The Peeing Post - Poll #1

The Peeing Post also in print?

What is your opinion on publishing The Peeing Post also in a printed version that can be mailed out to subscribers, with those subscribers paying the costs of this service, and the on-line publication continuing as usual?

Feedback form

Dear Dog Friend,

Thank you for your willingness to share with me what think about also making a printed version of The Peeing Post that can be mailed out to subscribers.

The form below should make this possible within just a minute or less. You may add your name and e-mail if you want to - or leave those fields blank if you prefer anonymity.

I appreciate the time you take for this!


Mogens Eliasen

Do you know of any people who would be interested in receiving The Peeing Post as a printed version, in the mail?

No, I don't know anybody
I might know one person - maybe two
I know a few people that would like that
I know a lot of people who would like that

What would you think would be the maximum acceptable charge for such a subscription?


Would you want a printed subscription yourself?

No - I prefer the on-line format
Maybe - that depends on a lot of things...
Yes - if the price is no more than indicated above
Yes - if the layout is acceptable
Yes - as long as it is reasonable

Any additional comments or suggestions as to the topic of a printed version of The Peeing Post?

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