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Dear Dog Friend,

This issue will be short. So much has been happening that I feel I need to announce what is going on.

Anita and I just came home from the big trip to Europe, after spending an extra week in Calgary, Alberta, with me fighting the most serious flu/bronchitis I had in 16 years. There was just no way I could drive a car safely home across the Rocky Mountains in that condition....

Overall, the trip to Europe went fine - as judged by all the comments and invitations we got. As far as touristy things and vacation goes, though, it was the pits! The little we had scheduled for personal entertainment got lost almost up front by Anita getting seriously ill (probably that bronchitis she later passed to me - but hers dragged on almost through the entire trip, since she couldn't really rest as she should - and this was her first time to Europe!). Yes, and we also tried to snow in in Denmark, although only for a couple of days!

The overall effect was that almost all planned "spare time" disappeared into rescheduled assignments... Unfortunately, it got way worse because we ran into some serious problems with certain plans not being executed and preparations not being made as we expected, so we ended up doing a lot of "rescue work" and improvisation. (Generally speaking, we were seriously let down by some of the people whom we trusted - and we learned some expensive lessons about whom to work with and how! In the future, we will be stricter about contracts being signed and duties carried out before any dates are booked and committed on our part....)

It was still great to meet the friends we could meet in Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, and overall, we enjoyed the trip so much that we are keen on doing it again.

Europe, summer 2006

Arrangements for the next trip are already being made for July-August 2006... I will come back with more details later, but if you want to sign up for one of the two camp courses in Denmark July 17-22 (in Danish) and August 12-19 (in English), then you have to get in contact with Lars Madsen at post@doggy.dk, as there are only very few spots left.... (You can get more information from www.barf.dk - although that web site is in Danish... More about what to expect from a camp course can be found at http://k9joy.com/dogtraining/campcourses.php; I must add, though, that Lars Madsen and I have some very special plans for the Danish camps - they will include some raw experiences that won't be suitable for the faint-hearted... the food for the dogs will be provided - and Lars runs a raw food manufacturing business. But he is also CEO for the local Humane Society for anumal protection, so there will be no cruelties involved. That'll do for now; you figure the rest! J)

Also, my speaking at the German "Gesundehunde Treff" in Saar (close to Luxembourg and France), July 7-10, is a done deal too. There will be other speakers there as well (I am being told that they will include Tom Lonsdale - I really look forward to meeting him!). My main contributions will be food (Sunday afternoon), but there will also be a session about "Mental Activation" Friday night, with an option to join the practical dog training Monday, with a short introduction either Friday or Sunday. Please contact Swanie Simon at swanie2@t-online.de for more information about this event.... (you can get more info from the German site www.gesundehunde.com - lot's of pictures!)

Current projects

Our DVD production of "The Dog's Social Behavior" ran into a lot of trouble. Donald Duck can consider himself lucky, in comparison... All our attempts to solve the technical problems triggered new technical problems, so, after 5 weeks of fighting technology with technology, across the Atlantic, the whole project eventually had to be put on hold till I got back to my own computer where all the files and programs are. No fun to waste that much time on accomplishing absolutely nothing!

I am getting my voice back now, so, in the next couple of days, I should be able to get those files recorded I need in order to finish the editing and get the burning started. We had to re-arrange the layout and split the presentation over three DVDs instead of the planned two - that was really the core of the whole delay problem... So, provided we don't run into more technical problems, the production should be starting in a week or two. The only really good news in this for you might be that the web site still accepts orders at the old price of the VHS tape...

Let me share some more great news.

"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" has undergone a very extensive revision/updating in November/December - which basically has made it twice as big! And that is without adding all the pictures I would like to add later... I had hoped I could have got it published before the trip to Europe, but the DVD project on "The Dog's Social Behavior" took priority. In hindsight, that was too bad.... But it means that this new version of "Raw Food for Dogs" will be available in a couple of weeks, most likely. It is only a matter of us getting the web pages updated, and then the price will go up... As always, updates are free to download for those who already bought the book (provided we have their e-mail address on file and they do not block our e-mail as spam or have chosen to delete themselves from our list), and this will be the case here too; all previous buyers of this e-book will get an e-mail with the URL for getting a free download of the revised version. This means that if you have been wanting to get that book but just haven't got around to taking the action, then now is the time to get a good deal.... You can get it at http://k9joy.com/RawFoodForDogs, but for a limited time only. When the web page gets changed, the time is up - and so is the price. There will be no further notice.

More good news is that we have the Dutch translation almost done too - it should be ready in a week or so. And we are further getting translations done also in Danish and Spanish, both expected to get published in a few weeks. We might have a contact to someone who will make it in Italian. We are still looking for someone to do a German translation and a French one. And really, no matter what language is your mother tongue, if you feel like embarking on such a translation, then let me know! (Do not "just do it"! If you do, you will be breaking K9joy's copyright, and I can assure you that it will have serious legal consequences, no matter where in the world you live... If you want to distribute a translation of any of K9joy's books, you can do it fully legally by first making an agreement with us - and it does not cost a dime!)

And there is more good news: "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" is now translated to Dutch also - and we just have to get the web site up and run so we can publish that one too. Yes, we are also having a Danish translation mabeing made of that book too!

Also "Don't Pull on the Leash!" is now translated to Dutch - and that book too will be made available shortly.

Other translations on the go include "BrainWork for Smart Dogs", which are being worked on in Dutch and Spanish. I got a contact to a Danish translator also for this - but I lost it, so I am unsure if it is a go or not. I might have to do that one myself if she does not connect soon...

Finally, we got a lot of footage made, in terms of video-taping the seminars I held in Europe, although the technical quality wasn't always the greatest (most of the rooms were too dark Or reflections from windows or even pictures were in the way - but it might still be possible to use the recordings anyway when we combine several seminars to one). We will, over the next few months, see what we can do with it; if we can create a series of "food DVDs", we will do it, and will offer those for sale also to a general audience. There may be chances of both an English and a Danish version, subject to the quality of the shots an my critical mood....

OK - enough for now - as you can see, I have a ton of work to get done, most notably getting the DVD version of "The Dog's Social Behavior" finished - that information is a must for us to carry, and that is our highest priority.

I will be back shortly with some dog stuff - when the DVDs are done....


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. If you want to arrange for me to swing by your neck of the woods in Europe in July-August, then you have to contact me very soon... I will not allow our vacation to dwindle away this time - so any additional assignments will have to be "compensated" with extra time for us to spend off duty - which means change of flight tickets.

You can check the terms at http://k9joy.com/feeschedule.php.

Based on our experiences from this trip, I can assure that you will not want anything less than 3-4 months to prepare it.... Getting a successful seminar arranged and marketed in less time than that is not for novices...

Having said that, I should also add that arranging events like this truly represents a serious opportunity for you (or your organization) to make some serious income. But there is work involved...

Same thing goes for arrangements in North America. I have received several inquiries - but I must say that I will not be the one who arranges the details! That has to be done by someone who has the skills and abilities and the opportunities to get an audience pulled together. And that will always be someone local. So, if you would like me to come and do a seminar (or several seminars/workshops) for people in your area, then you have to get the wheels spinning on getting it arranged!


P.P.S. Anita wanted me to mention that she is working on getting all the orders from the European trip put together. It will take her awhile though (there were quite a few...), but we will stay connected with those who left us their e-mail address also, if anything unforeseen should come up.