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General Health Care for Your Dog


Dear $first_name,

In this issue, I want to touch on some very controversial topics that might throw you off balance or shock you.

We will talk about vaccination.

You might feel that you don't need to know anything about that - you just follow the regime your vet prescribes and give your dog all the yearly shots it is supposed to have...

Exactly! That's the very problem!

The whole topic about vaccination is huge. I cover it in far more detail in my seminar "Responsible Health Care for Dogs", but let me explain some of the highlights here also:

I made two public articles that might help you to understand this problem more fully - and I suggest you check the out:

  1. The Immune System - how it works and how you support it

  2. Vaccinations - how they work, when they work…

You should now have a burning question, "Why do veterinarians then recommend yearly re-vaccinations - and with multiple vaccines?"

Well, I am not a veterinarian, and I have no right to speak of behalf of the veterinarian trade, but I want to present to you a few more facts that might give you some clues...

The world's largest vaccine manufacturer, Merck in Germany, is publishing what has become "the vaccine bible" - a huge reference work with all kinds of crucial information on vaccines. All serious professionals in the industry use it as a reference. Merck writes in this giant handbook that vaccination should never be done to any individual who suffers from any kind of allergy or neurological disorder - simply because the vaccine has a large risk of doing irreversible neurological damage for such individuals. Merck is also warning against repeated vaccinations and multiple vaccinations, based of evidence of the same side effects.

Catherine O'Driscoll wrote a book "Who Killed the Darling Buds of May?" after doing years of research, and, at a seminar she held in Vancouver, BC in 1998, she presented tons of scientific evidence that there is a strong link between vaccination and your need for veterinarian services! As a matter of fact, the math she presented demonstrates that 70-80% of the visits an average veterinarian gets from clients originate from side effects of vaccines....

You can check for yourself here.

A few more facts you won't like... A puppy that gets milk from its mother will also get immune protection through the mother milk. As long as the puppy gets mother milk (and in nature that will be till it is 10-12 weeks old), it has immune protection against the same diseases the mother has an active immunization against. Nature has thus found no good reason for wakening up a puppy's immune defenses until after it reaches an age of 12 weeks. This means that vaccinating a young puppy has only one effect: it uses up the passive immune protection the puppy got from the mother milk, leaving it completely defenseless to the very disease it got vaccinated against...

On top of this comes a very disturbing fact of vaccines for dogs being far less safe than you would think they should be. Lyme Disease, for instance is a horror example: the vaccine has killed more dogs than the disease itself.... But it is far from the only example of dog vaccines being much less than safe to use.

These facts are, of course, very unpleasant. And they are particularly uncomfortable because you will not get your veterinarian to agree! He can't!

Even if your veterinarian has researched all this on his own and has arrived at the very same conclusions as I have, he still cannot support you. The reason is that he would risk his license to practice veterinarian medicine, if he did... His trade union, the veterinarian association he must be a member of in order to get his license (because the governments in North America have delegated their control powers to those associations), will pull his license if he publicly supports points of view that conflict with what the veterinarian association considers to be in the best interest of its members. And you will never get any trade union to accept any proposal that will result in a reduction of its members' average income to the tune of some 70-80%....

The next question naturally becomes, "What I do then?"

There is only one good answer: you educate yourself about this and take responsibility yourself. You order the vaccinations you find are essential to protect your dog, and you specify exactly to your vet what you want. You pay him, so you just don't have to put up with objections... and you don't have to listen to accusations of being "irresponsible".

I know - this is hard. The same with your doctor and your dentist. You are so used to relying on their expertise that you feel more comfortable just doing what they suggest. But even with them, you can't abdicate your own responsibility. Their knowledge is limited too. Your doctor, for instance, is not very likely to know anything about acupuncture. Or reflexology. Or natural herbal medicine. And those are just a few examples of huge areas of medicine that has proven very effective in very many areas where standard "western" medicine falls utterly short of a satisfactory solution...

Now, your doctor might have so many patients to look after that he would consider it a blessing to reduce the number of visits by teaching some of his patients how they can stay out of his office by eating more healthy food and taking nutritional supplements. But your veterinarian is not very likely to be in that situation... He has a business to take care of, and the government does not provide any paid work for him!

This does not mean that all veterinarians are crooks. I personally know many who seriously try to do an honest job taking good care of your dog when it is sick. But I also know quite a few veterinarians I would never trust my dog's life to....

I feel like telling a child that Santa Claus does not exist. "Santa Claus" being your good reasons to believe everything you have been told by your veterinarian being in your dog's best interest. It is very discomforting to know that your veterinarian has a huge conflict of interest taking excellent care of your dog. It is a matter of fact that he would make more money by doing it less well, and by passing on the misleading information he gets from the commercial world, including his own trade association that is supposed to be the ultimate authority in these matters, he is not directly responsible for the misinformation - or lack of education of you.

There is only one responsible party here: YOU!


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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P.S. Taking about health care for your dog, I also get reminded that you might want to consider some "health care" also for your computer....

I have had severe trouble in the past getting some decent and reliable technical service for my computer. I have had technicians doing work on my computer system that left me with a big mess - and some huge bills to pay for a service that was incompetent in the first place. Using my computer, as I do, for more than just private e-mails, I cannot afford to be pushed into a situation that can only be resolved by cleaning up all files and re-installing Windows and all the other programs I use. It would simply be way too costly.

As you know, "real men don't do back-ups - but they cry a lot..." Women are better off - they can ask for directions and avoid getting lost in the jungle...

I want to mention that I found a service that has blown my mind. It gives me access to a whole pack of highly skilled computer technicians, trained in all different areas of both hardware and software problems - even compatibility problems between two different manufacturers, which you can never get any warranty to cover. There is no practical limitation of the help you can get with this service, as long as it does not involve physical repair of hardware. I have a toll-free number to call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what my computer problem is, the solution is only a phone call or an e-mail away.

The service is given by JUVIO - a fairly new magnet for competent computer technicians. They are located in San Diego, California, but they provide the service worldwide, even in many other languages than English.

JUVIO has impressed me many times during my "restoration" of all the crap technicians in the past have left in my machine. They are not shy of telling you that they need to refer your problem to a higher level of expertise, and even if it takes that they go in and take control over your machine from their location to make sure everything gets to run as it should, they can do it.

The service is offered for a monthly membership fee of about a dollar per day - that is very small, compared to what I have paid for "live assistance" and downtime by taking the machine to the "shop" where it can sit for days, waiting in the line-ups to be looked at...

If you are serious about keeping your computer in good shape, you should also seriously consider signing up for JUVIO's services. I put put together an overview of my own experiences. Do yourself the favor of at least checking them out. When you do, you may reward yourself for being smart...