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Dear Dog Friend,

Thanks for the feedback about the length of The Peeing Post! For the future, I will try to make the issues shorter and publish them more often, as the majority of the responses suggested.

Title feedback

Wow, I am impressed! MANY THANKS to all of the many who contributed to the title by voting and/or giving some specific suggestions! I feel very privileged by that many responses - it is way more than "average" on the Internet! Again thank you!

For "Brainwork", there is no clear winner yet. I will need to work more on that before I can make a decision. Although, I do admit, the result is a complete surprise for me as far as the food book goes - but I will listen!

For this new book on feeding, there is a very, very clear winner: more than 75% of all votes had "Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners Who Care" as their first choice!

"Real Dogs Don't Eat Kibble - they Enjoy a Long Healthy Life" came second with about 12% voting it as their first choice. (Almost 45% had it as their second or third choice though).

No other titles got more than a few sporadic votes for first choice. "Why Feeding Your Dog a Natural Diet is the Natural Thing to do" got about 30% votes as second choice, and "Do You Dare to Feed Your Dog a Homemade Natural Diet? Do You Really Dare NOT to?" got about 15% votes as second choice also.

Sharon P. made a comment I find very relevant: "I think the "who care" should be dropped. Someone looking to buy such a book DOES care and having that in the title is unnecessary." Good point, Sharon - I think this deserves a free download for suggesting this!

I got one more comment about this title, suggesting that I drop the word "Ultimate" since nothing man-made can really be "ultimate". The result would then be "Raw Food For Dogs - a Reference for Dog Owners".

Although I appreciate the observation and, to some degree, can agree with the thought behind it, I wouldn't dare to make this change.

I seriously think of my food book as being about "the Ultimate Reference" because I try to use the wolf's feeding pattern and the dog's gastrointestinal system and its fundamental chemistry as the main corner stone for all conclusions. No other book on the market does this in a serious and systematic way that makes sense. I am not discarding the value of man-made research, but I honestly believe that the ultimate reference to what is right is Mother Nature. And that is what I try to do by building the entire feeding plan on what we know about Forefather Wolf and the dog's physiology - which in my opinion is the ultimate reference. Actually, the only reference we have that has any serious value. This is my justification for the term "Ultimate". It wasn't meant to refer to the book itself, but to what the book is all about.... I wouldn't mind, of course, if it would, eventually, also refer to the book itself!

I got a few comments from people who did not really like any of the titles. And I got several additional suggestions to completely new titles, which I bounced on my mentors. Some of these titles had good merit:

Thanks to everybody who contributed! I appreciate the thoughts and the creativity! I can only use one winner, though - and my mentors tell me to stick with Sharon's suggestion - at least for now. (Unless the Editor of The Peeing Post gets a stampede of letters with good reasons for changing that choice! Even if it happens, Sharon will still get her free copy...)

And we also have the winner of the draw. The winner was picked by my fiancee Anita. I made a folder of all the input e-mails, so they all showed only the subject line from the form processor - which was exactly the same for all of them, so she could not see who sent the response, without clicking on it and opening the letter. The first one she clicked on was to be the winner: Rosie I. it is!

I will send all of the contributors an e-mail with the URL where they can get their 30% discount - not on the official retail price but on the special price for Peeing Post subscribers that is 20% less than the official retail price! (This actually brings the discount price down to about half of the official price, so I believe I kept my promise on this...)

Rosie and Sharon will get an e-mail with the URL for their free download.

Once again: THANK YOU! I really appreciate the help!

Oops - I almost forgot: All Peeing Post subscribers can get a download of "Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" at a 20% discount here.

More testing...

Yes, there is more... If you want to, that is!

Sure, the title is important, but the contents and your opinions about it are too! I need some feedback about this book before I start to market it in public.

So, here is an offer:

If you send me your feedback before the end of Sunday, July 27, 2003 by using the on-line form I made for this, then

I will send you a free copy of Anders Hallgren's "The ABC's of Dog Language" at no cost to you! (Shipping is on me.)

The trick is that the reference to that online form is in the book, so without reading the book, you cannot do it... ;-)

So, get your discounted copy of "Raw Food For Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners", follow the link in the book for giving me feedback before Sunday, and you will get a free copy of Anders Hallgren's "The ABC's of Dog Language", at no cost to you, shipping paid by me!


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. I will return to the title for the "Brainwork" book and the draw for that later.