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Helping Other Dog Owners


Dear $first_name,

As I announced, this is the last of the introduction issues of The Peeing Post. After this, you will continue to receive the regular dated issues (you already got quite a few of them...) for as long as you want them, and I will assume that you are now a "fully educated subscriber", who at least understands my terminology J. You may not agree with everything I say - and you don't need to. As long as you make informed and diligent choices, for the benefit of your dog, then you certainly have my respect.

As you might have noticed, I love to hear from my subscribers. Knowing what is going on in your neck of the woods helps me with my mission: I want to reach out to as many dog owners as I can on this wonderful planet, and I want to make sure that they get the knowledge and possibly also the skills to make their dogs happy and content with their lives as domesticated wolves, taken diligent care of by competent human pack leaders.

Ten years ago, this was nothing but a day-dream. A nice one, though - but utterly impossible to realize....

I seriously changed my perception on this. With the Internet, it is possible!

I have no limitations on how many subscribers I can have for The Peeing Post. Millions is OK! Modern computer technology will not even shiver at such numbers...

So, here is my request for help: If The Peeing Post helped you develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your dog, would you then pass it on to other people who could also use this help?

It does not take much. You can, at any time, with any issue, simply hit "Forward" and then send it to any friend or acquaintance of yours. As long as you do it on a personal basis, and not on a mass-mailing basis (hundreds at a time or more), then you do not put me in trouble for spamming. Instead, you would help me realize my mission....

Would you help me with that? You now have a good feel for what The Peeing Post is all about - so you do not give anyone any fake promises. You know what you recommend. All it takes is that you forward a relevant issue to someone who could use it. As you have seen, every issue contains a link to the sign-up page, so once your friend has just one issue, he/she should also be intelligent enough to find out how to sign up...

You might also forward any of the back issues. There are all available on-line. You can check them at http://k9joy.com/peeingpost/backissues.html. If you know of a back issue that is of specific relevance to your friend, then go in and open it, and then forward it to this friend - or copy/paste the URL and forward that in an e-mail!

Is making money OK?

I need to be honest with you. You can make money on doing this. I seriously don't hope money will be your main motivation, but if it adds a little extra possibility for you to make your dog's life more meaningful, then I think you should accept the offer without being ashamed...

Two of my biggest business mentors, Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen (authors of the "One Minute Millionaire" - a very worth-while book to read!) have taught me to see that money isn't bad. When you have money, you can do a lot of good you couldn't do if you had none! And if you provide a service that has greater value for the receiver than the value of the money you charge, then you are not exploiting anyone. You are, instead, enabling yourself to make a positive contribution to this planet becoming a nicer place for all of us to live on, dogs included.

As you have noticed, K9joy gives a full one-year money-back guarantee on all products we sell. Many people think this is crazy. That might be - but I want to remain crazy then! I know, there is the odd person that might exploit it. But seriously: I have not had more than three examples in total - over 15 years of doing business like this! And what did it cost? The truth is less than $20 in average per shot in shipping costs.... So, over all those years, my cost has been $60. I think I can afford that...

The peace of mind I get from this is far more important than $60. By extending this guarantee, I am sure that whenever K9joy does business with anybody, then the value of the product for the customer is greater than the value of the money he/she paid! In essence, this means that I am contributing more than I receive.... I strongly believe that my Creator is pleased with that - and I am thrilled about it because it enables me to continue doing what I love! If I gave it all away for free, I couldn't sustain it for very long - I would run out of both money and time.

You know from your dog training that results come faster and more reliably when the reward is tangible and substantial. People are no different - and you don't have to admit to being different either...

Here is the clue: I know from experience that people who subscribe to The Peeing Post will also, sooner or later, buy some of the products K9joy offers for sale. Some will not, and that's OK. But a certain statistical fraction will. This makes The Peeing Post an income source for K9joy.... And that income source is greater, the more subscribers I have.

Isn't that great? By reaching out to more people, we can actually increase the potential for doing good to all the dogs in the world?

Oh, I said "we"? Yes - and I did that on purpose! Because you can become part of this. I want to share....

Here is the deal: For every single subscriber you can acquire for The Peeing Post, I will share with you the revenue K9joy makes on the purchases this subscriber makes from K9joy! So, if you recommend The Peeing Post to friend by forwarding an issue to him/her, and this person signs up as subscriber and several months later buys an e-book from K9joy, then you will be entitled to a commission on that sale. And the same with the next purchase this person makes from us. And the next. Forever!

And it goes on: If this friend of yours forwards The Peeing Post to a third person, and this third person makes some purchases from K9joy, then your friend, of course, will be entitled to a commission on those sales - but so will you! This is your reward for having introduced your friend to K9joy.... you will never have to work for those commissions!

I know - this sounds almost too good to be true. But it is true. K9joy's affiliate program will accomplish exactly this! The people you introduce don't cost us any money in advertising. That money will do better being paid as commissions to you! It is a win for K9joy. It is a win for you - its costs you nothing to sign up to be entitled to those commissions! And it is a win for the person you sign up, as he/she gets The Peeing Post for free - and gets access to acquire products from K9joy with our full guarantee!

There are no obligations in this. No strings attached. It is a genuine win-win-win proposition which I seriously hope you will take advantage of and help other people take advantage of too. Because, that way, we can reach out to more people and make life more enjoyable for more people and more dogs. Nobody gets exploited here. Everybody wins.

My dad taught me a lesson when I was a child. I never forget it. He said, "There are two types of idiots in this world. There are those who extend an offer they really do not want the receiver to accept. And there are those who refuse an offer that obviously is to their benefit, although it does not cause anybody else any harm. The last type is the worst - they deserve to burn in Hell forever! They do not contribute to the overall welfare we all need. They destroy it."

So, here is the $10,000 question to you: would it be OK with you if you could make some money on giving away free subscriptions to The Peeing Post?

If the answer is "yes", you go to http://k9joy.com/affiliates for more information on K9joy's affiliate program - and you will probably then accept the invitation you get there to sign up, at no cost and no obligation to you. When you sign up, you will even get free access to my affiliate course that teaches you exactly how you get started and how you can develop this activity into a business of any size you desire, without ever spending any money you don't have!

If the answer is "no", then forget about the affiliate program, and just continue to forward The Peeing Post to people who could benefit from subscribing!

I am OK either way. If you leave the commissions you were entitled to in K9joy's hands, I know they will do good for the mission - because there is no other purpose for K9joy.... I just wish for you that you do this because you already have the support you need to sustain it. If not, you know what my dad said.... J


Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen


If you have any suggestions to contributions or contents of The Peeing Post, or some comments or questions pertaining to this issue or in to dogs in general, I will be happy to know about them. If I can find an answer for you, I will!

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Speaking of making money.... K9joy's affiliate program could be the start of a complete home-based business that wouldn't cost you a dime to start up.

As you may know if you ever checked on my personal career profile, I am the kind of person who has started numerous businesses - and I don't think I am even close to being done. Many of my businesses in the past have nose-dived into the mud. Some of them even before they really got started. Some of them cost me a fortune, some of them outright ruined me. Some of them I closed for reasons that were personal. Some of them I sold. Some of them were choked to death by a mighty competition that just did not want me around to destroy their lucrative market.

I have been involved in big corporate business, in a small venture on the stock market, in small corporations with multiple owners, in businesses run from home, in service businesses, in businesses that sell consumable products, in Multi-Level Marketing businesses, in businesses based on strict sales commission, affiliate programs selling other people's products, in off-line as well as on-line businesses - if you name it, I think I have tried it!

I have made a lot of mistakes. Very many very serious ones. But I take pride in never making the same mistake twice. I don't have to - there are enough possibilities available all the time for making new mistakes, totally original mistake that have never been done before! J

I think one of by biggest personal assets is my ability to learn and to extract lessons from experiences. And the fact that I seriously enjoy helping other people achieve success, in any area, based on my input. This goes for dog training as well as for business establishment and management.

In my dealings with dog people, I often come across someone who would love to do more with their dogs, but they do not have the financial means to do it. People who would love to participate in my camp courses, for instance - but they cannot afford the cost. They are dependent on a lousy job they do not enjoy - but they just don't know how to improve their own situation. They have no money to invest in a business - and they don't even know where to begin when it comes to getting a simple home-based business off the ground.

This kind of problem is very common. Maybe you are one of those who would like to start a little business to make some extra income that possibly, one day, could give you the freedom to quit your job if you want to? You probably have been bombarded with "exciting opportunities" to make thousands of dollars online - for "almost" no effort and "almost" no money down? Well, you can generally ignore those. If you didn't do that, you already know...

There is no "free lunch" in any business. Unfortunately, many of those online offers "forget" to tell you the full truth - and when times comes for you to get to know, you already paid your fees - and the help is no longer available!

I don't blame you for being discouraged. I have been there too. Many times - under different circumstances. But I have also found out what to look for, and I have found out what it takes from my side to make it work.

So, what would you think about getting the help first, before you invest a single dime?

I am not kidding you. I put a course together that that will help you get started, with any business of your choice. Yes, you heard me right: this is not tied to any business opportunity of my choice. I will use my businesses as illustrative examples for you, hoping that you can learn from them, but the value of the knowledge I want to share with you is not tied to any of my businesses at all. You are free to use it for any business of your choice.

I made this course available on an autoresponder, so when you sign up, you will get the 28 lessons much like you have been receiving these introduction letters for The Peeing Post. It does not cost me any money or time to have you sign up and get that course sent to you - so, if you in any way whatsoever would like to look into what you could do and should be doing in order to get a home-based business established, then this information is all free if you go to http://novasoljudicare.com/hbbsignup.html.

What I get out of this? I thought you could see it: if you get your personal business up and running, you will also get a solid contact base to other dog owners - and, loving dogs as you do, you will pass on The Peeing Post to those of your contacts that have dogs, whether through K9joy's affiliate program or just directly. You will expand your contact base when you start a business - there is just no way to not do that....

Sneaky? Maybe. You may call it what you want - I don't mind being honest about it, and I am not ashamed of suggesting win-win-win propositions that all involved parties will benefit from.