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Dear Dog Friend,

Tons of things have been happening, including some very good ones and some very unpleasant ones.

Bad news first: we have had some very severe hardware trouble that knocked our computer system completely out. This happened at a time when we also had trouble with our web host and e-mail server who stopped our mails both in and out, accusing us of spam - with no sustainable reason. We got things sort-of working again, with some limping gear and new set-up with our host, trying to recover the most important software - but we are still not past this problem of e-mails that disappear into cyberspace.... We got the new Dutch translation of "Raw Food For Dogs" crippled, but thanks to the translator, everything is restored and ready to go tomorrow. Same thing happened with "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (again), but this time I had back-ups... J

Anyway, the good news are more than compensating this. Some of the details will have to wait - I simply cannot follow-up on all of it right now....

First: We got our two-tier affiliate program working. We still have a few cosmetic details to fix, but it will be up and running in a few days. More about that later.

We got "Raw Food for Dogs" translated to Dutch. I am told that Ignit Bekken did an excellent job and I am really looking forward to working with her on the marketing.

If you know someone who has another native tongue, then there are more languages to translate to... and with our affiliate program, we can now easily handle the financial side of that! The way we can go about it is to simply add a substantial bonus to the normal affiliate commission. This can make the work of translating and marketing a very lucrative business for those who have just a few good contacts to start with.

Then I finally got "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" all done! I got the technical problems resolved by actually splitting the huge file (over 5 MB!) into six e-books and linking them to each other. It is sitting on the server now at a price of $24.95 - which is $5.00 off what the price will be when we start advertising it, which will happen as soon as I get a final check on the remaining glitches. Any feedback will be very welcome. Till then, you can get your copy at the discount price at http://k9joy.com/BrainWorkForSmartDogs

The real big news is that I got an offer from Inventions Submissions Corp. about my doggy door....

Yes, I made an invention. And I got confirmed from the patent lawyers that it is indeed patentable and very unique. It beats everything currently on the market on price, simplicity, and function! And I got an offer to take it to the next stage of marketing it to the $6 million per year market in the US alone... I need a little help to accept that offer, and maybe you would be interested? I need some very fast action, though (my deadline is December 31, 2003), so don't sit on it if you are interested in investing in a project that very likely can pay your investment back once a month for many years to come! More info further down here

Well, yeah - and then Christmas is coming - and, as always, it creeps up on me...J

Searching for treats indoors - part II

You should have had time enough to make your dog a great treat hunter by now. Following the instructions from the last Peeing Post, you are now at a stage where your dog will bolt ahead on your SMOOLEY command and look for a treat in the direction you show with your hand.

It is time now to turn that motivation into work.

You do this by implementing several changes in the procedure, one at a time. You work with each change till you can see on the dog that it understands the job and performs all of it, on its own. You must have the dog find its treat, with no help from you, at least 10 times for every one where you help it, before you can "pass the test" and move on by adding another change to you procedure.

The changes you add, one a time, are these:

  1. You hide the treat, but let the dog see that you do it. You just don't let the dog see exactly where you dropped the treat. Working around the corner of a bed or another piece of furniture will do the trick here.

  2. You drop the treat in another room, so the dog cannot see that you are doing it.

  3. You hide the treat, so it no longer is obvious for the dog to find. You may cover it with different objects, as long as they do let the air with the scent pass through. An old towel, for instance is great for this.

  4. You start the dog with the SMOOLEY command from a greater distance, so the dog gets more space to search before it can find the treat.

  5. You hide multiple treats (but you know exactly where all of them are - so you can possibly help the dog). When the dog has found one treat, you don't praise much but simply give it another command to do another search. At this stage, such a command will function as an excellent reward! You must lead it to the next treat fairly quickly, so the dog understands that there is more than one treat to find. Do a of maximum 5 treats (you are accountable for them!).

  6. From here, you gradually reduce your help to the dog and let it continue on its own when done with a treat. Be prepared to help, though, if it is unsure about continuing. Keep a count on the treats, so you always know where you can send the dog, in case it should give up searching. This is the crucial step: You must convince the dog that "there is no giving up": Every time it thinks it is time to quit, you point it to another easy search it can't miss...

When the dog has searched for a long enough time, and you feel it is about time to let it have a break, you let it continue searching till you are sure there are no treats left. Then you let it search just once more - for a treat you just added, without the dog noticing. You know this treat will be the last one to find, and you may have to help the dog find it. When it is found, you give the dog your BREAK command, indicating that training is over. The dog will now believe that you knew where all those treats were and it will be happy that this one was the last. I know - you probably did not know where all those treats were, except for the last one you just put out... But shhhh, don't tell anybody that!

I promise, in a couple of months, you can make your dog a fanatic treat hunter that will continue searching for treats till it collapses from exhaustion - or you stop the game with your final treat when the dog has been searching without success for enough time. I have seen many dogs do this for an hour - with no interference from the handler - they were just so absorbed in their hunting that they totally forgot that there was a world outside their brain... And, yes: you get a pooped-out pooch from this!

Good luck! Have fun!

The Doggy Door invention

Since we still are waiting for the patent application to go in, I cannot explain all details about this invention without destroying our chances for securing the patent. But here is a brief "Executive Summary" of what it is all about:

The design is unique because it allows only one pet to use the door - the one you have trained to use it! Now, the training is extremely simple. It takes virtually no skills at all - the training process is built into the design, so even an 5-year old can train a rabbit to use the door!

No electronics are involved at all - no problems with special parts that can wear out or be difficult to replace. The dog does not have to wear a collar - it is all based on the animal's brain!

Because the construction is so simple that you might wonder why someone did not think of this sooner, it is also very inexpensive to manufacture. I got a couple of prototypes made, and they have worked wonders!

This means that there is a 5-6 million dollar market per year to tap into. As inventor, it is realistic to expect about 10-20% of that.

However, I do not have enough funds as readily available as needed for pursuing this opportunity to its full extent immediately. For various reason, time is extremely critical for the success of this venture. So, instead of delayaing it till I can free up assets, I would much rather find somebody who will share both the cost and the profits.

I am serious. If you will contribute, say just 1% of the cost, then you will be entitled to 1% of the profits. The cost is about $20,000. 1% of that is $200. The total profits to share could be approximately 10-20% of $5,000,000 per year - which is $500,000-1,000,000 every year. 1% of that would be $5,000-10,000 every year... For a $200 one-time investment. But you are welcome to make it 10% - or more!

And, if I am just way too excited about this to provide a decent assessment? Well, let's say that we only cover 1% of the market, one single percent, then we are still looking at a return of $500-1,000 per year - for a $200 investment.... If you can do better by having money in the bank, then please tell me the address of that bank!

However, this is not "risk-free". I can give no guarantees that it will work. It is a "venture capital investment opportunity". I am totally convinced that it will "pan out". I could choose to wait till I can free up finances to pay the next step myself. But I find it is more important to move now - so I would much rather get less out of it in return for being able to go ahead immediately. And, by the way: I can do OK with just a fraction of that possible profit, so I don't mind sharing... J

Technically, the sharing will be taken care of by establishing a corporation to which I sell all rights to this invention. The people who contribute to making this all possible will then get shares in this corporation in proportion to their investment. When the profit is to be distributed among the shareholders, each shareholder gets a fraction that corresponds to the initial investment. Nice and simple.

The minimum number of shares that can be sold is one. And because of the circumstances and the total need for cash, each share should cost $120. However, I got an offer from Invention Submission Corp. that will allow us to go ahead with much smaller start capital, so I can accept to get only $80 per share if I commit before December 31, 2003!!!!

So, if you want to be part of this venture - with less than $100 or maybe $10,000 or more - then check this page for more details:


I am dead serious about this. It is not a joke.

So, on that note, I will wish you a Happy Holiday Season!


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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