Mogens Eliasen:

"The Dog's Social Behavior"

What it takes to have your dog
elect YOU its pack leader...

This video is currently NOT AVAILABLE. We hope to have an updated version available soon. Unfortunately, we cannot put a time on when it will happen.

  • Would it matter to you if you could make your dog truly happy and content with its life?

  • Would you like to know what it really takes to make that happen?

  • Would you like your dog to listen to you?

  • Would you like your dog to respect you, admire you, and adore you?

  • Would you like to be able to communicate well with your dog?

  • Would you like to understand the reasons for your dog's behavior and how you possibly could make a difference?

  • Would you enjoy seeing on your dog's behavior that it feels great to have YOU as its pack leader?

Well, if you answered "yes" to just a few of these questions, you have come to the right place... With Mogens Eliasen's video "The Dog's Social Behavior", you get all the knowledge you need in order to accomplish all of the above, plus much more!

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The Video (on DVD):

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"The Dog’s Social Behavior" is based a live seminar Mogens Eliasen gave for a small group of dog owners in the Vancouver, BC area in 1997. The contents of the seminar is based on Mogens' extensive research on dog behavior combined with his own 30+ years of experience with dog training and dog trainer education. It explains the tight link between instinct and behavior, especially for those important instincts that control the way the dog interacts with people.

The seminar is normally very interactive with the audience, addressing individual problems experienced by the members of the audience. For the video, most of the individual/personal questions have been edited out of the context, and the seminar shortened to fit the format of the tape. Instead, many scenes of dog behavior relating to the topics Mogens discusses in the seminar are shown and commented as illustrations to the topics of the lecture.

The original video recording and technical work is done by Mike Neitzel from Pacific Television Productions who worked together with Mogens on the final editing.

The video is currently being transformed to DVD format. The video is no longer available in its old version on VHS tape!

The video plays about 2.5 hours in total. It is stuffed with lots of important information you can use directly in your relationship with your dog.

You will probably want to watch the video several times. The CD includes hands-on instructions as to how you get the most out of the information on the video - and you are strongly encouraged to do the homework assignments - they will seriously improve your understanding of your dog and its behavior!

Your family might enjoy watching the video too, but if your kids are minor, you will need to assist their understanding. In order to get the most out of it, you will also want to refer to the written notes – and probably also make your own notes relating to your dog and how you can develop a rewarding relationship with what deserves to become your best friend.

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  interact with their pack members?

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You will be amazed about how much better you will understand your dog when you have watched this video - it will seriously change your perception of what kind of animal your dog is!

Your dog will love you for it!


The accompanying CD contains your support materials in PDF format, so they are easy to print. They include:

  • A student guide for how you get the most out of this knowledge.

  • A workbook with additional notes to deepen your understanding of the video. The workbook contains all the important illustrations you see in the video - plus many additional details that make it easier to use the knowledge in practice.

  • Templates for printing out materials you can use for assessing your own dog's behavior and the needs that control it.

  • You homework assignments...

All files on the CD are ready to be printed directly on your own printer, if you want. You can also read them as e-books on your computer.

The CD really makes the video into a course and puts the focus on you and your dog. Although some people might want to "go easy" on the homework assignments, we know from the past that the value you get from the video is seriously increased when you actually take the time to do them.

How much time you need?

That depends on you and your dog! But in addition to the initial 3 hours it takes to watch the video, following the instructions, you might easily find solid reasons to work with this material for some 20-30 hours, before you truly feel you have sucked all value out of it... Sure, you can get a lot value for less - but if you want the most for your investment, then do not plan on cutting corners with this extremely important material...

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The background:

As you know, dogs are domesticated wolves. This was first discovered by Konrad Lorenz back in the early fifties, based on behavioral studies: all behaviors we can observe in dogs are also present in wolves! Since we got the genetic DNA proof of this close relationship added in 1996, it is easy to understand why this is so: dogs and wolves are as closely related as black and white people!

Fortunately, man and wolf have many evolutionary similarities and have developed many parallel instincts to control their behaviors. Both are hunters (the wolf a true carnivore and man a carnivore-wannabe since he learned to control fire). And both are pack animals with a strong hierarchy in place in the pack that rarely is much bigger than a core family, until man started to build whole societies, based on culture.

But there are also many small differences where man has developed different solutions to certain challenges than the wolf.

On top of this comes the fact that man has added so many learned behaviors, dictated by culture and religion, that often cover the natural behaviors and even contradict them. This makes is hard for us to understand our own fundamental behavior, because we are so ingrained with our own, learned, but unnatural, social behavior. We have learned to lie...

But dogs cannot lie. They can only act in accordance with their nature. And they are very good at that!

This is why it is so important for us, as dog lovers, to understand this fundamental nature, so we can appreciate the behavior we can observe - and hopefully enjoy.

Some people like to compare the dog's intelligence to that of a 2-year old child. That's unfair - to both the child and the dog. Children of that age have no concept for teamwork and social co-operation. Dogs are excellent at that. Children that age also are totally dependent on their parents. Dogs are certainly not - and the dependency they develop to their pack is of a completely different nature... 2-year old children can understand most words of our daily vocabulary - dogs cannot understand spoken language at all (but they can recognize up to 40-50 different verbs for action they are supposed to take, if trained very well - a well-trained police dog, however, can get by with just a dozen commands - that's it....).

For a dog, the pack it is life nerve. Without the pack, it is doomed to starvation, as it cannot very easily hunt big game with much chance of success.

Dogs also are genetically programmed to understand that a strong, successful pack means a pack with a strict and effective pack hierarchy with complete devotion to the leader's decisions. For them, a strong and powerful pack leader is more important than a single meal - because the pack leader has the key to all future meals.

For this reason, dogs crave good leadership more than anything else. The average dog has no ambition of becoming a leader - it is much more comfortable to let someone with more experience and skill take care of all those responsibilities.

Until this leader no longer functions effectively, that is.... Then, it is time to challenge the leader and save the pack from the catastrophe of not having any functional leadership.

Dogs with no leadership are terribly frustrated, whether or not they assume the leadership position themselves through attempts to force the incompetent human out of office. The reason is that they do not have the physical powers they need as pack leaders. They cannot initiate hunts, for instance, as they cannot move where they please. They also cannot keep the pack together and teach it what it needs to learn - humans just don't get it!

But you get this: there is only one stable solution: YOU accept the obligations of the pack leadership!

Your biggest challenge here is not your desire - but your ability to communicate that desire to your dog. Once the dog understands, it will be extremely happy. But it will remain frustrated until you get your message across in a way it can understand...

  Taking good care of your dog does NOT mean that 
  you put the dog in charge...

  Contrary to what many people believe, 
  this is NOT bringing the dog any true happiness.

Without understanding the dog's behavior and the reasons for it, you cannot interpret the messages it sends you. And you cannot convey effective messages yourself either.

When it comes to defining what exactly you are supposed to do as a pack leader in order to deserve the dog's admiration and love, you should not be left to guesswork...

You have too much at stake to make bad mistakes on this, just because "you didn't know"...

This knowledge is available - in a form that is easy enough to understand so you can also use it. You can order your copy here.

This is what you will get from this DVD video:

  • A thorough understanding of the simple mechanisms that control the dog's behavior.

  • The key to controlling the dog's behavior by controlling its environment.

  • An appreciation of how the dog's behavior must change with time - and with the circumstances of the situation the dog is in.

  • How you can use your knowledge about instinct behavior to control when the dog will use a certain behavior and when not.

  • Exactly when you can expect your training to give the best results - and when you can expect it to fail, if you try...

  • How you can determine whether or not a given training method is effective.

  • How you can know if your dog is in mental balance - or in risk of becoming aggressive.

  • How you ensure that your dog does not get frustrated or aggressive.

  • A thorough understanding of "Imprinting" and why this is far more important for the relationship with your dog than anything else.

  • Why certain behavioral problems cannot be corrected ever - and how you find out what they are...

  • Why you should never buy a dog from anybody else than a breeder that has raised the puppies in a kitchen...

  • Why some dogs think they are four-legged humans and others don't give a damn about you...

  • The specific way you should always use when greeting a dog, your own or somebody else's.

  • How you can tell on a dog's way of approaching you or looking at you if it is friendly or not.

  • Where, how, and when to touch a dog...

  • How to play with your dog - and why it is paramount that you play hunting and fighting games with it!

  • How you ensure that the games you play with your dog remain under your control...

  • Why you cannot "buy" a dog's love by exclusively being nice to it an always doing what it wants...

  • How "Dominance" differs from "Aggression" - and how you manage the difference.

  • What you need to watch in order to avoid making the dog scared of you, particularly when you discipline it.

  • How and when to discipline your dog - and make sure it will love you for it!

  • How exactly you teach a dog a new rule it must obey...

  • How you avoid dog fights by raising your puppy right...

  • What exactly you need to do to qualify for the pack leadership - as far as the dog is concerned...

  • How you maintain your leadership position - for life.

  • Why training your dog is not a choice you have, but an obligation - if you want a happy relationship with it.

  • How you incorporate good leadership skills in your daily life.

  • Why it is impossible to obtain a reliable and valuable training result if you let someone else train your dog.

(You may breathe now - but this is only a very small list of the benefits you get from this video...) Most likely, the main result of your watching it will be that you get such an understanding of the dog's way of seeing its relationship with you that you cannot return to "old ways" any more - you will start using the principles - and you will see very dramatic results when you do so: you will reduce your problems - and you will get a much happier dog!

This DVD video is your key to making your dog your best friend.

You can get it all here.

And here is what you will not get from this DVD/CD set:

You will not get a one-size-fits-all quick-fix solution to the behavior problems you might experience with your dog; but you will get a much better understanding of your dog and the reasons for its behavior - and, if you apply that knowledge well, you will be able to see improvements almost instantly.

You will not get a standard recipe for training "obedience"; instead, you will get to understand why traditional obedience training is completely inadequate for solving most behavior problems...

You will not get a lot of reference to science or "scientific proof"; the DVD/CD set is not meant for scientists, although we know from our customer feedback that most professional dog trainers get more value from this video than from any other education they have received. You will get the practical tools you need for taking action, so you can improve your relationship with your dog. The theories you will get here work when used in practice. You provide the proof of that yourself, when you start using this information. This DVD/CD set is not for couch potatoes. It is for people who want to have fun with their dogs....

You will not get any specific references to any standards schools for dog training, or their specific training methodologies. You will get an understanding of your dog and the mechanisms for how its behavior is controlled. You need to make your own decisions about the specific training methods you want to apply - and what general adjustments you want to make to your own behavior in order to achieve the desired impact on your dog.

You will not get results without using the information you get...

Excerpts for immediate view:

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Your coach:

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Mogens Eliasen is born and raised in Denmark where he obtained a scientific education in analytical chemistry, while he worked part-time as Intelligence Officer in the Army. However, he has always had his heart bent on working with animals and the study of animal behavior. He spent all his spare time for more than 20 years studying dogs, training dogs, developing training methods, educating dog trainers, constructing competition programs and performance standards, completed education programs, including a comprehensive standard for Search & Rescue dogs which was adopted by the Danish Government.

Click on the picture above to see Mogens Eliasen's bio.

More information about getting a free subscription to
Mogens Eliasen's excellent newsletter "The Peeing Post".

Although Mogens has several national championships with his dogs in the areas of Search $ Rescue and of civil competitions training, his most important achievements are in the results he has obtained coaching others. The peak of this was his establishment of Human Dog Leadership Inc., a dog handler training school in the Vancouver, BC area. For this school, Mogens developed all the training programs in all the practical disciplines that were offered, including obedience, general manners, tracking, small-area search, extensive search, trick training, scent identification/discrimination, retrieving/carrying objects, body control, etc. The school employed some 12-14 trainers, all educated by Mogens through his own trainer course that also is available to other professional trainers.

Mogens' main mentors have been Konrad Lorenz, Eberhart Trumler, and Anders Hallgren. They all worked in Europe and published their works in German or Swedish or Danish, so their research is not yet known very well in North America!

Now living in BC, Canada, Mogens devotes his time and energy to making his knowledge and experience available to dog owners world-wide, through seminars and courses, books, tapes, and videos.

Mogens is an inspiring instructor and a great entertainer. He can explain complicated issues in a way that makes you laugh - and understand. And he never spares you for demonstrating his great passion for dogs in the role as "man's best friend". You don't fall asleep during his lectures!

For a live presentation of the seminar for your organization (or another seminar or workshop or course by Mogens Eliasen), you should check Mogens Eliasen's training web site.

I was amazed to discover how much everything can make sense, once you see things in the bigger perspective and with some basic understanding of how instincts work and are related to behavior. This video opened the door for me to a new world. A much richer world, where my dog and I can enjoy our time together more fully than I ever thought possible.

Anita June, British Columbia

Why you want this video DVD/CD set:

You love your dog!

You are serious about your dog, and you want to do your best in regards to understanding its behavior. You acknowledge that the communication must be on the dog’s terms – yet you must stay in charge.

You particularly want to make sure that there is no doubt in the dog's mind that you are the pack leader - and you deserve all the love and attention the dog will give you because of that!

You want your dog to love you, admire you, respect you, and have a great time with you. When this is your desire, then your truly in "the pack leadership election" race - and this video will help understand how you deserve to win by making your dog see you as irresistibly qualified!

You want to feel competent to take good care of your dog!

The real good news: You can get it all!

It is available here:

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"The Dog's Social Behavior"

I have worked as a professional dog trainer now for 8 years, and I thought I was well educated... Well, this video taught me more about dogs than I ever learned before!

Dawn Forsyth, Ontario

Killing a few myths:

Oh, you heard that, as pack leader, you have to act as "the alpha" and physically grab your dog by the scruff of the neck and throw it to the ground?

Here is the truth:

Although you might find true stories of people who had some success (at least in their own eyes) with such a brutal (and dangerous) treatment, the thing is that dogs have very little admiration for physical strength. They respect it more out of fear than love.

Dog have far more appreciation for a leader that is smart and creative. A leader that can figure out solutions to problems and facilitate a successful hunt, also under challenging circumstances.

The fundamental behaviors the dog is looking for in you in order to judge your leadership skills are fairly simple - and they can all be learned! But the trick is that you need to know how to use them, and what kind of response you are to get from the dog. This takes that you have a good working knowledge of the dog's instincts, particularly its social instincts that govern its relationship to you.

Yes, we talk about building a relationship. Just think about, for a moment, what kind of relationship you can build with another person by using violence...?!

So, you don't need to learn anything about socializing - your dog socializes a lot already with other dogs...?

Sorry to pull you out of that fake illusion:

If you are OK with a role as a "spectator in a zoo", then your dog might live a fairly happy life goofing around with other dogs. But if you were looking for the reasons for dogs being called "man's best friend", you certainly won't find it...

It is the same as with people. You cannot build and maintain a relationship with someone else without investing time in the relationship. And you cannot become successful in this relationship business either if you have no clue how you can contribute value to the other person's life, as seen by this other person, in the perspective of his/her own needs.

Dogs are the same - although their needs are different. If you do not know what those needs are and how you should satisfy them, you have no chances of creating any serious bonding with your dog. You will fail the test every time there is another dog around...

And worse yet: the more you insist on abdicating your leadership and letting the dog satisfy its social instincts together with other dogs, the smaller your chances become of ever getting that leadership back...

"Spectator in a zoo". Don't reduce yourself to that...

You want to send your dog to a professional dog trainer for training?

You've gotta be kidding! Here is why:

Training/teaching/coaching are some of the most powerful leadership features you can provide for a dog. The person who does that to your dog will quickly raise in the hierarchy - and a good trainer will win the pack leadership elections in less than an hour!

And you lost your dog - in less than an hour.

Yes, you lost it. Mentally. The dog is now bonding with the trainer. It looks forward to spend its time together with the trainer. Is does not give a damn about you! Every time it looks at you, it gets reminded how hopeless you are as pack leader, and how much more satisfying it is to be with a real leader, the trainer...

Adding insult to injury, you probably even have to pay for this...

There are better alternatives. Find out first what it actually takes to become pack leader. You can do it. Get the knowledge!

Your dog deserves it.


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Pack leadership?

Mogens Eliasen's newsletter "The Peeing Post"

prepares you for getting elected!
Leadership is about brain power,
not meaningless violence or force!
But it is your brain that should control the dog's brain - not the other way around...

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