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Do you want a personal e-mail address on our web server?

It comes as a private POP3 account on our server, lifetimewebhosting.com, with you own private, password protected access. You can incorporate this account in your normal e-mail program, so you can quickly download all your e-mails when you want it and send e-mails directly from your own computer, without going on-line and do it from a web site. The e-mail address will remain the same, even if you change services to another ISP or move - and it can be very personal!

You can get it with one of our domains:

  • domesticatedwolf.com
  • realdogsdonteatkibble.com
  • dogsnaturaldiet.com
  • dogpackleaders.com
  • dogbehaviorsolutions.com
or you can get it with your own domain name together with a one-page web site on that domain also (for an extra fee - provided the domain is available...).

For example, if your name is John, then you can get an e-mail address like john@domesticatedwolf.com or john@dogpackleaders.com (provided there hasn't been another John there before you... this goes on a first-come-first-serve basis.)

The account name of your e-mail address on the domain will simply be "john".

Now, if you want your own domain, such as superdogtraining.com, then the e-mail could be john@superdogtraining.com - and if you own the domain superdogtraining.com then you will have no competition for the e-mail address you want...

How it works

You select the domain you prefer and then choose your account - which simply will be whatever you want in front of @ of the e-mail address. If you give us three or more choices, in order of priority, your chances of getting what you want are extremely good, because the number of accounts for each domain name is very limited.

As soon as we can confirm the availability of your account on the chosen domain, we will e-mail you the instructions for setting up your e-mail program so you can use the account, including your password.

If you want your own domain, you should first check if it is available (the link opens a new browser window).

The domain registration business is quite dynamic, though - so you might want to have a couple of alternatives ready, as reserve. If you give us three domains, in order of your priority, we can be pretty certain that we will find you one that works and is available, and we will then register you as the owner and point it to our site so you get both a web page and an e-mail account of your choice on that domain.

Once again, we will e-mail you the details for setting up your e-mail account - and for accessing your web site per FTP, so you can upload your personal web pages and make the site visible to the entire Internet.

Why you want this?

The advantages of having your own e-mail account on our server are these:

  1. You get the e-mail address you want - simple and easy for your contacts to remember, without all kinds of numbers added that nobody else can remember....

  2. No need for ever changing e-mail address when you move or change Internet Service Provider.

  3. No censorship of your e-mail account - all mail will be passed on to you with no restrictions.

  4. No advertising of any kind of your e-mails or your web site - other than what you make yourself.

  5. No monitoring of you and your surfing habits (as both Yahoo and hotmail and all teh other "big guys" do...) - nothing gets installed on your computer by using this service, unless you do it yourself!

  6. You can access your e-mail and your web page in a matter of just seconds, and then work on them as you please - without being connected to the Internet. If you have a slow or expensive dial-up connection, this will quickly save you some serious money...

You should also consider the possible uses you could have of having your own little web site on your own domain. Our charge for it is a small fraction of what it will cost you to operate a "normal" web site with a "normal" web host - simply because you pay for much more than what you need to get started... If you want a simple page as your "business card", just with a little more information on, you can get it. If you work as affiliate for someone else (maybe K9joy?), you can gather all your valuable links on this page and use it as a simple reference for your contacts to check out. Or, if you have something you want to sell, you can make the page into a nice sales page. We will not limit you - except that we will not allow any illegal activities, and we will allow you up to 5 pages and 1 MB of storage space on the server.

If you later need more space, we can discuss an expansion, but, seriously, if you want to develop a more sofisticated web site with some 10 or more pages, you should get your own account with a web host... We can strongly recommend Bizland for that purpose - you get a lot of tools there that can be very useful - and you can upgrade your account as you need more services or tools.

What does it cost?

The charge for your own personal e-mail account, using one of our domains, is US$10/year plus a US$5 set-up fee. The set-up fee covers testing up to 10 account suggestions, provided we get them all with your order of perference. (If you give us only two and none of them are available, you will be charged an extra set-up fee for us contacting you and requesting some more suggestions...)

The charge for registering your own domain, pointing it to our server, setting up your e-mail account and giving you FTP access to upload your web pages costs $25/year plus a US$10 set-up fee.

Here is how you sign up!

First of all, you should check if the service agreement we offer you is OK, also with you! When you order, we will take for granted that you read and accept the agreement. Plase check for yourself by using the following links (they open in a separate window you simply close in order to get back here):

Service Agreement for
E-mail account on one of our domains

Service Agreement for
Domain name with 5 page web site
and personal e-mail account

You select the service you want from the options listed below and click on it! That will lead you to an order confirmation page where you select the service you want to use to pay. You can use PayPal or MerchantPartners as per your choice. In either case, your credit card or US checking acount will be charged by Canine Superior Financial Services Inc. on a secure server. No human will see the data you enter for your payment information - and, in order for us to receive your requested account or domain information please click on the "Continue" link on the payment confirmation page - please do not close any browser windows until we confirm that we received both your payment and your registration information!

That's it! Please proceed by making your choice below:

Personal 5-page web site with e-mail account and FTP access on selected domain name,
at a price of US$10 (set-up) and US$25/year:

Personal domain name to be ordered

Personal e-mail account on one of the following domains, at a price of US$5 (set-up) and US$10/year:






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