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Anders Hallgren:

"The ABC's of Dog Language"

A simple guide to communicating with your dog

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The Book:


Learn to communicate with your dog in Dog Language! 
Order your book now by clicking on the picture! The ABC’s of Dog Language is the reference book for everyone who wants to take their dog seriously - and enable a two-way communication in Dog Language!

In the book, Anders Hallgren explains in easy-to-understand details how dogs use their bodies, facial expressions, looks, ears, hackles, tails, sounds, postures, movements, urine, feces, etc. for the purpose of communication.

Although humans are somewhat restricted in their ability to exactly copy the dog’s ways of communication, the book gives a lot of practical hints as to how we, at least, can understand the dog, and, hopefully, also learn to "speak Dog Language" well enough to build a positive relationship with our four-legged companion.

The book gives a systematic survey of all known aspects of the dog’s communication patterns. In 1993 it was the best selling book for the German publisher, and in both Germany and Scandinavia, it is a standard textbook in most dog training instructor education programs.

The book is 150 pages with more than 100 illustrations and photos. Dimensions to go into a pocket: 5½' by 8½' (13.9 cm by 21.5 cm).

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The Author:


Anders Hallgren is a Swedish psychologist that has devoted his entire 35 year long career towards teaching people how to enjoy the companionship of dogs – on the dogs’ terms of communication. He has written numerous books on this topic and gives lectures and seminars all over the world.

Anders Hallgren was the "inventor" of the soft leadership concept that advocates the human controlling the dog’s behavior by non-abusive means without choke chains, pain, hitting, yelling, or whatever else has been considered "adequate dog training methods" in the past.

The soft leadership, as proposed by Anders, builds on our knowledge about dog behavior, the mechanisms that control it, and our communication with the dog in Dog Language. Anders’ non-abusive approach has already made dog training in Scandinavia and Germany enjoyable for both owners and dogs. Now, here in North America, it is our turn!

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Why you want this book:


  Is communication important?
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  You love dogs, and you want to understand what your dog tries to communicate to you. You want your dog to enjoy its relationship with you to the fullest - and you know this takes that you can communicate effectively with it.

You want something that is easy to understand and easy to come back to as a reference. You also want your reading to be entertaining - you want a good time with that book, and you want to laugh at Anders' anecdotes!

Most important: you want to have more fun with your dog - and, with this book, you can get that!

From this book you will get:

  • A thorough understanding of why dogs do the things they do - and what it means when they do it.

  • The ability to interpret your own dog's body language - no more frustration because you misunderstand what it tries to tell you!

  • A simple guide to checking what a certain signal means and how dogs use this signal for communication.

  • A better ability to to look for certain subtle signals in situations where you previously did not notice them - because you did not expect them...

  • A much enhanced ability to interpret what is being communicated between two dogs that meet - so you can intervene at the right time and in a correct way - if you should intervene at all!

  • A great understanding of how you can use your own body and voice and facial expressions to convey important messages to your dog effectively.

  • The ability to avoid the most common errors a human automatically will make when using natural human body language to communicate with a dog...

  • A much happier dog!

  • Significantly improved self-confidence as pack leader for your dog.

  • A significantly reduced stress level - both on your own part and for the dog... In fact, both you and your dog will enjoy your time together so much more when you can communicate more effectively!

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Excerpts from the Book:

Have a peek at some of Anders Hallgren's writing! The following excerpts from the book all open in a separate browser window. We hope you will enjoy them.

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Excerpt 1
A Dog Says A Lot

Excerpt 2
The Body Language

Excerpt 3

Excerpt 4
The Dog Talks
in Various Ways


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If you want to read what other people have asked and what Anders Hallgren has answered, then check our question & answer list for the book. We will be happy to include yours too!



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