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Dear Dog Friend,

First a formality: please note our address change! 3998C has become 3980C in the Canadian address. From November 1, mail sent to the old address will not reach us.

Then, it is time to get back to daily life...

The trip to Europe took many turns that were not expected, some good and very nice, some not so enjoyable.

The not-so-enjoyable ones primarily include the death of my step-mother of 30 years, my dad's third marriage - and the only really happy marriage he experienced... She died as a result of a simple surgery that went well - but her wake-up didn't - it just never happened. It all took place while I was in Denmark, and I could talk to my dad on the phone, but I had no way of seeing him until a week later, when Anita and I planned to have our vacation after the tough teaching periods that gave us no day off for more than 5 weeks in a row.

Well, as I know from my own experiences from when I became a widower a few years ago, the first couple of days after your loved one's death leave you in a state of shock and disbelief, which nothing can change or nobody can do anything about. Whatever happens in the world around is completely irrelevant - there is simply absolutely nothing that affects you. There are tasks that have to be done, like arranging the funeral, but it kind-of does not matter - because one's subconscious mind still hasn't accepted the message that YOU ARE NOW ALONE!

But when all the practical mundane things are taken care of, it hits you like a cement wall, right in the face. Life is no longer the same. Nothing matters. You might as well just wait for your own death. There is no point in continuing this nagging pain called "life".

Although my dad was "well prepared" (I am not his son for nothing, and he was a great support for me when I needed it...), he fell right into this trap too. Yes, the last 4 years had been quite a pressure on him, as his wife was slowly deteriorating, mentally as well as physically. The physical part was fairly easy to deal with - but the mental problems tolled hard on my dad, as they literally made it impossible for him to leave her alone for even half an hour - and she could not mentally cope with being in places she did not know; she panicked. This, of course, meant the complete end to a very active life of my dad; he gradually got transformed into a nursing hermit. I felt it very clearly the few times I had a chance to talk to him in private: he loved his wife and would continue to do whatever he had to do to make just a few happy moments for her, regardless of the price he had to pay himself. But he did acknowledge that that price became harder and harder to pay, as he literally witnessed the person he loved vanish right in front of his eyes....

So, although it is tough to lose a loved one, in this case, there was also some relief connected to it. But if you think that this matters a whole lot, you are wrong...

One of the things that really hit my dad was this constant "faking it" that follows. When people ask, "how are you doing", the answer is of course, "quite good, thank you", or something to that effect, regardless of the fact that the truth would make you scream, "just shut up and leave me alone - I don't give a damn shit about you or anyone else - my wife is dead, my life is destroyed - I don't care about anything - I want want to die too!"

One of the things I always appreciated and respected the most about my dad is his honesty. And he knows that. This "faking it" was one serious conflict issue for him. He knew that I knew exactly what he was going through. He knew I knew he was lying when he said he was "doing OK". And he knew he still had to lie - because if he didn't, he would just want to commit suicide.

Well, my dad and I had some long conversations about these topics. Anita often felt a bit left out, but there was no way my dad could do this in English, so we spoke a lot of Danish....(which was okay because Anita knew that my dad and I needed this time to reconnect, so she took no offense.)

Our planned 2-week vacation was more or less spent on this kind of stuff - but I am glad I got this chance to give my dad a little back of all he has given me. Although I seriously disagree with a lot of his choices in life, and he disagrees a lot with mine, we do share a bunch of very fundamental values, which I now have become more aware of than ever. One of the differences, which was made quite grim to me during this time is that I always see "trouble" as another challenge I have to fight and conquer. He doesn't; he sees it as proof that he can't do anything about any important things anyway...

Yes, there is a difference between becoming a widower at age 83 (as he did) and doing it at age 51 (as I did), but the difference is not about age - it is about attitude. He was no different when he was in his forties. That difference in attitude has existed all my life... It is basically the difference between a pessimistic outlook on life, and an optimistic one.... The fundamental question is, "can I make a difference?" - and the answer should always be "YES!". If you want to, that is...

I believe I can and should make a difference for my dad and his desire to live - and I am grateful for that.

Unfortunately, I am also at a point where I need to remember that lesson myself. Just before the trip to Europe, I got some very unpleasant news relating to my financial business, and, over the summer, I have got confirmed that things have developed to the point where I have a choice between referring people to dishonest crap from a service provider that has betrayed me after 10 years of good service who no longer respects the fundamental rules of the game - or I can close the business down.

I have chosen to put it on hold rather than provide inferior service and useless products. At least until I find a trustworthy alternative of a supplier. But that also has put me between a rock and a hard place, as this same move also means elimination of my primary income source... So, that's a another very big contributor to this issue of "The Peeing Post" being much later than what I had planned.

All of this is no excuse, no justification. Only an explanation to the people who care about "what is wrong?" - and I prefer to leave it at this and move on, hoping that you will understand. Thank you to all of you who emailed and expressed your concerns! J

Status on major projects

Let me also briefly just provide an update on some of the major projects that have been underway for a long time now...

Good news first:

"BrainWork for Smart Dogs" is now available in Danish! The translation is done, and the web pages put in place. The Danish title is "HjerneGymnastik for Kvikke Hunde" and it is presented at http://k9joy.com/HjerneGymnastik.

We got a contract now with the same translator to also do "Raw Food for Dogs" (the original translator was not able to fulfill the contract) - we aim at January 2007 for the publication.

We got the German translation of "Raw Food for Dogs" delivered also - it just needs formatting, before we can get it out. (Formatting is, unfortunately, no quick undertaking, so it will be a few weeks more before that can be done.) The German title will be "Rohe Nahrung für Hunde", and it will be available from http://k9joy.com/RoheNahrungFuerHunde as soon as we have it ready, probably in November or December.

We had a very busy web master, who over the summer has updated the entire collection of my articles. A few of them have undergone some revision - you will see that from the overview at http://k9joy.com/dogarticles, which also now includes many articles that were not listed there before. I believe you might find good value on that page. It should now be easy to find the URL for any article, you want to pass along to someone else: just copy and paste the URL for it - it is listed on this page - and include it in an e-mail! That is all it takes for you to refer other people to an article that is relevant for them. No need for trying to copy the whole thing or do attachments to e-mails or other cumbersome things.

As you will also notice, we have simplified the URLs for those articles, so they are much easier to remember. Something which our affiliates will appreciate is that all the references to the articles are all in .php format now - which means that reference to any one of them counts in the affiliate program!

We included a new article on "Preservation Chemicals in Dog Food" that has not been published before. It was actually written last winter, but the formatting never got finished for publication before now. I hope you enjoy it, although it actually is very disgusting reading....

Further, I should also mention that we will seriously welcome translations of those articles. If you believe you could do that well, to your own language, then check out our terms for it at http://k9joy.com/affiliates/translation.php.

And now some not-so-nice news....

The Danish translator of "The Wolf's Natural Diet", which should have been finished by mid-July, has given me notice that she will not be finishing the work. I got some bits and pieces of it delivered, but in no way in a form that can be used for much... So, I am, once again, hunting for help, as I plain simply do not have the time to do it myself....

Our attempts to make video recordings of the seminars in Europe turned out to be disastrous.... Our back-up software did not work, so all the DVDs we made during the trip are nothing but empty garbage. I am not certain about what to do in this situation, other than wait till the next opportunity. If time was not an issue, I would love to do them in my kitchen - but that is not a relevant option right now, as I have too many other urgent and important things to accomplish first, and such a project is a serious time-killer, I know....

The DVD project for "The Dog's Social Behavior" is moving on - I will communicate the status in greater detail directly to those who have ordered it.

Some valuable experiences from Europe...

Overall, we had a nice trip to Europe (except for the airline and a bunch of logistic problems!) - and we have already committed to doing it again next summer in Denmark.

We will do some of the teaching in Danish (for Danes, of course) - but we will also do some of it in English, maybe even German! We have got some requests from people in other European countries, and we have a possibility for doing two camps and some seminars in Denmark, some of them possibly conducted primarily in English/German. The scheduled time frame for this could be July 17-28, 2006. I will come back with more details later, but, if you live in Europe and can make a vacation trip to Denmark, we can have some serious fun together, you, me, and your dog! Maybe even your family - if you can control it...? J Oh yes, the time frame for that course in Danish only is August 1-12. (I must say, though, that these multinational plans are subject to sufficient interest sufficient early, as we otherwise simply will do it all in Danish... So, be prepared for demonstrating a commitment no later than in April, if you want this to become reality.)

On top of this, we are working also with some German contacts to do more seminars and possibly a camp course also in Germany - in German. The possible time for this is earlier in July - but we do not have the details committed as of yet.

Yeah, that was good news too, I hope! J

Some experiences with dog allergy and allergy dogs...

Do you know someone who suffers from allergies to dogs? Well, my fiancée Anita does. She has been officially diagnosed as "allergic to dogs", and her suffering is quite tough when she is close to dogs. Some dogs, I should say. I want to pass on to you a few episodes from Europe that illustrate what the problem is with her allergy:

In Germany, during the Gesunde Hunde Treff in Saarland, we were together with some 180 dogs, on one single property. A fairly big farm, sure - but there were literally dogs all over the place, also in the rooms we used for lecturing and eating. These dogs were there for a long weekend. All of them, with the possible exception of 3, were raw fed. The weather was sunny, no wind, no rain - nothing to stop an allergy. But Anita had none!

In Denmark, during one of my seminars on Mental Activation, where people are to bring their dogs along, one person had no car to leave the dog in, and she asked if she could take the dog along at the initial lecture part of that workshop. Permission was granted, and she kept the dog nicely at her feet, in a corner in the back. Nobody took notice. Except Anita, who wasn't aware of the dog's presence, until her nose started to run, and her allergy flared up! An hour after we got Anita out of the classroom and away from that dog, she was OK again. Guess what? This dog was kibble-fed....

Another time, when we were visiting a friend who had a nice dog, Anita's sinus problems exploded on her within an hours of us staying there. The dog and the cats were kibble fed (that was then - they are raw-fed now...). But, 3 days later, when we were staying with some other friends, who had a raw-fed dog, there were no allergy problems at all.

I have had this kind of experience many times. Not only with Anita, but also with other people, who presumably are allergic to dogs. In all the cases I know of, these highly allergic people never had any problems with my dogs. But I always fed them raw food.

I am certain that a big chunk of what is called "allergy to dogs" in reality is "allergy to some chemicals in commercial dog food that are shed by the dog through its hairs or skin". As you will see from the article on "Preservation Chemicals in Dog Food", there are some serious candidates available!

There is more to sustain this.

We attended a seminar arranged by Dansk Barf Center on the topic "Allergies in Dogs". The speakers were Lars Madsen and Merete Prior. They have, over the last couple of years, been running a "health restoration consulting service" for dogs with skin allergies that were given up by the veterinarians. They presented a comprehensive database of the symptoms, and showed some horrible pictures of dogs that basically had chewed themselves into sore nakedness. The common denominator was "itchy skin, irritated skin, hair loss, overall suffering and pain". A little over 300 cases were recorded through live consultations, where a journal was made, pictures taken, etc.. In all cases, no medicine was given. Nothing done to cure this insane suffering of these dogs, except one thing: they were all shifted to a raw, natural diet! (No, not a single one of them was raw-fed at the time when they contacted Lars and Merete - they were all fed "premium dog food", as recommended by their vets...)

Not one single dog did not experience a significant recovery! After just 2-4 months, many of the worst cases turned into dogs that were just radiating joy and contentment with life! The evidence provided by Lars and Merete was astounding. I had always had a strong feeling that most of those incurable "allergies" in reality were poisoning from the chemicals in the commercial dog food, but here was slide after slide with "before" and "after" pictures, copies of happy letters from happy owners of happy dogs that were death candidates just a couple of months earlier, and copies in bunches of clinical records proving that this is indeed how things are screwed together!

And why do vets give up on those cases, instead of curing those dogs?

Well, the answer is here: Why Your Veterinarian Cannot Afford to Always Tell You the Truth... - sad, but if you think the truth is different, you can diagnose yourself as "naive", unless you can provide some strong evidence to counter it... (If you indeed do have some good reasons to believe that you know a vet who is different, then please make sure that we get this vet included in our overview of holistic vets at http://k9joy.com/education/vets.html - those vets deserve all the support and all the business we can help give them! With too many clients that have healthy dogs, they need a huge client base, in order to survive financially...)

No, you do not need to be insulted from what I said here. People have no chance of knowing. It is simply "unbelievable" - and it should be exactly that: unbelievable. But it is nevertheless a fact of life that vets are completely controlled by their trade unions. The article is only stating facts and using logic. At K9joy, we know of several cases where open-minded veterinarians have been fined thousands of dollars for no other "crime" than referring to K9joy's web site or supporting someone who invited me to do a seminar! I am not kidding you. If you want to preserve the little personal freedom we have left, it is time to get out of the lazy comfort zone and start working on those deceptive politicians who too readily give in to "lobbying" from those who have money. And the veterinary associations have lots...

Actually, here is an on-line group that can use your involvement: http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/PetHealthAction/ - check it out if you feel some adrenaline in your blood....

Well, this was supposed to be "just a short note to let you know that your editor is back at his computer".... J

I have many more experiences from Europe I want to share, particularly about training. But that will have to wait till next time.


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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