Mogens Eliasen:

"Don't Pull on the Leash"

5 easy steps to make your dog walk nicely on leash

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The E-book:

  Walking nicely on a leash 
  is within what every dog can learn 
  - and what every dog owner can teach!

"Don't Pull on the Leash" is a systematic instruction (or training program, if you want) that will make any dog stop pulling on the leash, if followed as instructed.

What most dog owners do not realize is that, by not taking effective action to stop the pulling, they actually teach their dogs to pull! The common retractable leashes, for instance, are simply so superbly excellent for this purpose that it is amazing that they are not being marketed as "pull-training devices".

Thousands, if not millions, of dog owners have learned the hard way that choke chains and pinch collars (with inward spikes) simply do not work as automatic training devices to stop a dog from pulling. They may have some short-term effect, but it won't last long. The only way of achieving lasting results with those devices is by adding some serious jerking from the handler's side - which causes the dog intolerable pain. If the pain is strong enough, it will deter the dog, not so much from pulling, but from enjoying the walk, as the dog experienced the pain as a result of focussing on whatever it was that attracted its attention, and that was most definitely not the pulling....

In many cases, when a handler is too eager or got too angry, the jerk gets so hard that it triggers an outright fear reaction in the dog. In any case, the dog will connect the pain with what it had its mind on in the moment it experienced the pain. And that will not be the fact of it pulling on the leash, because pulling was just a consequence of it trying to do what it wanted to do.... So, although you technically might achieve the objective of stopping the dog from pulling, you still did not get across to your dog that pulling was inappropriate, and you most certainly did not teach it how it could achieve what it wanted in a way that was acceptable to you! It is simple to understand: it did not achieve it, so there was no learning taking place in that regard.... Dog do not learn from what they can't do. They learn almost exclusively from what they do.

The same kind of undesirable fear reaction will result from using an electrical collar. Again, by applying pain, you deter the dog from enjoying what it wants to enjoy on the walk. It simply defeats the whole purpose of taking the dog for a walk!

Have you thought about why you take your dog for a walk? Wouldn't it be because you want to give the dog a great time to enjoy? So how does using pain fit into this picture?

The thing is that punishment and application of pain simply doesn't work on a dog without some totally unacceptable risks or side effects.

Punishment is a human invention. It does not exist in Nature, and the dog has no genetic code for comprehending it, no instincts that can process it and provide a meaningful response.

But hey, walking your dog should be enjoyable for you too!

And it can be. There is a way of both you and the dog achieving what you want on a walk. Having the dog enjoy what it wants to enjoy. On terms that are pleasant and enjoyable also for you.

"Don't Pull on the Leash" gives you a thoroughly tested training method that will accomplish exactly that. No exceptions. If you follow the instructions, that is...

The e-book is in PDF format and all references are hyperlinks that make it easy to use it also as a reference. The 43 pages are concentrated stuff, yet easy to use! There is some serious learning associated with using this training method, though:

  1. First, you need to understand the training principles that are at work for you here. Those that work against you, as well as those you can build on. You need to know why the dog is pulling and what your options are for a successful training that effectively will counter this unwanted learning.

  2. Second, you need to train yourself to provide the impact you need on your dog. There are some practical techniques you need to master - and they are highly dependent on your dog and its personality. There is no "one size fits all" option here - you have to learn this by experimenting with it, observing your dog's reactions! This way, you will identify what exactly works for your dog. And you need that.

  3. Third, you need to use those skills in small easy training sessions with the dog. You need the entire training to be based on rewarding the dog for doing well - no punishments are accepted at all! Getting this put together is a little tricky, particularly if you do not first understand the basics for the training.

  4. Fourth, you need to elevate the challenges by training also with serious temptations that will trigger some adamant pulling from the dog's side. This is not where you start, though! Or, more correctly: this is not where you should start, if you want success....

  5. And fifth, you need to incorporate the techniques in your general life style, making solid habits out of them. Changing habits takes time. For most people, 3-4 weeks, at least. And you cannot expect to teach your dog much before you taught yourself...

All this is contained in the e-book. Explained in terms you can understand and bring to use immediately.

The practical training is actually very simple. It does not take a genius or an athlete. But it does take that you put in the time, and that you get your efforts coordinated effectively. The e-book explains how you do this, one step at a time. You can only fail by ignoring the instructions, as the training principles are built on fundamental biological laws!

Thanks for sharing this knowledge, Mogens! I was skeptical first, but you blew my doubts away. The results are wonderful. Taking Chera for a walk used to be a pain, and I did not enjoy it. Now, we have fun together! I am looking forward to those walks. And she is happier than ever, thanks to my much better understanding of her needs.

Hector Brilliard
Montreal, Quebec

From this e-book, you will get:

  • An understanding the fundamental reasons for dogs pulling when on leash - and why it gets worse, not better, when you try to "correct" it with pain or punishment.

  • A solid understanding of the training principles you need to base your training on.

  • What goals you need for the training in order to make it effective.

  • What tools and techniques you need to use in order to produce the effective training you need.

  • How you can achieve the results you want without using pain or violence at all.....

  • How you can promote your result by using appropriate rewards for the dog, including all those automatic ones you probably never thought of as useful for this....

  • How you can teach the dog to achieve what it wants, when you get what you want.....

  • How you start the training under terms that are easy (for both you and the dog) - and then gradually develop the challenges as you obtain results....

  • How you immediately can check if your training will work or not - and how exactly you find out what adjustments you might need, if any.

  • Why you may not always see instant results, even if your training method is perfect, because you first need to "erase history"....

  • How you plan your training so you will make progress, simply by being persistent.

  • How you can use this training to improve your pack leadership qualifications and get better control over the dog in general.

This is amazing! I have tried all kinds of obedience training - and none of it worked outside the gym.

This methods works! And it makes a lot of sense. And the follow-ups were great. Especially on days when I did not really feel like doing it. But I am so glad I did!

Charlene Murray,
Burnaby, BC,

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The Author:

Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio! Mogens Eliasen was the founder and Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn how to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Mogens has built all his training programs on the simple philosophy of "what is in it for the dog", recognizing that training has to be a win-win. Win for the handler, win for the dog. If not, the training will fail, sooner or later, as dogs are not stupid robots that will perform for nothing. Neither are dog handlers.

Mogens' main "secret" is that he always takes a careful look at the dog's fundamental instincts, knowing how its needs are linked to those - and that provides for very effective rewards! On top of that, his training methods make sense, for you as well as for your dog.

Add to that Mogensí talent to entertain and make complicated things simple, and you will enjoy the enlightenment process!

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Above all, thank you for sharing all of this information. I am glad that I read this and your other books. You are a great resource!

Wendy Blake
North Carolina, USA

Why you want this e-book:

You want to understand how exactly you can train your dog to stop pulling on the leash when you take it for walks, without using pain or punishment.

You want to learn the skills this takes, and you want to incorporate those techniques as habits in your daily life.

You are willing to put in the necessary effort - and you are aware that it will take a minimum of 5 minutes three times a day - and that the final result will depend completely on your devotion to consistency.

You are not a quitter that will let go of your goals, even it will take longer than what you anticipated.

You want your dog to be happy - but not at your expense....

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This concept is brilliant! The sequence is everything. I can understand now why hardly anyone ever have any success training their dogs to not pull. They are trying to achieve the impossible with their inapt training methods. It takes a bit of thinking to tune in to your concept, but you explain it so carefully that there just is no escape left for a mentally lazy person like me! This is the most competent advice on training I have ever received - and I have paid a lot of money for dog training in my life.... What a waste, compared to this.

Kathy Allendor
Santa Barbara, California

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Why some people might not want to read this e-book:

If you don't want to walk your dog at least three times a day for a minimum of 20 minutes, don't bother - you will never achieve any results anyway.... The dog's energy will most likely be so exuberant that it is simple cruelty to animals to interfere in any way with what it can get out of those walks...

If you don't want to follow the instructions in the e-book, then there is no point in having it. Reading will not teach your dog anything, and particularly not when you are the one who reads, not your dog.....

If you are not at least as heavy as the dog, you simply cannot do this training, so, in such case, there is no point in reading about it.... (If the dog physically can pull you along anywhere it wants, and you do not have the strength to "put on the brakes", you should find another home for that dog... Also, there is no way a small kid should train a large dog. Besides, letting small children be in charge of a dog in public is irresponsible anyway, so just forget about that...)

If you insist on having your dog in a harness when you walk it, you don't need this book. You will have to use a collar around the dog's neck. Just a simple buckle collar. Nothing else. When you attach your leash to a harness of some sort, you have no control over the dog at all, and the training will not work...

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  the training method, 
  how it is built and 
  why this is so.

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The Four Boxes
- how all good training methods work.

  Check the beginning of the chapter 
  about the step-by-step procedure that
  will lead you to the training result 
  you want for this exercise.

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Step by step procedure
- introducing the first goal.

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This is the best training instructions I have ever got. If people are serious about their dogs, they are stupid if they don't accept your offer to learn this.

Inge Thomsen
Roskilde, Denmark

What will you get out of this?

Well, we have to tell you that if you do not use this e-book as the training manual it is meant to be, you will get no results....

But if you are willing to put in the suggested effort, you will see some very serious results, not only in regards to your dog's compliance with your comfort when you are out on a walk, but you can expect also to see a noticeable change in your general relationship with your dog: you and your dog will simply get to enjoy each other much more!

It is hard to put numbers or measures to this. But we can share with you what our test panel found. They wrote us some "before" and "after" stories about the changes this e-book made for them and their dogs. Maybe you can find some of their circumstances being similar to yours...? You are welcome to check those stories here - where you will also find what our newsletter subscribers suggested we should charge for this e-book, based on these results....

As you can verify for yourself, the average of the price suggestion we got from the evaluating audience was $12.31 - almost 50% more than this offer!


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