Mogens Eliasen:

"Canine Choice - by Nature"

A simple guide to feeding your dog
a well-balanced raw natural diet

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The E-book:

What to add - and what to leave out... 
your dog's health depends on your choices!

"Canine Choice - by Nature" is a condensed e-book, based on the simple feeding guidelines Mogens Eliasen developed for his customers and students while he was running a manufacturing business for raw frozen dog food and a dog handler training school in the Vancouver, BC area. The contents of the e-book is based on Mogens' research on dog physiology, combined with his own 30+ years of experience with dogs, and on the preventive health care programs and trainer education programs he developed and ran together with the famous Danish veterinarian Finn Smed for dog training associations in Denmark over 15 years.

The e-book is not another attempt to promote any specific recipes as "the best". But it is a serious attempt to have you understand why you simply should not even consider any alternatives to a natural diet, and how you can manage the obvious problems you are faced with as a consumer. The key is to comprehend the paradigm of finding solutions through the wolf's eyes - relating the options you have to what Mother Nature would have done in your place. This e-book gives you that key.

The e-book is in PDF format and filled with hyperlinks that makes it easy to use it also as a reference. The 70+ pages are concentrated stuff! And its recommendations and guidelines are tested over more than 40 years by many thousands of happy dogs and happy owners.

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From this e-book, you will get:

  • A very simple formula for how to balance the diet so it comes as close as anybody practically can come to what Mother Nature intended.

  • What ingredients you can use and which you should avoid - and why.

  • To what degree you can safely use left-overs from your own cooking.

  • How you can prepare the meals with minimal effort.

  • How much you should feed and when.

  • How you keep your dog's stomach in good shape and capable of digesting the food well.

  • How you avoid transition problems when shifting, by following a very simple plan.

  • What exactly you can feed a puppy - and how you should change the diet and the schedule as it grows.

  • How you feed your adult dog so it stays in optimal shape, health-wise, making your vet bills drop to a small fraction of what you otherwise could expect!

  • What exactly you need to do in terms of checking that the dog is doing OK on its diet.

  • Why you cannot always believe what your vet will want you to believe - and how you get around that problem!

  • How you can use your dog's stool to check on its health!

  • Why diarrhea most often is not to worry about at all - and when you need to take it seriously.

  • Why some dogs vomit their food after ingesting it - and what you do about it, particularly if you fed something unusual.

  • Why you sometimes don't need to worry about food perishing, and why you sometimes have to be very careful not to serve perished food!

  • How you can cut your feeding costs by 30% and at the same time enhance your dog's health!

  • Why you cannot put any faith into the commercial dog food manufacturers and their claims, reading their labels.

  • Why you should never feed your dog any kind of bakery products, like biscuits, treats made of flour, or bread products of any kind.

  • What supplements you should use and how you go about finding them

  • Why some people want you to believe that dogs get vicious when fed raw meat - and it actually is the fact of them not getting it regularly that makes them want to protect it!

The Author:

Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio! Mogens Eliasen was the founder and Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn how to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Together with his close friend, the Danish Veterinarian Finn Jensen Smed, who is famous for his overwhelming results with his health maintenance programs based on a natural approach, Mogens developed seminars about natural feeding of dogs. Based on the interest among his students, he founded Canine Choice Natural Foods Inc., probably the first raw food manufacturing business in North America. The food program was building on Finnís veterinary e xpertise and extensive practical experience, combined with Mogensí own scientific education in chemistry. Add to that Mogensí talent to entertain and make complicated things simple, and you will enjoy the enlightenment process!

  • Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio.

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Why you want this e-book:

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You love your dog! And you are serious about taking good care of it! You want to see your dog healthy, enjoying its life. You want as few reasons as you can get for having to see your veterinarian. You know that you can expect your dog to live 30% longer on a natural diet - and remain far more healthy all its life than what you can ever achieve on any commercial dog foods.

You want to learn how you can balance your dog's diet with ingredients you can get easily. You want your carnivore associate to enjoy his food - and you want no hassle preparing it! As a side benefit, you would also like to be able to assess the commercial information you get from pet food manufacturers - just to have a good laugh....

You will probably want to read the e-book several times. In order to get the most out of it, you will read it once to get an overview. You will then concentrate on the specific feeding guides for you dog or puppy to make sure you get started right. Then you will use it again and again as a reference, just to check - particularly when you run into a question about a possible food source, or you experience a problem that could be food related.

You will not take long to truly incorporate the principles in your daily life, and you will enjoy realizing that feeding your dog a natural diet is indeed both simple and inexpensive - when you know how...

You want to know what you need to do in order to keep your dog in good health - and have it live about 30% longer than it most likely will if you feed it even the best of kibbles!

You want to see your vet bills reduced by an average of over 80%...

You want to see your dog happy and active, showing that it feels good.

You want the nice feel of its soft, shiny coat.

You want its teeth to be clean and white - without ever having to brush them...

You want to reduce the chances of your dog getting fleas and other unpleasant parasites.

You want to know the truth about those who try to make money on selling you stuff you don't need...

You don't want to gamble with losing odds by not knowing what you should know about feeding your dog and keeping it in optimal health - for a long life...

What you will not get from this e-book:

This e-book will not advocate any specific school of thought or narrow-minded indoctrination. If you have preconceived ideas about how you should feed your dog in accordance with some specific model or philosophy, you are probably better off going directly to the creator of that school, philosophy, model, or whatever, as this e-book is not a contribution to any debate - it is a simpel instruction for how you feed your dog responsibly, without making things more complicated than they have to be.

This e-book is not a complete guideline for dealing with all kinds of special cases, including dogs with various problems or diseases to fight. It takes for granted that your dog is generally in good health - and that you intend to make sure it stays that way! If you are interested in digging deeper into such details about special challenges, possibly in order to prepare yourself for discussing this with people who might not accept the idea of feeding raw, you are better off with this e-book's "bigger brother" - which is "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners". That e-book goes into those kinds of details also (and it contains all the information you find in "Canine Choice - by Nature" as well, so there is no need to buy them both).

This e-book is not a piece of science, and it does not give you hundreds of references to where you can find more knowledge about these things, and it does not discuss any topics in a manner that cannot be followed by an average person. It presents a simpel philosophy that makes good common sense - and the practical implications of following that philosophy in a way that is easy to manage for the average dog owner. If you are interested in the logic behind this way of feeding, you should get yourself a copy of "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?", where you will find all the strict logic you need for this - and then some... (That e-book is an excellent supplement to this one - no overlapping information.)

This e-book is not a piece of guesswork or theory or hypothesis. It is fact, not fiction. Its recommendations are very solid, very well proven over many decades, and very easy to follow for people who are willing to make an effort to understand the simpel principles behind it. There are thousands and thousands of dogs to prove that the concepts taught in this book work.

This e-book is not a substitute for using your brain. Although its guidelines are simpel to follow, they are not for dummies that refuse to think for themselves. If you are looking for a cookbook where you can find detailed recipes for how to prepare gourmet meals for your domesticated wolf, you are in the wrong place....

This e-book is not for "seasoned raw feeders" either. If you are one of those, you are much better off with "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" and/or "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?", subject to where your particular interests lie. If you want to know more about the "WHY?", you need "The Wolf's...". If you you want the details of "HOW?", you need "Raw Food..."...

This e-book is not free - because its information is very valuable, and only fools give valuables away for nothing. However, you will easily "earn" its costs from the fact that you will save much more on your food budget, not to mention your vet bills... You don't have to take our word for this. If you disagree, this e-book is free! But you won't know until you read it....

Still hanging in?

If this did not make you want to smash your computer or curse the person who led you here, you passed the test and are now allowed to order this e-book, as outlined below.... J

Please be aware that your dog most likely will love you for this, but your vet most likely won't...


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