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Dear Dog Friend,

Thanks everybody for the feedback about making a printed version also of The Peeing Post - Nicole and I appreciate the many responses we got. (If we missed yours, we can still use it - please go to this form to give us your opinion.)

And thank you - thank you also for the many contributions to the foodsupplier page! I think we can restore it with honor. Peoss is working on it, and he got a lot of work to do. Thanks! (If you, for whatever reason, should not have submitted your reference yet, then you can use this form.)

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"My dog..." questions

I do love to hear from you - particularly when you tell me about how you solved a problem we have discussed.

But I also have a lot of abuse of my time... people who want my free advice without bothering giving me the feedback I ask.

On top of that, I get tons of spam to the e-mail address I use for The Peeing Post, and, sometimes, I inadvertently delete inquieries from subscribers by being too fast with the "Delete" button... If you have had this happen to you, I have no way of knowing. Except by your accepting my apology and sending me your question again.

I have now bought some software that solves those problems. It uses form-mail from the web site and it does it in a way that does not reveal the e-mail address to all those spammers that "harvest" e-mail addresses by browsing web pages. I am sick and tired of all that spam - so, from now on, we will add a new procedure for subscribers who want to contact me per e-mail. (You can still connect with me by simply replying to the e-mail that brought you any issue of The Peeing Post, but I will not guarantee that I will see your message - and, in the near future when I am confident that the alternative procedure works, I will consistently send all e-mails received on the old address directly to the trash bin.)

In each issue of The Peeing Post will be a link to the page with the form you need to use. The link is hidden in the picture of the peeing dog below. When you click on that picture, you will be brought to the form you can use for general communication relating to editorial matters. When you submit your questions via that form, it gets sent directly to an e-mail address that is spam-free, so it is certain to get my attention.

As you will see on that form, there is another form I want you to use if you are contacting me in regards to a specific dog situation or problem you want my advice or feedback on. My free advice is only available to subscribers of The Peeing Post, and only if you use that particular form you are referred to when clicking on the peeing dog. There is no other way of doing this, as the web page with the form will be kept secret for the search engines.

I know - these kinds of changes are tedious - but I hope you can live with them when you know that it will vastly improve the chances of your communications actually reaching their destination.

Private phone consultations

I have created an alternative to my KEEN service. Although it is still a good way of getting my advice fast, and I don't see any reason for abandoning it, it has been my experience that I often spend a lot of time (while the client's credit card s being charged by the minute...) on getting a good understanding of the problem, so I can provide some responsible and diligent answers. Dog behavior problems are not very often subject to a quick-fix solution. The solution almost always involves quite a lot of education of the owner, and a big chunk of that education can often be given on terms that are much less expensive for the client - and take less of my time.

Besides, I have no way of getting any feedback or follow-up on the effects of my advice - KEEN's service is based on anonymity, so I don't know who the client is.

But that same software I bought for guiding e-mails from the subscribers through the spam jungle can also be used for this. So, I got webmaster Peoss to set it up as another "product" offered by K9joy.

It works in a similar way as the "My dog..." questions, except that people need to pay for this service. There is a small fixed fee that will cover:

I know, it might seem crazy to offer a full money-back guarantee on advice given by phone (I cannot get KEEN to accept that!) - but I am confident that it will work. In fact, I do not want to charge anyone anything for advice that has no value. I have carried on business on this principle for more than 15 years now, and I have never regretted it.

An additional important feature of this is that this service is incorporated in the affiliate program... And that is a major reason for me to mention it to you. This means that you can use this service when you want to help someone else who has a problem you believe I could help with - they do not need to be subscribers to The Peeing Post; this service is open for everybody.

You may pass on this link:
to anyone who might be interested in a private consultation on the phone, about any kind of dog problem they might have.

(You are welcome to check it out yourself to see how it works - when people have paid their one-time fee, they are led to a page that is very much like the one you already have seen for "My dog..." questions.)

Now, because this service is part of the affiliate program, it also means that, if you are signed up as a K9joy affiliate, and you add your affiliate ID to this link, then you will get a handsome commission on the amount the customer pays....

Signing up as an affiliate is free - you can do it at http://k9joy.com/affiliates. Remember, it is a two-tier program, so if you sign up, and then another person brought to us by you also signs up, then you will earn commissions on every single sale we make through the contacts of this other person. It is better than winning the lottery - because there is nothing to buy or pay for in order to earn this money...

Salmonella and danger

Recently, there has been quite a heated debate over Salmonella on-line. It started with a veterinary college in Ohio being paid by Purina for investigating the occurrence of Salmonella in dogs. The college invited people who feed raw food to participate in the study by sending in samples of food and faeces for analysis. A valued Peeing Post subscriber brought it up in an on-line newsgroup, and some discussion followed about the pros and cons of participating in this study or not, with several other people contributing additional facts, including the specified objective for the project.

Sounds good, right? Then we can get some solid information about this risk, instead of just speculating, you might say.... A lot of people I respect for being intelligent thought so.

Let me explain what kind of trap this is.

You can find many places on-line where pet food manufacturers (or vets that are paid by them) post all kinds of claims of Salmonella that are supposed to scare you. Sure, Salmonella can be a serious trouble for newborn babies, but not for adult people or kids that can walk on their own. Most of us probably had it (and got immune) - without noticing that it was indeed Salmonella that caused our diarrhea that week!

You get a serious perspective of the size of the "problem" when you consider that a couple of years ago the Canadian government published that an estimated 80-85% of all chicken in North American supermarkets (approved for being sold to consumers!) was in fact infected with Salmonella. Back in 2000, when I phoned the US FDA to get this confirmed, I did indeed get it confirmed... So, it is a "general problem", not just in Canada!

Raw fed dogs have been shown to have a generally higher concentration of Salmonella in their poop than dogs fed sterile kibble full of poisonous chemicals (called "preservatives" in order to kill all kinds of micro-organisms). No surprise... something would have been seriously wrong with fundamental biology and chemistry if this were not the case!!! (You should consider that some of the studies done to prove this by feeding dogs 100% salmonella infected food showed that only one third of them ended up having small concentrations of Salmonella in their poop. This just confirms that there is no health risk to your dog from feeding Salmonella infected meat, including raw chicken.)

So, if Salmonella was seriously a problem for the public health, then why should it concern us that 30% of all dog poop is infected, when it is acceptable to have 80-85% of all edible chicken infected? Which source would be the greater danger for healthy people?


Here is some good reasons for that: The total number of deaths as a consequence of Salmonella in the USA in 2001-2002 was 585 - out of a total of 1.43 million cases! 556 of those are know to be caused by food, not pets. That leaves a maximum of 29 to possibly be caused by infections coming from dogs and all other non-food sources... Considering the USA's population of 293,000,000, we have a risk of about 0.5% of getting infected, and 0.1 ppm (ppm = "parts per million") for dying of Salmonella! Compare that to a risk of 108 ppm for a man (33 ppm for a woman) in the USA to get murdered, about 100 ppm for getting killed in traffic, and 11 ppm for a person less than 91 years to die of Influenza or Pneumonia.

In addition to this, protecting yourself is very simple. The danger should be completely handled by cooking the chicken - and washing your hands carefully with soap and water when you touched raw chicken. When you do this, the risk of contracting Salmonella is completely negligible - but even if you do get it, it is generally not disease you need to fear any more than a simple flu - in fact a flu about 1,000 times more dangerous!

Now, why the heck will Purina then finance this study?

There is only one answer: money.

If you think it is any different, you need to get to know somebody who is or has been involved in big corporate business. Shareholders of big corporations do not give a damn about anything but their "Return on Investment" (ROI). Shareholders elect the Directors. The Directors hire the management. Management makes the budget and set the lines for what amount of money is to be spend on which purpose. If they do not do this in a way that makes the shareholders happy for their ROI, they get fired! If you, as a CEO, has on your resume that you got fired because you neglected the shareholders' ROI, you will be jobless for the rest of your life...

The trick is to see how Purina can make money on this.

This way: Purina has published many "scientific articles" online that point out all kinds of dangers of raw feeding. Why? Because they are seriously concerned about the loss of what in the past was an obvious market they could control! I am no longer alone about advocating raw food for dogs - and these raw-food advocates spread the words about what makes sense, and we are becoming a serious threat to Purina's long-term profits, if not to their existence! If everybody fed raw, there would be no Purina.... belly up! Shareholders all counting their losses.... (I will call for a National celebration when this happens...)

Purina already knows that people are scared of Salmonella, because it is the only canine disease (except for the extremely rare Rabies) that also affects humans. We have been blown full of this scare of bad hygiene and "dangerous bugs" since childhood. And, the more it is being published as "something bad" (note: without specifying exactly HOW BAD, so we could make our own judgments!), the bigger the chance of it being ingrained in our subconscious minds!

Hitler's propaganda minister in Nazi-Germany (Göbbels) once said: "If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it is the truth".

There you go! Tell the lie often enough - and you make people believe that Salmonella is dangerous!

Now, a serious business like Purina cannot really do this without some caution. They are smart enough to not want to get a lawsuit on their hands for spreading outright false information.

And they do not have to. All they have to do is to create yet another opportunity for themselves to publish that there is a link between "raw food" and "Salmonella" - then people will automatically (because of their subconscious fear of bacteria that can cause humans to get ill) feel uncomfortable about the raw food - because they connect it with "bacteria" and "bacteria" is already ingrained in their brains as something "bad". They may not be aware of it - but it does work this way! The media plays on this all the time! This way, Purina get a great chance of playing on the average consumer's subconscious mind and (that's most likely what they hope) turn the tide so that more people will be reluctant to shift to raw - and maybe some raw feeders will get scared enough to come back to Purina's comfortable "care"!

Remember, consumers do not make decisions with their logic. They make buying decisions with their emotions - and then use logic afterwards to justify their choices. All well-educated marketers know this, Purina's staff most definitely included.

All it takes to get the average consumer to not listen to raw-food promotion is creation (or support) of an emotional block, put there by someone who confirmed again and again that "raw" is linked to "Salmonella", and "Salmonella" is stored in our brains in the drawer for "bad stuff" we should avoid. End result: the consumer will avoid raw food because of this emotional connection, created by smart marketers and media people!

This strategy is very well thought out. Using our subconscious minds to make purchase decisions is far more effective than using logic. These corporate businesses don't want us to use logic. They just want us to buy their products, no matter our reasons! And they know well that we buy with our emotions.

Yes, it is manipulation. It is in fact the same as brain-washing... If we are not very, very careful, it will catch us. It works on the subconscious level of our minds, so we do not need to be aware of this in order for it to work in favor of the big corporations. In fact, it works best for them if we are not aware of it....

But that's why it is so darn important to call the bluff.

I put this article together also in a slightly modified form, which can be printed out. The URL is http://k9joy.com/dogarticles/doghealth01salmonella.pdf. As always, if you know of somebody who could have good use of the information I publish in The Peeing Post, you are always welcome to simply forward an issue to this person. There is no need for asking permission first, as long as you do it on a person-to-person basis and not as a mass-mailing procedure.


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. I am traveling to New York around September 23, in order to participate in David Mech's seminar on the wolf's natural diet. The journey will include a visit to the wolf conservation center on the 24th, and I hope I will make some valuable contacts to people who can be helpful in the future. Plus, of course, learn more about what wolves thrive on eating. Although our dogs have been subject to man-controlled selective breeding for many thousands years, Mother Nature still spent some 15 million years on creating canis lupus, the wolf. It is both arrogant and stupid to ignore that.

I am seriously on the outlook for people who have access to contacting the people I want to reach: responsible dog owners, who love their dogs and respect the dog's nature as domesticated wolf. I firmly believe that teamwork and cooperation creates better results than competition.

If you know of anyone whom you think I could benefit from meeting in person while I am there, then please let me know. If you add the contact information, then it would help me a lot...

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