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Dear Dog Friend,

Phew - that was a hard time to get through.... This issue is way delayed because of some problems I absolutely did not foresee: I was trying to make a back-up of my current working files on a separate hard drive and I had some trouble with it because I got a Windows update downloaded that was incompatible with the format of the drive. Now, this is stuff I don't know enough about to fiddle with personally, so got a tech involved in fixing this - and the idiot reformatted my hard drive, wiping out EVERYTHING I had! All information gone. All emails. All working files. All updates to e-books. All communications. All notes. All programs, except that bloody Windows program.... I could as well have tossed the machine out and bought a new one... In fact, it probably would have been cheaper.

Anyway, after spending many hundred dollars and many hundred hours of technical help to at least do some recovery from information stored on the web site and on other computers, including my own back-ups from May, I am now, 9 weeks later, finally back in operation and can get some meaningful work done.

I apologize for the "silence" - and I appreciate all the many inquires I got from subscribers asking if everything was OK. Well, it wasn't - but it will be again. "Real men don't make back-ups, but they cry a lot" - sure, the irony is that this happened when I tried to get my back-ups organized and done properly....

There are a couple of implications that I do need to ask all of you to help me with: All the e-mails I have received over the summer this year are gone. The crucial time is May 25 - October 05. If you have sent anything to me in that time period, and I have not responded or taken action on it, I will only be able to do so if you are kind enough to forward that information to me one more time. I found some scattered e-mails from the recovery process, but I know it is not complete, as the number of e-mails recovered is less than 5% of my total....

This particularly goes for all the input to the food supplier page.... I am missing at least 40 e-mails from subscribers that kindly sent their recommendations when I last time asked it after our site got hacked. I feel terrible about asking the same again, because I did not get all those kind responses forwarded to Peoss before this happened... But it is a fact that they are gone - so I accept the embarrassment as inevitable. I apologize for this. Please, please - if you possibly can: send them again. The page to use is http://k9joy.com/education/foodsupplierform.html.

It also goes for any questions for help with your dog. if you have sent me such a request and not received a response, please send it again from the "My dog..." question page - but I think I got almost all of those restored. I am not totally sure, though!


The server I am using for broadcasting of The Peeing Post recently had some new software procedures installed - and that caused some problems that some of my subscribers were affected by: If you are one of those who receive the introduction letters with a note of being subscribed as "Mogens Eliasen" and not yourself, then this is a result of that error! I can only correct it by finding every single person who gets it and then unsubscribe and resubscribe them all. Sorry for not bothering - it is too much work for cosmetics....! I hope you can bear with me. Everyone I checked so far is registered correctly in the database, so this error will not cause you to be "kicked off the subscriber list".

Another technicality that is starting to annoy me by taking a lot of my time for nothing is spam guards! Now, I can understand if you want to filter your spam directly into the trash - but The Peeing Post is technically sent out from a server that can be easily mistaken for a spammer. I cannot send it from my own personal computer - there are way too many subscribers - I would instantly get my personal ISP account suspended for spamming if I did! But this also means that if you install one of those spam guards or spam filters, then you have to take care of making sure that The Peeing Post gets through your own fence! You generally do this by adding peeingpost@referralware.net to your address book or list of e-mails addresses you accept receiving e-mails from. Many of these spam filter programs will request that I verify that The Peeing Post is sent from a "live person". I cannot and will not do that - because it isn't! It is sent from peeingpost@referralware.net, whereas I send my personal e-mails from one of my k9joy.com accounts. I know - it is tedious...

Good news! It appears that subscribers are smart enough to figure out to use the contact forms (clicking on the peeing dog) instead of trying to connect by replying to the e-mail that brings the current issue. I must say I really appreciate that - because it allows me to soon send all replies automatically and directly to trash instead of sorting through all the spam to find the one or two "real" e-mails out of the 2-300 daily spam messages I get on the editor address.

Thanks for the cooperation on this!

Vets in the UK also speaking up about kibble!

The British vets have done it again. As they did earlier this year in regard to vaccination, they are now expressing their concerns in public also about kibble - they take it to Parliament! The essence is the same: they accuse the industry and the veterinary association of treason! By silently accepting or directly promoting food that is completely unnatural and inappropriate for our dogs, for no other reason than financial gain, and covering the promotion under a false shield of "professional advice" should simply be illegal - and it deserves to be prosecuted.

I tip my hat for this! You can see the official paper here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmedm/41207e01.htm. But to save you the click, here is the extract:

David Taylor
Bob Russell

That this House deeply regrets the professional endorsement of processed food for domestic dogs, cats and ferrets by some members of the veterinary profession; is concerned at the level of incidence of malodorous gum disease and associated diseases of the kidneys, liver and other organs amongst the domestic pet population; recognises that their health and welfare is best served by foods, such as raw meaty bones, that reflect the full range of nutritional need; applauds and recommends the work of veterinary surgeon Tom Lonsdale and others in this field; recognises also that vets in the UK are trusted and independent advisers on the health of our pets; is therefore concerned by the nature of the relationship between some vets and producers of foods that cause illnesses in pets; and calls upon the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to make a definitive statement on the active endorsement and promotion of processed pet foods by vets.

Note, this is the UK government's official stand on this!

I find it utmost important that the Britons dare to do this. No vet in North America can afford to join such a petition, simply because his license to practice will instantly be revoked by his veterinary association, if he did! In Europe, the veterinary associations do not have those kind of government powers granted (and it really is a crime against democracy), so vets in Europe do not risk their livelihood by speaking up, as they do in North America. But still, it is admirable - because they certainly do get a lot of harassment out of doing this. I personally know several such vets, and I can testify that it is a tough ride to stand up and speak your mind against "the big cash guys"....

New e-book on wolves, their diet, and domestication

Although it is a couple of months ago I mentioned that I was going to attend David Mech's seminar in New York about the wolf's natural diet, I ought to mention that I did. And I am very happy that I did. Regardless the fact that there wasn't really any new information for me to pick up. But I am glad that I met David Mech. In addition to being the world's most prominent researcher when it comes to wolves, he is also a nice man and a great teacher.

That seminar got me thinking. Most of the people in the audience, of course, were dog people, who hoped to learn something they could use directly in regard to feeding their dogs. It just didn't work that way....

David Mech repeatedly answered such "camouflaged dog questions" with the words, "we simply don't know". "We" meaning, "the wolf research biologists". (This is one of the things that makes me admire David Mech as a scientist: he knows what he knows, and he respects what he doesn't know, having no hesitation to draw the line between the two. I wish more people would do that...)

What got me thinking really was this: Most of the questions were soliciting some strict numbers and rigid black-and-white answers that could be copied directly into a recipe book for dogs. This kind of approach will only work when everything is known, right down to the smallest detail. That's how we try to make laws. They leave no room for individual judgment (at least, that is not their intention...). This is how fast you can drive: 60 km/hour, nothing more. A nice sharp limit between "right" and "wrong".

And even here, Nature comes into the picture, and uncertainty in regards to measuring speed also has to be taken into account - and the end result is that our law enforcement is far from rigid about it! It depends on circumstances like weather, traffic, road conditions, the police officer's mood, the department head, the crime rate in the area, etc.! We learn to live with that, and we adjust. The vast majority of drivers just "push it a bit" and go 65 km/hour instead of the posted limit of 60 km/hour. Except when the roads are full of snow, of course. Or when you spot a police car....

In Nature, nothing is black or white. Everything is some kind of gray. The thing is that we do not need such rigid guidelines in order to make informed decisions that makes sense. In the example with the speed limit, we could all arrive at a good decision on how fast would be reasonably safe to drive in the city if we knew the accident stats and how they depend on speed! Although some of us accept a higher risk than others, in the vast majority of cases, we still end up with a chosen speed that is pretty close to the posted standards. The differences are not major. Sure, there is still the reckless driver that just ignores risk as much as he ignores the law - but his decision to drive fast way beyond the speed limit is not determined by rational logic and common sense! It is completely based on emotion.

But back to dogs. We know that our dogs are domesticated wolves. Since 1996, this has been a scientific fact that no longer is subject to dispute. The evidence is not only clear, but outright "overwhelming". Just like the evidence of the Earth not being flat anymore. In fact, the genetic relationship between dogs and wolves is so close that competent researchers cannot tell a wolf's genes apart from being just another breed of dog. At least not with the current status of genetic technology.

But dog breeds are different from each other. Very different. Everybody can see that! So, what guarantee do we have that those differences in exterior are not followed by similar differences in the internal chemistry of the body? If, in fact, this was the case, then we could make no parallel at all between wolves and dogs in regards to diet!

David Mech pointed this out, again and again. And I started thinking about what evidence we do have and what conclusions we actually can make on that basis.... But this went beyond David Mech's expertise, so we obviously did not get the answers at the seminar. And I seriously do not think this kind of decision should be made by emotion.

Yes, there are lots of uncertainties. We do not know all details that would be nice to know". But the real question is, "Do we know enough to make informed decisions?"

The answer to the question is "Yes". I spent some considerable time after the seminar digging down into this, and, when we combine all the knowledge we have from many totally unrelated sources of information, like biology, physiology, genetics, history, archeology, chemistry, and paleontology, then each of those contributors come with a significant amount of uncertainty. None of them can find a preemptive conclusion on its own. But when we combine them all, we can then reduce the uncertainty down to something that gives us a very firm basis for making meaningful decisions! When two or three completely unrelated disciplines come up with simultaneous support for the same hypothesis, then this hypothesis is close to obtaining status of a natural law. Unfortunately, the solution we come up with on that basis is not as simple as most people would hope - but it is very clear and very easy to use for how we manage the way we feed our dogs.

I won't tell you the conclusion here - it would be like revealing who the murder is of a crime you are about to read. Besides, taken out of its context, it will not make sense.

I invite you to judge for yourself. My first draft went through some very serious revisions after I got some feedback from a selected audience, and despite the many substantial revisions I was "forced" to make, I was very encouraged by that feedback. The most recommended title was "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?". Based on the average recommendations, I should charge between $15 and $25 for it. That was before the revisions that increased its volume by over 50%... I got several comments also telling me that this information is so important for all dog owners to have that I really should charge a nominal fee only, so the price would not be a deterrent. Based on this advice, I have decided to set the official price at $10.85 for this 85 page e-book. The page with more information (where you can also place your order) is at http://k9joy.com/TheWolfsNaturalDiet.


Christmas present for you

It is Christmas soon, and this is The Peeing Post.

Subscribers to The Peeing Post can get "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" for only $6.85 by ordering instead from this page. This special offer will not last forever. In fact, I will only guarantee it till the end of 2004. The reason is that I do not want to shortcut our affiliates, when they get a chance to market this new e-book too.

And one more thing, since it is Christmas soon: We will add this new e-book as a free download (= Christmas gift) to every single purchase that is made before Christmas, no matter what the purchase is! We will do it by sending you an e-mail with the URL for the registration page to "the wolf book" (that assumes that you have paid for it), from where you can access the download at no charge, and we will broadcast this to everybody who made any kind of purchase from K9joy between now and midnight, December 24. That broadcast will be made on Christmas Day, so you get the free download as a Christmas present. (Please note that this Christmas gift is not "convertible" to a CD or printed copy of the e-book - we can technically only do it with a download...)

Now, some people do not want to celebrate Christmas, and I have a serious respect for everybody's right to choose their own religion. This "Christmas offer" of a free download sent to you on Christmas Day will also be valid for a "New Year's gift". For orders received between Christmas and New Year, we will do the same, but you will get the free download of "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" on New Year's Day instead!

So, check out what is available from the web site. The home page at http://k9joy.com has all the links.

One more Christmas gift...

If you know a friend, whom you would like to give a gift from K9joy's "info store", then we will extend this principle one step further...

You are welcome to send us an e-mail (click on the peeing dog) and let us know the name and the e-mail address of the person you want to give this gift of a downlodable e-book. We will then send you a PayPal invoice (which you can pay with just about any credit card or US check) and send the link for the download to this person - on Christmas Day! And we will give you a 25% discount on any purchase of such a download for a friend! (Please note that this is only if the gift is for somebody else, and we will trust you on that.) You can then wrap a little notice as a present under the Christmas tree, this notice telling the receiver that a free download from K9joy is awaiting him/her on the computer.

Also this offer will be extended to New Year, so if you place your order of a gift to a friend after midnight December 24, we will send the download link to your friend on New Year's Day instead.

On that note, I will wish you and your family an enjoyable Holiday Season - with lots of great time to have fun with your dog.

And I should say from your dog that all presents should be nicely wrapped, so there will be some fun unwrapping them. Relevant presents for the dog, of course, are soft packages that contain some nice raw meat.... You will have a mess on the floor anyway, so what's the point in not letting the dog enjoy it too? Just be sure that the dog does not eat too much of the wrapping paper....J


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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