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Dear Dog Friend,

I just have too much information to share, so you get this issue "ahead of time" - also because I know that the travel to Europe next week can easily put things on hold a fairly long time...

The European trip

I have some possibly bad news, and a lot of good news....

Bad news first.

I had really been looking forward to meeting Tom Lonsdale in Germany at the Gesunde Hunde Treff July 7-10. The fact that I knew he was coming too as a speaker was indeed a major motivator for me accepting that assignment, as I always wanted to meet him.

I just got news that he has cancelled his appointment with the organizers and will not be showing up at all....

However, I know from my Dutch contacts at "Stichtung Alles-Rauw", who were the ones arranging my trip to the Netherlands and Belgium earlier this year, that he will be lecturing in the Netherlands and in Belgium for the the weekend before his cancelled assignment in Germany! And I can also see on his web site (RawMeatyBones.com) that he still plans on continuing what he had arranged in England the week after the planned seminar in Germany, so it does not appear that he is returning to Australia in-between the assignment in NL/B and the UK!

Well, I do not want to guess about his motives, but I might have a possibility of changing my meetings around so that I can go and try to meet him in The Netherlands or Belgium. I just don't accept being on the same continent as him without at least making an effort to meet.

Good news is that Catherine O'Driscoll will be there and give a lecture! She is a lady that deserves the utmost respect for her work for revealing the hidden secrets behind the damages done by vaccinations. I met her in Vancouver in 1998 and most definitely look forward to meeting her again! Her Canine Health Concern is a formidable piece of research that simply does not allow any intelligent person to claim that vaccines are not dangerous - at least not without making a serious fool out of self! Her newest book "Shock to the System" is a very valuable read - if you dare to know how much BS and lies and power abuse you actually are exposed to from the side of the so-called "competent authorities".... I must say, though, that she is way more diplomatic about discussing the treason in this that I could ever be! Take a look at her web site - it is well worth it.

Anyway, if you want to pass it on to someone in Europe, then the details of the trip can be found at Gesunde Hunde Treff (Germany) and Activity Overview (Denmark).

More publications on "trick questions"

Continuing the discussion from last issue about "trick questions" that are meant to bring the person, who answers, into trouble, no matter what he/she answers, we discussed the issue of banning certain breeds and how ridiculous that actually is.

I just got another similar question that equally strongly has the potential of bringing trouble, no matter how I answer - if I have to answer short.

The question is, "Is it OK to feed my dog table scraps?"

Answer 1: "It certainly is!"

Answer 2: "It certainly isn't!"

With the first answer, I will be taken for agreeing that it is perfectly OK to feed a dog a diet that primarily consists of cooked vegetables, particularly cooked grains and other carbohydrate-rich foods (like rice and pasta and potatoes), mixed with some cooked fat (sauces and gravy) and possibly a little cooked meat.

Well you might be able to keep a dog alive on that kind of diet for some months - but you are not going to keep it in good health for any longer than that....

With the second answer, I will be taken as a fanatic that does not recognize the value of cooked vegetables (which in some regards actually can be a valuable supplement to raw meat, as long as they do not substitute the meat....). Plus, the very relevant objection, "this is what my dogs have been fed for decades, and they have done just fine."

As always, the truth is somewhere in-between the extremes. But seeing it takes that you educate yourself a bit more on what is actually involved in this. This is one typical example of raw feeding being simple - but only for those who took the time and invested the effort (and money) in being informed well enough about these matters so that they can make a diligent and informed decision.

The really darn thing is that the answer must depend on the dog and its current health condition - as well as what it otherwise is being fed!

Those parameters did not enter the question....

You can compare the question to this one: "Is it OK to drive 50 km/hour (80 miles/hour) in a brand new Volkswagen?"


Yes, when you know about traffic, cars, weather conditions and all that stuff (as most people nowadays do), then it is obvious that there are no "yes"/"no" answers here. In order for the answer to make sense, for instance, you have to understand what "icy road conditions" are. You also need to know about "fog". And you need to know about brakes - and traffic laws - and road quality. And you need to know about tires and tire qualities. And wipers - and air circulation in the vehicle to prevent the windshield from becoming impossible to see through. Not to mention the driver and his/her education, skill, and health conditions! If you do not take all this into account, your answer will for certain be WRONG in many cases!

But when you understand all this, it is easy to see that the answer, "you have to drive in accordance with the circumstances" is the only one that possibly can make sense! But that answer will not make any sense to someone who never drove a car and never got a driver's license....

That's the situation you are in with regards to feeding a natural diet. It is very simple - just like driving a car. But getting to the point of it being simple does take that you acquire quite a chunk of knowledge in quite a lot of different areas that initially, might not appear to have much to do with driving at all.....

Feeding a natural diet is exactly like that. If you try to avoid educating yourself, no answers to your questions will make any sense. But if you accept that you have to invest in your own knowledge first, then you do not need to ask those questions at all - because the answers become self-evident! It is a very common comment in the feedback we receive for "Raw Food for Dogs" that this book does not preach - it educates. I see a big difference. I have no intention of making anyone do what I suggest - UNLESS they understand why this might be the best solution for them and their dog. "If it does not make sense, don't do it!" I say that often and directly to students in my classes. And I mean it.

Heck, what kind of leader are you for your dog, if you have to ask someone else about everything you do before you dare to do it? THAT does not make sense to me...

Seriously, that is also what I aim at with my books: to enable you to make your own intelligent decisions!

I strongly believe that humans can and must do that. I do not accept that we, as free humans, should let other people, whether it be a government representative or a guru of some kind, make OUR decisions. Personally, I simply refuse having anyone tell me what I must do! I can promise that when it happens, it isn't going to happen.... But, give me the objective I need to achieve - and show me the tools I can use to accomplish that objective - and stay the H*** out of my way in regards to me making my own choices about HOW I am going to do this - and I will do it! And get it done.

Am I just too rare a specimen of Homo Sapiens? I don't think so. I truly believe that all other people are like this too - but a lot of them have been brainwashed by society to quit believing in themselves and their abilities to use their brains.

I find that sad. But I also see a challenge in that. J

Anyway - that was a long introduction to that new article about table scraps, which you can find at http://k9joy.com/dogarticles/tablescraps.php...

Rabies - the scandalous treason

I have told you earlier about the Rabies Challenge Fund that has established for the purpose of proving to idiots who refuse to use their own brains and the information that is available, that rabies vaccines do indeed "protect" for a minimum of 7 years if they provide any protection at all. The master minds behind it are Jean Dodds and Ronald Schultz, both highly respected researchers in the area and most definitely worth listening to. I have seriously enjoyed participating in Jean Dodd's seminars in the past, and I would have been at this opportunity to hear Ronald Schultz, if it had not so seriously conflicting with my plans in Europe:

The Watchung Mountain Poodle Club will be sponsoring a one day seminar with Dr. Ronald D. Schultz, Professor and Chair, Department of Pathobiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT CANINE (AND FELINE) VACCINES AND VACCINATION PROGRAMS" on Sunday, August 13, 2006. 8:30 for sign up to 5:00 PM. Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Beverages included.

Flemington Elks Lodge, 165 Rt 31, Flemington NJ 08822. Cost is $65 if paid by July 13rh, $75 through August 10th.

Dr. Schultz has more than 45 years experience in the field of immunology and has been a driving force behind many of the recent changes in vaccine recommendations made by the American Animal Hospital Association.

Veterinarians and Vet Techs will receive CE credit for attending.

Go to www.watchungmtnpoodleclub.org/id10.html for flyer with directions and form to fill out and mail.

I picked up this invitation online - with general permission to pass it on - and that permission also covers you, so please pass it on to anyone you know that possibly could attend that seminar. I do not know Ronald Schultz as a speaker, but I certainly have respect for him as a scientist.

No matter what you might think about vaccinations, ignoring what Ronald Schultz has to say on this is making you a fool.... So, if you possibly can go, go!

From a recent press release, I can also pass on this about the Rabies Challenge Fund:
"The Rabies Challenge Fund has received IRS tax-exempt status (EIN # 84-6390682 as the official 501(c )(3) exempt registration). It has Public Charity Status 170(b) (1) (A) (vi). Effective Date of Exemption is December 12, 2005 and our Advance Ruling Ending Date is December 31, 2009. One of the world's leading authorities on veterinary vaccines, Dr. Ronald Schultz of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, will be conducting the rabies challenge studies. Dr. Schultz has been performing challenge studies on canine vaccines since the mid-1970's, and his data formed the scientific base for the American Animal Hospital Association's 2003 Canine Vaccine Guidelines. He is set to begin the rabies challenge studies as soon as the fund can raise the first year's budget of $177,000. The University of Wisconsin is waiving its overhead charges for these studies. The only expenses coming out of the pre-grant funds are those for filing annual returns with IRS -- there are no salaried officers, building costs, etc... Except for IRS fees, all the money donated to The Rabies Challenge Fund will go directly to funding these studies."

The Rabies Challenge Fund poster and more information can be accessed at the Pet Advocate's Town Hall Website http://www.zbirdbrain.com/PetAdvocatesTownHallCisSupportStudy.htm.

If you own shares in any of the vaccine manufacturers' businesses, this might be a good time to sell those shares - while you still might be able to get some pennies for them... J

I should also remind you that there is more information on rabies at http://k9joy.com/dogarticles/rabies.php.

Vaccine maker recalls rabies doses

On June 10, 2006, an article was brought in The Charlotte Observer by Stella M. Hopkins about Fort Dodge Animal Health, a leading US vaccine manufacturer and a subsidiary of Wyeth, recalling about 330,000 doses of rabies vaccine that has been sold since January. The recalled rabies vaccine is Rabvac 3 TF, serial number 873113A.

There are cases known of dogs that contracted rabies as a result of the vaccination with this vaccine....

"They don't know why ... the animal contracted rabies," said Kelly Goss, a spokeswoman for Fort Dodge.

The company mailed notices to veterinarians on May 25, and will reimburse them for revaccination, Goss said. The company expects vets to notify pet owners and invite them to bring in the animals for free shots.

That sounds decent, right?

Well, there is more...

Here is what a prominent vet at N.C. State University College said: "Animals at greatest risk are outdoor pets and those such as puppies and kittens, who received the recalled medication as their first and only vaccination. If that initial vaccination did not work, then they're ... at risk for rabies.... Notified pet owners should act quickly to have their animal revaccinated."

There are some interesting perspectives here.

First, if the vaccine literally can cause rabies, then it is because the crippled virus wasn't quite as crippled as intended. Instead of succumbing to the body's immune defense, it develops the full-blown disease. Nothing really surprising in this. We know this - this is the only way people nowadays get polio, for instance.

So, the proposed action is to "just revaccinate", right away.....

Sorry folks, but that is about the only thing you don't do! If the dog truly got infected, then vaccinating it is not going to do anything but promote the disease! A weakened immune system that already fights an infection will not have excess energy to fight off a vaccine - that is "kindergarten knowledge" in immunology. On the contrary, any vaccination of a non-healthy animal is putting the animal at serious risk, not only against the vaccine, but also because of the other problems it is fighting. And immune system simply cannot fight too many battles successfully at the same time.

So, why doesn't anybody panic? Why aren't we calling in all those dogs to have a conclusive diagnosis set for rabies?

Answer: that conclusive diagnosis takes inspection of the dog's brain - and will cost it its life.... There is no way of telling if a dog truly has rabies or not, except by killing it and checking its brain.

Another observation: The dogs at risk are only those that were not vaccinated before. Do you understand what this means? It means that the previous vaccination must still be effective - in other words: revaccinations are completely redundant!

Next: why are we not hearing about any reaction from the US government? If we suddenly have a possibility of 330,000 rabies infected dogs, then people should be at great risk, right?

Obviously not. For over 40 years, since the first recordings started, there has not been a single case of rabies being transmitted from dogs to people....

So, why should the government then waste its slim budget money on taking this seriously? Honestly: WHY SHOULD IT?

The answer to that question, as anyone with some ability to use logic will understand, will also be the answer to the question, "why do we, in the first place, even vaccinate our dogs against rabies?"

You are smart enough - I don't need to spell the answer out.

This is some very good reason for listening to Ronald Schultz. And, in the meantime, just don't vaccinate against rabies anymore. For your dog's sake. It is one big scam. Treason, actually.

Pet door patent pending!

I just have to spread it - we got the "patent pending" status approved for my pet door invention, which is vested in FurPower Investment Inc.

This means that we can freely explain what this invention is all about - without risking that someone else can steal the idea from us. With the "patent pending" status approved, that would be illegal and very easy to prosecute.

Yes - I will, of course, do everything I can to get a web page put together so you can get to see it! I promise, it is so smart that you might kick yourself for mumbling, "geez, I could have figured that out too!" when you see it.....

If anyone knows of a manufacturer, anywhere in world, who might be interested in a licensing arrangement for a pet door that is simpler, smarter, cheaper to produce, and more sophisticated and functional than anything ever introduced to the pet door market, then please let them contact me at mogens@furpower.com.

I will come back with more as soon as I can.

Danish translations?

I have to announce that I have been screwed by two of my Danish translators. "Raw Food for Dogs" was supposed to be finished by now. It isn't. And I have tried, for the last 2 months, to get some meaningful reports about the status of the work. I have got none. Not even an explanation. Not to mention an apology.

If you know anyone who would like to undertake the task, either in full or on a partial basis, please tell me! There is a serious benefit in being able to get it done before the end of August, so if you know of any Danes who would like to bring their laptop to the beach, let me know!


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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