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We love dogs and respect their nature.
To us, a dog is far more than "just a pet".
It is a member of our family!

But it is not a four-legged human, and it is not a toy....

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Prepared phone consultation on a dog behavior problem - get solid advice on the basis of understanding the problems your dog might have, digging for the root of the problem instead of patching it! When you have submitted a description of the problem, Mogens Eliasen will call you and discuss the possible solutions with you, no matter where in the world you are!

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Training your dog - why you should do it with love to obtain respect, and how you get the knowledge you need to do it well, so you avoid behavior problems

Feeding your dog - and how you know that you do it right, without succumbing to the pet food industry's lies and misinformation, but with a natural diet that supports optimal health

Responsible health care for your dog - and how you know that you make informed choices, regardless the biased information you might get from your vet...

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You must be prepared for an editor who speaks his mind! Mogens Eliasen is not wrapping his writing in honey, and he does not shy away from touching some very "touchy" issues - but he does respect other people's right to have a different opinion - and he always has good reasons for his teachings, so whether you might agree or not, you will always have something to think about when you subscribe to "The Peeing Post"!

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K9joy Books, E-books, and Videos:

"The ABC's of Dog Language" (book) - the simple guide to communicating with your dog

"BrainWork for Smart Dogs"
(e-book) - a complete training manual for training that makes sense, also for the dog

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"Don't Pull on the Leash"
(e-book) - the non-abusive approach that your dog will love too!

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"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"
(e-book) - this is the answer to the big "WHY" - it is like a crimi that will leave you with no rest until you get the answer....

nederlands"De Natuurlijke Voeding van de Wolf"

"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" (e-book) - this is everything you need to know about raw food and natural feeding of your canine friend

nederlands"Rauwe Voeding Voor Honden"
dansk"Rå Hundemad - håndbog for hundeejere om naturlig fodring"

"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?"
(e-book) - how you know if you have a problem, and what you can do about it, as a layperson. Very relevant also for yourself and your family!

"Canine Choice - by Nature"
(e-book) - a short no-nonsense guide to raw feeding for those who want "just the how-to facts"....

"Stop the Shots!"
(e-book) - are vaccines killing our pets? This is a MUST READ for all dog owners who want to make an informed decision about what to vaccinate against, why, and when!

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K9joy Teleconferences and Webinars

Check out our on-line seminars! This is online education, based from our voice/chat room, where we can do seminars almost "live"! But without the trouble of traveling... and, in some regards, even better than "live", as you can pet your dog while you participate...

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A happy dog is understood and treated as the domesticated wolf it is

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Today's nugget:

The nerve center in the brain that processes all nerve impulses from the 5 senses can be located, also in a dog's brain. Through experiments, it has been shown that about 75-80% of this center is devoted to the nose and the sense impressions coming from the nose.

That is more than what is devoted to the eyes and the ears together in the similar center in a human brain....

Depriving a dog from activities that involve the dog using its nose would thus be worse for a dog than it would be for a human to go blind and deaf.

As you know, smart dogs love it when you demonstrate to them how superior you are as pack leader! It gives comfort and security to be a valued member of a pack with a strong and powerful leader.

More information about 'The Peeing Post' A good pack leader knows how to take care of all members of the family, including four-legged, furry ones! With all due respect for their nature, of course.... Communication must be in the dog's own language, but YOU are the leader that sets the rules and provides education, guidance, control, excitement, food, and love!

We trust you will find a lot of valuable support for that philosophy on this site - and some great information and products to back it up!

We want your dog to be happy for being your dog - and we know this will only happen when you become the great pack leader you are destined to be - at least in your dog's eyes. But isn't that what counts the most?

May we offer you a free subscription to Mogens Eliasen's highly informative newsletter "The Peeing Post"?
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We want to help you on your way to have a great relationship with your dog. Become the pack leader your dog needs you to be. Enjoy seeing your dog happy and healthy. Have great fun together!

The dog is supposed to be "man's best friend" - and it will be, if you know what it takes to develop it! The bad news is that it does not come "automatically". The good news is that we can help you with what it takes...

It starts with knowledge!

Do you speak Dog Language?

Can your dog understand you?

Are you communicating effectively with your dog?

Do you know what your dog would answer?

Do you have problems with your dog? Or does your dog have problems with you?

Maybe those problems are connected?

Get started with "The ABCs of Dog Language"!

Did you know that boredom is the main reason behind at least 90% of all behavioral problems?

Did you know that most dogs require a minimum of 4-6 hours of daily meaningful activity? But you can reduce that dramatically if you include nosework in that activity!

Do you know how to train nosework?

Are your training methods compatible with the dog's fundamental instincts - or is your training just trying to restrict the dog's behaviors?

Are you training obedience, flyball, agility, or confirmation - or do you arrange training for your dog so it is constantly challenging and mentally stimulating?

Get started with "BrainWork for Smart Dogs"!

Do you know why dogs can eat carrion (decomposing food) without getting sick? And what kinds of food they do get sick from eating?

Do you know what important differences exist between the gastrointestinal system of a dog and a wolf?

Do you know which food source can supply the dog with all its known needs for animal protein?

Do you know how much Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) a dog's body produces per day?

Do you know what "a balanced diet" means for a carnivore like your dog?

Get started with Our theme page on feeding a healthy diet!

Do you accept responsibility for your dog's health?

Do you have a plan in place for how you keep your vet bills at a minimum?

Do you know when to vaccinate and when not to do it?

Did you know that veterinarians do not have the right to free speech, if they want to retain their license to practice veterinary medicine?

Can you deal with all the commercial scaremonger that has no other aim than making you spend money of buying their "health care" products that more often than not cause your dog's health to deteriorate, not improve?

Get started with "Our theme page on health care"!

What is the purpose of your training your dog?

Training is the most superior way for you to demonstrate leadership to your dog, when you do it right. When you train, you take initiative - and you convey to the dog, in a very tangible way, how smart you are...

Training is not about "taking the dog to obedience class". It is about impacting its behavior on a constant, daily basis! In fact, standard obedience training is virtually useless for this.

For the dog and your relationship with it, it really doesn't matter what you train. As long as you train a lot - and in small segments: less just a few minutes at a time. But do it 50 times a day...

The main purpose of your training should be to develop the dog's mind and to use that development to generate a stronger bonding to you!

Problem dogs - dog problems...

Behavior problems? Well, the best thing is to prevent them - but if you came too late for that, then it should comfort you to know that 99% of them are exclusively rooted in the owner's lack of knowledge about what to do to keep the dog in good mental balance... Unfortunately, most trainers' approach the problems by focusing on the observable symptoms (= the unwanted behavior) - and do nothing to deal with the true reason.... the result of that will often be of very temporary nature indeed!

Have you played with your dog today?

You will find a lot of conflicting advice out there. Even people who tell you to not play with your dog! Meaningful social interaction includes play, as far as the dog is concerned. You cannot take that away without paying a serious price in terms of behavior problems you then need to find expensive solutions for. Playing, on the dog's terms, but under your control, should be a mandatory part of life with your dog!

Prevention is always number one when it comes to behavior modification or correction. And, in the vast majority of cases, the true origin of the behavior problems is to be found in the life conditions the "problem dog" is given. A sustainable solution does include that the dog's most fundamental needs are covered - and that goes far beyond food, shelter, and water! It includes taking care also of the satisfaction of the dog's fundamental hunting instincts, for instance! Yes, you cannot allow your dog to hunt on its own. And you do not have to. But you need to arrange teaching and training of your dog, so that it still can bring its hunting instincts to use in a "civilize" way that is acceptable to society and your ethics. The way to go about this is to follow the instructions in "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" - that e-books contain everything you need in order to be able to do this training on your own.

If you already do have a problem that appears to be more than what you can find easy solutions to, then you will benefit greatly from getting an opinion and some serious advice from your dog's most prominent advocate, Mogens Eliasen! If your dog has a serious problem with you, Mogens will be happy to explain it to you, so you can re-establish harmony in the pack. Here is how you get started on preparing such a consultation. Mogens Eliasen will call you - no matter where on Planet Earth you live, and he will talk German or Danish if you prefer that instead of English.

Are you creating and maintaining rituals?

Dogs love rituals. Just as people do. Rituals are comforting, because they are predictable and affirming of what we trust and believe in.

Instigating rituals is fun. For both you and the dog. Yes, you should not make yourself completely predictable - that's bad leadership. But rituals do not have to be exactly the same all time. You can leave room for improvisation - and for extensions, through the training process of adding on new features.

Although the ritual itself is predictable, the details of it do not have to be predictable - and your leadership gets stronger if they are not!

Through the training, rituals can be made into worshipping - and, as such, their power is immense...

Dog Language communication

Maybe your dog has a communication issue with you? Are you sure you interpret correctly what it tries to tell you with its body language? What about the way you respond in Dog Language? Are you conveying the right messages - or are you, like most people, messing up the relationship with your dog because of miscommunication? Dog Language is not that difficult to learn - but it does not come "naturally" for a human, unless you spend some time studying the "grammar"!

Dog Language communication is, in many ways, similar to human body language - but there are also some very important differences that often lead to serious misunderstandings between humans and canines. You want to avoid those misunderstandings and make communication easy for both yourself and your dog.

It has been documented that wolves can survive up to 6 months on no food at all.

Humans cannot survive more than 2 months on no food.....

However, wolves in in the wild generally get a huge meal twice a month average in the winter, and probably several times a week in the summer.

So, when your dog does not want to eat every day, but otherwise is in good health, then you know why! Dogs simply do not thrive on many small meals - their stomach is built for larger meals - and rest.

Do you know what "dog food" is?

And feeding.... do you seriously believe what the pet food manufacturers' claims? Even your vet may not be a reliable source of information! In fact, most vets are not - they are completely controlled by commercial interests... It doesn't have to be difficult - but if you have no knowledge about it, you should spend some time educating yourself. Most people get quite shocked when they realize the truth! If you are strong enough, then you can find all the food answers here!

You need to realize that dogs are no more different from wolves than black people are from white people. Wolves have evolved over 15 million years under terms of a being nourished primarily from raw meat, raw organs, and raw bones - all from the large prey animals they prefer to hunt. It is naive, if not outright arrogant, to believe or make people believe that a grain-based diet, consisting of minimum 2/3 cheap grain is a worthy substitute for whole prey animals in terms of nutritional value. Mind, you, grain is over 90-95% carbohydrates - which constitutes less than 1% of the wolf's natural diet!

There is some serious conflict in this - because of the financial interests involved. And your vet is part of that! For your dog's sake, you will hopefully realize that there is no way for you to escape the need for educating yourself on this topic. It can become very expensive for you to ignore it - and very dangerous for your dog if you dare to believe what you are being told by people who have a vested financial interest in your buying decisions!

It does not have to be a science to feed a dog - and it isn't. But it certainly isn't a matter of just buying "premium pet food" in the supermarket either! If you are uncertain, then a good place to start your educational journey is our theme page on food and feeding. On that page, you will find many links to many of our free articles on this topic, so you can deal with the many myths in a rational way. And you will also find links to our thorough publications that will guide you through the process of shifting and managing. In fact, once you understand the principles, feeding raw food is incredible simple - and can also be very cheap...

Maybe you are a "seasoned" raw-feeder - or convinced that the pet food industry knows best what is good for your dog? Or maybe you have other reasons for being interested in learning to which degree we can and should use the wolf's natural diet as model for how to feed our dogs? Even though there are many and very serious holes in our knowledge about what truly is "natural" even for the wolf, there are indeed a lot of diligent conclusions that can be drawn on the basis of that knowledge, when we also take into account what is known in several other areas, like biology, genetics, paleontology/evolution, and many more. Unfortunately, many people make too many assumptions and jump to conclusions that simply cannot hold when inspected critically! If you want to avoid those mistakes, you should take a careful look at "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"

Do you care about proving gravity?

Well, if you never saw scientific proof of the existence of gravity, how can you believe in it then?

Let me tell you: you know from your vast experience!

So, why do you ask proof when experience is available? Maybe not your own, but that of thousands of other people. Maybe you too should get your own?

You know - it means that you actually do it....! Till then, your opinion is of extremely inferior value....

Mogens Eliasen

Maintaining health for a long life...

Health care for dogs - do you know enough to make sure you keep your vet bills where they should be? Or do you make too many assumptions, based on what it good for a human, without knowing that this very often is very far from being a good choice for your dog? Well, you cannot answer that question - but you can check some of our information here to make sure that you at least know a little more about this vast field that quickly can turn expensive, both financially and emotionally, if you do not know enough about it to protect your dog, your wallet, and your emotions.

You need to understand that your vet is not educated to maintain good health for animals - at least not long term (all slaughter animals are killed very young) and certainly not including carnivores (the government educates veterinarians to protect our food sources, not our pets....). There is a huge difference between raising chickens or cattle for slaughter and keeping a dog in excellent health for 18 years!

Another issue is that the whole topic of health maintenance is very much infiltrated by commercial interests, just as food is. The big industries have a serious interest in selling their vaccines, preventive medication, and drugs, and the vets do indeed make much more money on animals that are in less-than-perfect health. This leads to trouble for you because it gets difficult to identify where the limit goes between "honest information" and "promotion and advertising". Again, without you accepting responsibility for your own education on this matter, you will be fooled - and your dog will pay a heavy price with its health....

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When you have cast your vote, you will get an overview of the results so far. Be aware, though, that we change this poll quite often, so the numbers might not yet be representative....

Where do you get the knowledge?

Our on-line e-books are by way the fastest and most effective way for you to get the crucial information you need on a topic. K9joy is not a traditional publisher. We constantly update and revise our e-books, so they stay on top of the current knowledge we can access and make available. And we provide free downloads of all future updates to those customers who will keep connected with us! So, you don't get outdated information from us....

We might also mention that we give a full one-year money-back guarantee on all our downloadable publications. We do not know of anyone else in the publishing industry who dares to do that - but we do, because we know from our experience that people value our information. And most people are honest; they don't abuse our system. An experience that we are very grateful for.

Yes, you can get our e-books also on CD. Even in print, if you really want to...

Videos are a great educational tool which we have begun to use on DVD format - but we are not quite over the technical compatibility issues yet. But we will soon have that technology under control too.

Live education is often a much more powerful alternative to "just reading or watching". K9joy offers courses, seminars, workshops, private lessons, and public speaking worldwide! It is a matter of having a local audience - and when you do, we will be happy to help you organize the event! We have substantial support materials available for people who want to put reality into us being able to extend our courses and seminars to dog owners in their local area.

Yes, there is a financial issue - but, when you have an audience of a reasonable size, the reavel costs can become very affordable for the individual participant. If you are a K9joy affiliate, you might even make some money yourself on such an event, particularly if you combine several courses or seminars in a tour. You can access a lot of additional information about this from this page. Do not fool yourself about the time, though - some 6 months for the planning is not "more than enough", but closer to the minimum it takes to do it well, if you do not have a professional organization behind....!

A common way of solving the financial issue is to combine a camp course with a series of public seminars before and after the camp course. Check this overview of our seminars and workshops to see if you can find something that fits what you believe your audience will like. And, if you have special wishes, then let's talk about them! Chances are that we can put something together that matches what you want...

On-line education is a very inexpensive alternative to live education. Sure, you cannot bring your dog along, but by having access to asking questions directly to the lecturer, you can also get much more relevant answers by having your specific problems addressed directly and specifically. This is what our webinars are for. A webinar is like a big conference call - but when we do it on the Internet, there are no telephone charges to pay!

The value of a webinar is dependent on your having speakers attached to your computer - but you only need a microphone if you want to use voice to ask questions. You can always use the keyboard to type them, as long as you can listen.

How does a dog learn?

Not by studying on the obedience manual its own.

Not by watching others do right.

Not by being reprimanded for what not to do...

Not by your telling or explaining...

Not by your showing with your own body...

And certainly not by having its attention directed to other dogs or something else that is not connected to you...

Only by doing what you want it to do - and by experiencing success when doing it!

Maybe you are looking for some instant support? Just a simple quick answer to a burning question? For yourself or for others?

We have quite an arsenal of Mogens Eliasen's free articles available. They come in a format that is simple to print out, and you are welcome to do that, even with the purpose of distributing them to others! As long as you do not charge money for them... They are organized in four groups (food/feeding, healthcare, training, and other issues) - check them out and use them!

Enough said - please check out all the links below - many of them lead to pages with many links to more information, so you might want to bookmark this page. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you miss out information on something you think we should have available, please send us a message about it.

Titles available from K9joy®:

Anders Hallgren:
"The ABC's of Dog Language" (140 page book - 1996)
Understand what your dog is telling you - and communicate with it on its own terms. A must have for all dog lovers. Easy to read. Easy to use as reference.

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Dog's Social Behavior" (2.5 hr. video - 1998, updated on DVD 2006, with support materials on a CD)
How the dog's behavior is linked to its instincts and needs. What you can change and what is "for life". How you use this information to dramatically improve your relationship with your dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"BrainWork for Smart Dogs" (380 page e-book - 2003)
How you get a happy and well-behaved dog, stimulating its brain with 15 minutes of fun per day. Dogs need to work and use their instinct in order to be in mental balance. Everyone can do it with these instructions. More than 40 exercises to choose from!

Mogens Eliasen:
"Don't Pull on the Leash!" (40 page e-book - 2005)
The 5 simple steps in this complete training manual will effectively stop any dog from pulling on the leash, with no pain or abuse and no special equipment - and make the start of a much better relationship with the dog.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Is Your Dog's Drinking Water Safe?" (30 page e-book - 2005, updated 2006)
A layman's overview of how and why drinking water gets contaminated - and what you can do about it.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way" (1 hr. video - 1998)
The fastest introduction to get you started on feeding your dog a natural diet. It explains the dog's physiology in simple terms, so you also understand why you should do this.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Canine Choice - by Nature" (80 page e-book - 1999, updated 2005)
The simple "how-to" about feeding a natural diet for optimal health.

Mogens Eliasen:
"Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners"
(340 page e-book - revised/expanded 2006)
Everything you need for making your own informed decisions about what to feed your dog, and why and how. Includes numerous examples of feeding plans plus two chapters on how to work with your vet, also if he/she does not approve of your feeding...

Mogens Eliasen:
"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"
(125 page e-book - 2004 updated/revised 2006)
What we know and don't know about the wolf and its natural feeding, and about the dog and its domestication, and what we can and cannot conclude from wolf to dog... this is the big "why?" behind any responsible approach to feeding your dog.

You should also check:
Protect your ASSets: affordable legal services, effective asset protection, how to set yourself up to pay less income taxes, how to keep others (including government!) from snooping into your affairs - protecting what is yours, particularly your fundamental rights!

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Subscribing to "The Peeing Post"?

Mogens Eliasen's newsletter "The Peeing Post" is full of solid advice to dog lovers. In the newsletter, he shares his enormous experience as a trainer, instructor, and education system developer - in a way that is easy to understand - and entertaining too! He welcomes input from his subscribers and is happy to give them free advice per e-mail about their concerns - if he can publish the results!

Be warned, though: his respect for Nature is profound, and his passion for dogs is contagious. There is a lot of serious thought and experience behind his views, and they are definitely not "mainstream", but sometimes very thought-provoking, if not outright controversial...

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