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"Natural Food
- why is it so Important for Your Dog?"

  Your host and lecturer, Mogens Eliasen  
  Thank you for your interest in possibly participating in my TeleCourse about natural food for your dog! I know you will appreciate the results: clean teeth, shiny coat, increased vitality, longer life, fewer vet bills - plus the satisfaction you get from knowing that you are doing "the right thing" for your dog.

What the course is about...

It is easy to get confused when you try to find out what you should feed your dog...

It is not because there is something wrong with you - but because there is a whole bunch of commercial interests tied up in this - plus another bunch of fanatics that will make you believe that their way of doing it is "the only right way"...

The people you might want to call "the experts", including the researchers, the pet food manufacturers, the government's agencies, the veterinarian associations, and your own vet are not necessarily unbiased and they do not have any financial interest in telling you the truth! In fact, they make more money when they can keep you confused and uninformed!!!

When you mix this with the vast amount of information available on-line, including all kinds of publications and newsgroups and private people with all kinds of personal opinions, then it is inevitable to get overwhelmed with information that appears to be way to vast to ever get to understand...

This course will make an end to that - and get you started on making informed decisions about what to feed your dog - in a responsible way that might increase your dog's life expentancy by 3-5 years - and reduce your need for seeing your vet by some 80-90%, because your dog is just so healthy that you don't need to see your vet very often at all....

Here is what the course will contain - in the about 2 hours it is scheduled for:

  • The biology behind the feeding - the main differences between a monkey stomach and a carnivore stomach.

  • What is in the food - comparing the nutrients of common dog food with what we know a dog needs.

  • How you can find a practical balance you can work from.

  • How you improve the diet through responsible experimenting.

  • When and how you feed.

  • How you get more information.

What does it cost?

Natural food is not more expensive than what you pay for what you might consider a "good quality" kibble. But when you incorporate your vet bills over the long term, natural food will come out much less expensive than even the cheapest of kibble...

You need to aware also that you will have to invest in your own education - this course can get you started, but you will probably find that you will have more to learn about this before you have gained the confidence you desire - but this course should give you a solid foundation you can use to get started on.

The objective of this course is to give you an overview of what you need to understand and do, so you can make an informed decision about what and how to feed your dog. This particularly includes giving you a possibility of having your questions answered. The course will be held for only a small audience at a time: 9 participants + me - no more!

To cover the cost of arranging the course, there is a small fee ($20) for signing up - you buy a "ticket" to the course. If you fail to use your ticket, it is non-refundable. But if you use it, and you find the course not worth the money, I will refund it!

How you sign up

To register for possibly participating in this teleconference course, please fill in the following form and hit the "Submit Query" button when done.

Registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Because the number of participants on the calls is limited, your spot will be given to someone else, if you do not respond to the invitation to sign up. You will remain on the list, though, so you will be notified again when the next call is arranged.

Also: I will expect you to introduce yourself on the call. I do not do courses for lurkers I don't know who are when the number of participant has to be limited... However, protecting your privacy is OK too, so your first name and your state/province/country will do for introduction.

Finally, the call may be recorded, and, when you sign up, you permit me to use the recording as I see fit, as long as I do not publish your identity or contact information, except for what you personally might divulge on the call.

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Just for the record: your contact information will be used for absolutely nothing but communication relating to this teleconference course.

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See you on the call!



Mogens Eliasen