Mogens Eliasen:

"BrainWork for Smart Dogs"

Are You Stimulating Your Dog's Intelligence
- or is it Challenging YOURS?

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"HjerneGymnastik for Kvikke hunde"

How to make your dog happy and well-behaved by following 5 easy steps, having 15 minutes of fun every day, teaching it to use its brain.

	Make your dog adore you -        
	by making it work its brain!
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10% of all revenue from sale of this book will be used to support non-commercial research of topics related to research on how dogs use their intelligence in a natural way and how it can be stimulated for better mental health.


  • Would you like your dog to happy and content with its life?

  • Do you like to make your dog excited?

  • Does it make sense to you that a dog's mind is too good to simply waste?

  • Is your dog worth 15 minutes of your undivided attention per day?

  • Do you enjoy seeing your dog absorbing itself in a task that makes sense to it?

  • Do you like to have fun?

  • Would you like your dog to adore you for your superior intelligence and smartness?

If any of these questions make you answer "yes", you are at the right spot! All of this, and much more, is available. Mogens Eliasen's e-book "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" gives you the insights and the knowledge you need to make your canine companion the happiest, most mentally balanced, and most well-behaved you possible can - for the least amount of effort from your side!

Just 15 minutes devotion to your dog's mental balance every day will create an avalanche of wellness and happiness in your dog. There is no way a dog lover like you would not feel warm inside by making this happen!

A dog's mind is a terrible thing to waste...

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The E-book:

Mogens Eliasen: "BrainWork for Smart Dogs"

	Mogens ELiasen, the author of 
	'BrainWork For Smart Dogs'
	resting with Bettemuir, 
	one of the main photo models 
	in this throroughly illustrated e-book
	BrainWork for Smart Dogs is probably the most important book you can read about dogs... It gives you the key to creating a happy relationship with your dog - and at the same time the keys to make your dog the happiest you will ever be able to. On top of that, this book will prevent or solve the vast majority of all problem behavior - in return for just 15 minutes of fun per day. Fun for your dog - and fun for you!

In the e-book, Mogens Eliasen explains in easy-to-understand details how dogs use their brain to control their bodies in difficult hunting situations, to use their noses to track prey, to solve complicated problems, and to learn useful skills from their pack leader.

Few people know that the most common reason for dog aggression is boredom. Fewer yet know that when the dog sleeps a lot, it is not a relief for you that you don't have to deal with its obnoxious behavior - it is a volcano that is gathering energy to explode in destructive behaviors you cannot control....

Dogs have a general need for meaningful activity that ranges from 4 to 10 hours per day. They need to use their brains. The challenge for most dog owners is to find out what "meaningful activity" truly is. And then, still, it can be a huge time commitment...

But Mogens has discovered the key to cutting the time down dramatically! By providing some effective stimulation of the dog's brain, you can get all the benefits for just 15 minutes of fun per day!

Forget about tedious and boring obedience training - it doesn't work anyway! Letting your dog work its own brain does!

The e-book is about 385 pages with more than 100 illustrations and photos. It comes in PDF format in 6 files for direct download - or on a CD. (Yes - you can also get us to make you a printed copy if you really want that - it is huge...)

First Part ("A Dog's Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste..." - 52 pages) is the guide for you to understand the dog's nature and why it often has a problem as our "pet", even when we give it all the love we have; they still need to activate also the left part of the brain to avoid boredom... too much boredom can actually make them aggressive! Their natural pack behaviors do not include much leadership - you have to provide that.

Second Part ("What All Smart Dogs Want Their Owners to Know..." - 62 pages) is a practical guide for you to understand how you train a dog by working with its nature instead of against it, as most standard training methods do... Making the dog "listen" to you is all about giving it a good reason to do so! Being obedient and well-behaved is something all dogs must learn.

Third Part is split into four sections, covering:

  • Teaching the dog to perform certain specific actions on command. The development of these exercises follow a common denominator, which you actually can extract and apply to just about any similar exercise.
    ("Command Performance Exercises" - 125 pages)

  • Teaching the dog to solve problems that are important to it. And many of these exercises can also be developed into skills that are useful for yourself...
    ("Problem Solving Exercises" - 41 pages)

  • Teaching the dog to coordinate its body movements in all kinds of difficult situations. These exercises are also great for developing a fearful dog's self-esteem...
    ("Body Balance Exercises" - 51 pages)

  • Teaching the dog to us its nose to search for something it has a natural interest in - or something you gave it an interest in finding. This is really hunting - on "civilized" terms!
    "Nosework Exercises" - 59 pages).

The practical exercises cover all levels of challenge, for both the dog and for you. There are simple trick exercises, advanced exercises that are practically useful, standard obedience exercises, and agility, problems solving, and nosework exercises. Some exercises are just for the fun of it and maybe cool to show off with - others can be developed into very serious performance, like the tracking and search exercises. The main principle behind the instructions is that you can develop any of those exercises to any level of sophisticated performance you desire. You never get "done" with any of the exercises.

The instructions are full of useful tips, also for the advanced trainer. But the entire training concept is completely different from what "dog training" traditionally has been; Mogens Eliasen focuses on results, not style - and on constantly pushing the limits for the performance, so the dog never gets bored by repetition! Just about the opposite of what is typically implied by all competition programs, show standards, and confirmation training programs....

This is the solution to a lot of behavior problems...

You can check the table of contents here.

This is the most incredible book on dogs I have ever seen. I just cannot forgive you that it took you this long to write it ;-) But it was well worth waiting for - Thank you!

Caroline Wyatt, New Mexico

Impressive? Well, wait till you see the entire thing! (If you want to order it, you can do so here.)

The background:

The contents of this new e-book are based on Mogens' research on canine physiology, combined with his own 30+ years of experience with dogs and how to train them in all kinds of programs, ranging from pure trick training and show performance to serious Search & Rescue work.

During his work as instructor and private coach, he encountered many "dog behavior problems", and many people came to him for good advice on what to do with the problems they felt they had with their dogs. Mogens' general attitude to "dog problems" is that they are almost always "dog owner problems"... During his years as University student, he encountered a very varying schedule that sometimes was extremely demanding on his time, other times not. He learned that his dogs were very sensitive to his ability to spend time with them, so he tried to figure out how he could keep them the happiest for the smallest time commitment from his side.

It started almost as an accident. Mogens loved to train tracking and search and was not very keen on standard obedience, which he could not see much meaning with - heck he could take his four dogs along for a bike ride through city traffic with the leash over the shoulder without worrying about the dogs making any dangerous mistakes! So what did it matter if a dog sat exactly straight at his left foot when doing "heeling" at the competitions?

It was therefore very natural for Mogens to let go of the obedience training when time was short....

The big surprise was that it did not make the dogs behave badly!

But, at some time, he decided that he "should" really also work on the obedience, so he took a couple of months where the nosework was put aside.... He was aiming at a National Championship, and he knew his top dog could win the nosework disciplines - but all the formal obedience was not quite as good. For good reasons!

But, the surprising news to Mogens was that all this obedience training did not improve the dogs' general behavior, regardless him spending more-than-usual time with the dogs. The dogs were as bored as Mogens was! They knew those exercises in and out, and there was no challenge for their brains just repeating such robotic performances.

Mogens' natural talent for entrepreneur activity quickly lead into some experiments - and they proved his assumptions right! Next step was to figure out how this could all be made to work, and the result was some ideas that soon would prove themselves correct. Mogens used his theories on the "problem dog" clients he had - with a tremendous success!

When Mogens founded Human Dog Leadership Inc. in the Vancouver, BC area, he implemented the principles in the general training programs - and had some incredible results. About 2,000 written testimonials from students who loved the results they got. This included many professional trainers who claimed they learned more from Human Dog Leadership Inc.'s 20-hour Basic Course that they ever learned from everybody else combined in their entire career.

The secret behind this is to work the dog's brain. To give it mental challenges that are relevant for it. To give it work to do that makes sense, not to you, but to the dog.

Mogens also realized that he could not reach out to all the dog owners he wanted to transfer this knowledge to by personally instructing everyone.

That why he made "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" - so your dog could benefit from this knowledge too. And that's also why K9joy publishes it.

	Wouldn't it be nice if your dog     
	could find your keys again, 
	if you'd lost them here?

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What you get:

From this all-encompassing "activity bible" for dogs, you will get:

  • A thorough understanding of what your dog's life priorities are.

  • A strong working knowledge about how the dog's brain works - and how you can make the dog use it.

  • The four main areas of brain activity for your dog - and how you can tap into them.

  • How you determine how much activity your dog needs, mentally as well as physically.

  • How you can turn a boring walk into a challenging learning experience for your dog - and make it work its brain to bond with you!

  • The fundamental recipe of all dog training - and how you can apply it to almost any situation you want.

  • What exactly you need to communicate - and when - for a training method to work.

  • What language you need to use for communicating effectively with the dog....

  • How you can determine if a proposed training method will work or not, without wasting time on tedious attempts that don't give the results you want.

  • Why you cannot use common English command words if you want an effective training result instead of a confused dog...

  • A specific list of some 50 individual exercises, you can pick and choose from, covering all levels of challenge, for both you and the dog.

  • An easy rating overview of all the exercises, so you can quickly find the level of challenge that fits you - and combine it with one that fits the dog...

  • All the insight you need to be able to adjust the levels of challenge when the dog needs it - or you need it.

  • A wealth of inspiration to find new ways to train your dog to do all kinds of tricks.

  • A constantly growing toolbox you can use to control your dog.

  • Significantly improved self-confidence as pack leader for your dog.

  • A significantly reduced stress level - both on your own part and for the dog...

  • More fun with your dog instead of tedious chores.

  • A much happier dog!

  • A dog that will look to you for guidance and inspiration!

  • A dog that will be happy to rest when you need it to do that.

  • A dog that will want to be with you and please you!

You can get it all here.

I have seen a lot of training programs - and they all have their flaws, mainly because they really do not try to stimulate what the dog already has in it. Instead, they try to make the dog conform to some human standards that may or may not make sense to the dog. This book is exactly what I believe all dogs want! It is totally centered around What Is In It For The Dog! If all book about dogs and dog training had just a fraction of that attitude, we would not have very many dog problems in our society. I seriously think this book should be mandatory for anyone who want to have a dog.

Steven Randall, California

I can't believe it - all this makes so much sense - and yet, I haven't figured it out myself! The results are amazing. By using just 4 of the exercises in this book, I totally changed my relationship with Brook. She is one happy dog now - and we have so much fun together! I know now how to push her buttons, and a lot of her obnoxious behavior has simply disappeared. I think a lot of the bad behavior simply was her way of telling me that something important was missing. Now we found it! Thanks to K9joy for making it so easily available!

A. J. Watson, Idaho

Why you want "BrainWork for Smart Dogs":

You love your dog! And you are serious about taking good care of it! You want to see your dog in mental balance, enjoying its life. You want as few reasons as you can get for having problem behaviors develop. You know that you can expect your canine companion to be much easier to deal with and much more enjoyable to live together with, when you provide for biologically adequate mental exercise as well as physical exercise. And you know that effective communication is paramount for this.

You want to feel competent to take good care of your dog! - on the dog's terms, but under your control.

You are busy, and you need to get the most out of the little time you have. You don't want to short-change your dog.

You want things to make sense in order for you to invest your time in them.

You want clear instructions on what exactly to do and why you should do it.

You want to see the results fast - not several months "down the road"...

You don't want to get stuck with something that works for a while and then leaves you in a dead end.

You want something that is easy to understand and easy to come back to as a reference.

You want to pick your own level of challenge - you don't want to get stuck at a level that does not give you the results you want or does not make any sense.

You want to involve your entire family with the dog - without risking destroying anything, in terms of bad manners or habits developing because your kids don't understand the rules, and you don't want to spend all your time on supervising them.

Maybe you always wanted to teach your dog a certain trick - but just never figured how to do it?

Maybe you also want to have the dog do useful work for you?

Maybe you would love to teach the dog some secret tricks that makes your friends wonder how the heck you get the dog to do them?

Maybe you enjoy watching your dog have fun working at a task it gets totally absorbed in?

You do not want to throw money out for something that does not have enough value for you - you have bought too many books about dog training that don't deliver on their promises.

Most important: you want to have more fun with your dog!

The real good news: You can get it all!

You can get it here:

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"BrainWork for Smart Dogs"

Special note about puppies and older dogs:

The training principles you will be taught in "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" apply to all dogs, puppies and old dogs included. In fact, even if your puppy is only 5 weeks old, it will respond well to this kind of training! And no dog should ever be too old to use its brain (if it is, it is time for you to put it out of its misery)...

The e-book includes several exercises that are extremely useful for any owner of a puppy. Here are some examples:

  • "House-breaking" and "potty-training" - teach the pup to pee and poop on command, when and where you want it!

  • Come when called - "BrainWork for Smart Dogs" will give you several exercises that work, when you use them right!

  • Pay attention! By giving the pup some very good reason for that...

  • "Quit bugging me!" - there is a simple way of teaching the dog that...

You will also find that very few of the exercises are specifically demanding to the dog's physics, although several of them certainly can be developed into very challenging activities, if you choose to do so. But generally, your dog does not need to be an athlete to perform well. Although some exercises can be demanding on certain dogs with certain health problems, you can always modify those exercises - or simply choose some other ones that are easier on the dog's body.

Letting a dog "retire" from meaningful training activities is simply cruelty. Constant boredom is mental death. There is no such thing as "retirement" in the wolf's world, and it is not at all natural for a dog to stop working its brain. Dogs need mental activation all their lives.

Why this e-book is much more than an "on-line book":

With your purchase, you do not just buy an e-book that soon might be outdated. K9joy offers you free downloads of all future revisions/updates!

Further: we follow up with you and your training results, if you want us to. We are happy to send you supplementary training instructions per e-mail, based on other people's experiences with the e-book, helping you to get the most out of your purchase.

And more: If the instructions in the e-book are not clear enough for you to do the training, you send us an e-mail (simply by responding to one of our follow-up letters) - and you will get the help you need, as far as we can per e-mail! If we don't know the answers, we will get them from Mogens Eliasen, or he will contact you. There will, of course, be no extra charge for that. In fact, we perceive this as an opportunity to make the book even better with next update...

We do not just sell e-books. We want you to get RESULTS!

We can, of course, not guarantee that you will get the results you want. If you do not put in the effort that is required, you won't get any, regardless of our communication. But we will most definitely make sure that you have no excuses for not obtaining them if your dog is mentally healthy!

Seriously: we want your dog to benefit from this training - and we know very well that we cannot achieve that without your help. And we also know that you will not do what is necessary to do unless you fully understand WHY and HOW to do it. We see it as our job to make sure you get that information, and that you get it in a form you can USE!

Hey, this is supposed to be serious brainwork for the dog - not for you!

What you will not get from "BrainWork for Smart Dogs"....

You will not get some wishy/washy talk about things being easy, when they are not. This book is extremely serious about starting you where you can succeed, no matter what kind of training experience you have. And it makes it uses very clear language when you are moving into something that takes more experience, so you can leave that till you have that experience.

You will not get some traditional training manual or some standard concepts you cat get also from any obedience school or from some standard training instructions elsewhere. These concepts are unique, as they are built on an understanding of the dog's needs, not on some man-made standard program for what dog training should look like in order to be convenient or otherwise palatable for humans or human fashion. Even though there are a few exercises included which might look like something you think you have seen before, then you will quickly discover, when working with this, that the practical training is very different - and way more effective....

You will not get a book you can read and then lay away again. This book is primarily a training manual. You get the value from it by using the information in it, not by just saying, "aha, that was interesting" - your dog does not benefit from that, and we want your dog to get a better life because you use this information!

You will not get any instructions you cannot carry out. Everything, and we mean everything, is explained so that you can do it, if you are willing to follow the instructions. There is nothing missing in those instructions. And, if you should think so, then you communicate with us through e-mail, and we will help you over the dead-log you might have caught yourself in!

You will not get any kind of competition standards, performance standards, or show standards, as such standards are made for people, not for dogs. The standards you will get all relate to the way you need to approach the training, so the dog quickly learns what it is you want it to do, so that you then can adjust the challenges for it.

You will not meet any kind of preference to any kind of dog, or dog breed. This e-book is for all dogs, no matter their breed, sex, or age. From 3-week old puppies to 20-year old seniors! Although some of the exercises must be adjusted to the dog's physical abilities, there are no exercises in this e-book that cannot be carried out by any healthy dog.

You will not be met with a lot of assumptions about knowledge you were supposed to have. This e-books takes everything from the beginning, simply because, if you already have learned something about dog training somewhere else, chances are that you are best off simply forgetting what you learned....

You will not be allowed to "just use some of it and let go of the rest". The training concepts are built on fundamental principles which you either accept using or not. The reasons why you should do so will be very evident for you when you understand them... Once you have understood these principles, there is no going back! Once you have learned to walk and run, there is no reason for you to crawl anymore either...

You will not get any obligations to train all the exercises - that would be too much for even the most eager dog trainer, and most certainly too much for any dog! The exercises are arranged so it is easy for you make the selections that match your needs and your dog's needs. You can always expand that selection later by adding more exercises to your repertoire, when you are comfortable doing that - but it will be at your discretion and at your speed.

Did you pass the test? You may proceed then!

Excerpts for immediate view:

Want to check some samples?
Here are a few excerpts from "BrainWork for Smart Dogs":
(they all open in a separate window and are in PDF format, as the e-book itself)

Check out the Table of Contents so you can see what this e-book contains!

Excerpt 1 (pp. 3-6 in original)
Table of Contents (complete)

Excerpt 2 from Part 1
("A Dog's Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste..."):

The story about Mogens' barking dogs that started his research

Excerpt 3 from Part 2
("What All Smart Dogs Want Their Owners to Know..."):

What this kind of BrainWork training is all about...

Excerpt 4 from Part 3A ("Simple Command Performance Exercises"):
Teaching the dog to stretch - a simple exercise, here presented uncut to give you an impression of the structure of the presentations

Excerpt 5 from Part 3C ("Simple Nosework Exercises"):
The beginning of the training of the TREAT-HUNT exercise - a simple nosework exercise everybody can teach any dog... also when it rains!

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The Author:

	Mogens Eliasen, the author of    
	'BrainWork for Smart Dogs'
	Mogens Eliasen is born and raised in Denmark where he obtained a scientific education in analytical chemistry. However, he has always had his heart bent on working with animals and the study of animal behavior. He spent all his spare time for more than 20 years studying dogs, training dogs, developing training methods, educating dog trainers, constructing competition programs and performance standards, completed education programs, including a comprehensive standard for Search & Rescue dogs which was adopted by the Danish Government.

Mogens' main mentors have been Konrad Lorenz, Eberhart Trumler, and Anders Hallgren. They all worked in Europe and published their works in German or Swedish or Danish, so their research is not yet known very well in North America!

Mogens is now living in BC, Canada where he now devotes his time and energy to making his knowledge and experience available to dog owners world-wide, through seminars and courses, books, tapes, and videos.

Mogens is an inspiring instructor and a great entertainer. He can explain complicated issues in a way that makes you laugh - and understand. And he never spares you for demonstrating his great passion for dogs in the role as "man's best friend". You don't fall asleep during his lectures!

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You had all my questions answered before I could even think of them!

Anita June, British Columbia

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You dog will love you for it...

Is there a term better than great or excellent? This book is all I need.

Dawn Forsyth, Ontario

Killing a few myths:

Oh, you heard that dogs get dangerous when they get to use their hunting instincts?

Here is the truth:

We all know that if we do not eat, we get hungry - and the longer time since we last ate, the more desperate we will be for food. When we then finally get some, we woof it down with enormous gusto, forgetting everything about table manners...

It is the same way with the dog's instincts. If you never use them, they accumulate energy in the body, and when, finally, by error or mistake or pure chance, an opportunity presents itself for the dog to use its instinct, it will run with a behavior that is totally out of control, literally.

You cannot teach a dog to not eat by not feeding it. But you can certainly make it stop eating by feeding it enough food for it to feel satiety!

Same thing with all the instincts that call for mental engagement. If you do not let the dog use those, they will dam up energy in the body, and, suddenly, you will find yourself with some unexplainable, messy, and obnoxious behaviors...

So, you, finally, got this dog to "settle down", after 4 years of rambunctious terror - and now you do not feel like "wakening a dragon that is sound asleep"??

Here is what is happening:

Your dog has reached the state of so-called helplessness. It has given up on satisfying its fundamental needs and now resorts to passive resentment of life in general. It is the same thing that happens to long-term prisoners. Most people, when deprived of their fundamental freedom, get upset and violent and over-active for the first few years. Then, as they realize things are not going to chance, they sink into a state of passivity where they no longer care about themselves or anything around them. Nothing matters. Life has become meaningless.

Wolves do not "settle" after a few years. They must stay on top of their possible performance level till they die. In fact, they will die when they no longer can do that...

So, for your "rambunctious" adolescent dog to "settle" is not a natural thing you should welcome. It is a highly unnatural response to the very cruel conditions it has been given for its boring and meaningless life...

This was probably not what you wanted for your dog...

The good news is that it is never too late to change this! Dogs are generally much faster than humans in regards to adjusting to new circumstances - so, as soon as you change the meaning of its life, it will perk up and return to its happy self - just as a prisoner that is being released as he was found innocent.

Don't fool yourself. Your dog is worth it - and you deserve to experience the joy of happiness coming from seeing and feeling how much the dog will enjoy its new life with meaning.

That'll do!

You have enough information now to make an informed decision...


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