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   I should introduce myself: I am Mogens Eliasen (pronounced MOW-ence e-LEE-a-sen for people who speak English and not Danish. Yes, I am born and raised in Denmark, the oldest of all still existing independent nations - home of the Vikings and inventor of the Ombudsman.) I live in Canada now and am Canadian citizen. Click on the picture to see my resume if you want.

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My main reason for publishing this newsletter is that I hope your dog will benefit from what I possibly could help you understand in regards to dealing with your lovely, domesticated wolf on some terms it can make sense out of - and not just as a "pet".... I am sorry, but I have some trouble with the North American standard way of treating dogs. Like miniature humans, or live dolls. They deserve far better than that! I do acknowledge, though, that many people do it out of sheer love - they don't know that they are not doing the best they could for the animal. How could they know? There is almost nobody to tell them! So, this makes me "almost nobody"... J

"But modern dogs are not wolves anymore!" Sorry, if you think that, there is a lot of science to prove you quite wrong. In 1996, for instance, a study was done of the genes of different breeds of dogs. The results were compared to the genes of wild wolves. There was no math known to any scientist that could explain away the fact that the differences among the dog genes were greater from breed to breed than the difference between the wolf genes and any breed of dog! Now, the wolf was distinctively different in some ways from all the dog breeds - but the differences were of the same order of magnitude as the genetic differences between black and white people.

Another amazing fact: there are no behaviors know in modern dogs that cannot be found also in wolves. The wolf has some very specific behaviors that dogs don't always show anymore - but that is a normal domestication phenomenon that does not take more than a few generations to produce.

And more: no veterinarian or scientist can tell on the internal organs of dogs and wolves which is dog and which is wolf...

There are some very important conclusions to draw from this:

So, no matter what kind of physical "clothing" your dog has externally - inside, it is still chemically a wolf.

Yes, it is incredible that dogs can modify their exterior that much! No other domesticated animal has done that: cats are pretty much cats - the variations are very small compared to those of dogs. Horses are horses - except for the difference between an Arabian and a Morgan that only a "horse person" can tell.

But as long as we realize that it is only size and shape and coat that has chanced, we can cope with reality. And the really good news is that wolves are animals that have many human qualities - and many qualities I wish humans could learn from... they are very social and very caring for each other. Talk about family values - and we can learn it all from the wolf!

The old stories about wolves being vicious are lies. All of them. In entire history of man, there are no proven records of wolves having attacked people, except when they have been kept in captivity! The hate has been deliberately developed by farmers who did not like the wolves as their competitors. It was OK for the farmers to destroy the wolves' habitat and make pastures out of the forests that were home to the wolves' prey animals. But is was not OK for the wolves to assume that the farmers were willing to replace the food they destroyed for them....

I know, it is hard to reverse history. Modern farmers are not the ones that did this. But they are the ones that might pay the price when naturalists try to reverse things. I feel for them, but I admit, my sympathy is completely with the wolves...

I hope this can make you feel a bit better about accepting the status of your dog as "domesticated wolf". It's an honor, not a curse.

Having said this, I also have to warn you: don't even think about getting "the real thing" and trying to make a wolf a family pet.... The problem is not that they still are vicious (because they are certainly not!), but there are two main problems that makes wolves and wolf hybrids very, very bad choices for pets:

  1. Wolves are extremely shy - that's why they still survive. Everything and anything will spook the living daylights out of them thus keeping them away from danger (most of it man-made...). Dealing with that in our modern society becomes a constant cruelty to the animal. It has taken thousands of years to breed that fundamental fear out of our modern dogs. There is no way you can do it in just a few generations yourself.

  2. Wolves are extremely active - they need to roam. Not just a backyard, but the entire city and its 10 neighbor cities and all land in between... Modern dogs don't need that anymore - the get fed by us. But try to confine a wolf - and you create exactly that frustrated, desperate, and furious animal that becomes even more dangerous than its worst reputation...

This will be it for now. If I scared you, then please unsubscribe by following the instructions below. If you feel this kind of attitude of mine could possibly benefit your dog, then hang on! If you have any comments or questions, you are, in principle, welcome to simply reply to this e-mail (as well as to any future issues). Although it is sent by a machine, this machine also passes on to me all responses you send it, so I can answer you. However, I do get hundreds of spam messages daily on that e-mail address, so there is a serious risk that your e-mail gets deleted by mistake, and, at some point in the near future, I will have all e-mails sent to that address automatically deleted....

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Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


If you have any suggestions to contributions or contents of The Peeing Post, or some comments or questions pertaining to this issue or in to dogs in general, I will be happy to know about them. If I can find an answer for you, I will!

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PS. Just a little word about the name "The Peeing Post"... It is not meant to be offensive or provocatively disgusting. I don't mind if you find it funny, though. My reference is the fact of dogs using urine extensively for communication. The urine is, chemically, a reflection of the the blood's chemical composition. All simple proteins and lighter molecules in the blood will also find their way out into the urine. In an analytical laboratory, chemists can use this to find all kinds of valuable information about you and your health, from testing a urine sample (if the sample was from you, that is...).

Dogs don't need a laboratory for this kind of information. They are already gifted with the most sensitive and diversified gas detector man has ever seen! A dog's nose can detect smaller concentrations of a greater variety of gases and vapors in the air than any gas detector or analytical instrument ever made by humans!

Dogs can for sure do a "pregnancy test" with a single sniff to a bitch's urine. They can also tell from the urine of a male how much self-confidence that male has - because there is a direct link between self-confidence and high levels of testosterone, the main male hormone! The dog can tell what you got to eat - because small traces of the food will be discharged in the urine. Dogs will also know if you are taking any kind of medication - again, the urine reveals it! (Sorry, Ladies - but most men do have these kinds of experiences with their dogs...)

In general, however, we only know very little about the specifics of this, mainly because it is so incredibly difficult (and expensive) to test. But it remains completely outside any doubt that the information dogs get from urine is vast - and this information is important to them, as you can confirm very easily by simply watching your dog when you take it out for a walk...

A chemist myself of education (I hold a Ph.D. level degree in analytical chemistry), I am very intrigued by this. It actually fascinates me as an area I really would like to know much more about. It also makes me humble - I realize that I will never get to know it all and that my main source of information about it will be the dogs I train and watch and communicate with.

I hope this helps flushing the possible unpleasant emotions you had about the name down the drain...