helpful - it gave me some insights of value but also left too many important questions unanswered
It gave me a much better understanding of what I need to do - I feel I can do it now!
It gave me an excellent understanding of the topics I wanted to know more about - very instructive!

What is your overall level of satisfaction with your subscription to "The Peeing Post"?

Not satisfied - I will unsubscribe soon
Somewhat satisfied - I don't regret the sign-up
Satisfied - good value
Very satisfied - a great newsletter!
Extremely satisfied - worth far more than I would ever expect from a free publication!

Have you forwarded any issues of "The Peeing Post" to a friend?

No Yes, a few times (2-5) Yes, many times (6-20) Yes, I do it all the time!

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