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Pack Leadership Elections


Dear $first_name,

Are you ready for the election campaign? Your dog is ready. Every day is a new election. The most qualified leader gets elected for the pack leadership office and is assigned all the duties and all the honors of that position. The dog is born with a quest for the leader being the best possible - the most qualified. Dogs have no personal ambition about being the leader. They don't care about that. They care about things being taken good care of - about being protected - about having ample food supply because of the pack leader's great hunting skills and excellent abilities to make the pack work together as a team. Actually, most dogs are outright lazy about this - it is much more comfortable to let someone else take all those responsibilities and make all those decisions!

You should realize that your dog cannot judge this by observing it happening to others. The only way the dog can truly comprehend your strength is by experiencing it on its own body! You cannot show strength unless you demonstrate that you are stronger than the dog. Physically, yes - but most definitely mentally. Physical strength is not really important to a dog. Smart brains are. Strong leadership is. That's what brings hunting success and food.

Sometimes, this can be felt unfair. Here are you, the most caring, loving person in the world, always trying to make your dog happy; you feed it, you pet it, your are always nice and gentle. And yet here is your spouse: He hardly ever does much for the dog in terms of showing love and affection. He is generally strict with it - adamant about his rules, which you actually find quite ridiculous some times where you would have preferred to be less insistent on those meaningless formalities...

But that dog loves him. It adores him. It never leaves him when he is home. It guards him and will do anything he asks, if it can understand what he wants. He is the pack leader. You are "just" a servant, compared to....

Familiar picture? It happens a lot of times, I tell you! Dogs do enjoy being fed. They do enjoy being petted. They do enjoy play. But the most important thing in their lives, the foundation everything else is built on, is strong leadership in their pack. Nothing else is as important as that. Food included. Even sex! If a respected pack leader signals that he/she doesn't want the dog to eat, it will stop eating and leave the food. If a strong pack leader tells his male pack members that they cannot mate the bitch that is in heat, regardless her pushing a delicious bum right up into their faces, they will avoid her and not try to mate her! (Mind you, there are no neutered dogs in nature...)

I know - very few North Americans believe that this is possible, but I can witness that it is. When your dog truly respects you as the most competent pack leader, it will even wag its tail when it leaves the inviting bitch or abandons the tempting food...

One time, I was too late with this. I saw that my male had mounted a bitch, and I called him. He came - but it was too late - he already "locked". But that did not stop him from obeying my command - he just pulled the bitch along with him, coming back to me! Now, this is not for you to copy - but I hope it illustrates to you just how important this leadership business is for a dog.

Some people have a natural talent for leadership. Others don't. But you can learn it. It is not that difficult that anybody should give up before at least giving it a good try. It may take some help in the form of coaching. We can do a lot together over a weekend or on a camp course. Maybe you want to get help on the phone or start on taking lessons per video? There are many ways of tapping into my experience, and I am flexible about how exactly we do it, as long as it makes sense and can work, so if you need to discuss the possibilities, send me an a-mail about what you want.

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Have fun - and enjoy your dog!


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


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