Mogens Eliasen:

"Feeding Your Dog - the Natural Way"

A simple guide to longevity and health
through a well-balanced natural diet

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The Video:

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"Feeding Your Dog – The Natural Way" is a condensed instruction video, based on the knowledge presented in Human Dog Leadership Inc.’s standard seminar on "Food and Nutrition for Dogs" which Mogens Eliasen was the first to teach. The contents of the seminar are based on Mogens' research on dog physiology, combined with his own 30+ years of experience with dogs, and on the preventive health care programs and trainer education programs he developed and ran together with the famous Danish veterinarian Finn Smed for dog training associations in Denmark.

The seminar is normally very interactive with the audience, addressing individual problems experienced by the members of the audience which often includes veterinarians. For the video, most of the individual/personal questions have been edited out of the context, and the seminar shortened to fit the format of the tape. The video recording and technical work is done by Darren Kells from Master Works who worked together with Mogens on the final editing, based on Finn Smed’s critical veterinary comments.

The feeding concepts developed by Finn and Mogens as presented on this video have sparked the establishment of Canine Choice Natural Foods Inc. which was the first manufacturer of raw natural dog food, prepared in accordance with the principles taught in this video!

In the video, Mogens explains the fundamentals of the dog’s carnivore physiology and gives a brief overview of the nutritional contents of dog food, commercial as well as natural, before he presents the simple principles for a natural diet.

The video plays about an hour - and it is concentrated stuff! To support you, it comes together with a 20 page pamphlet with all the important details. This way, you will have an easy reference when you prepare your dog's food - and you will quickly discover that it is very easy!

The video is in VHS format - we do not have it available in PAL.

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Why you want this video:

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You love your dog! And you are serious about taking good care of it! You want to see your dog healthy, enjoying its life. You want as few reasons as you can get for having to see your veterinarian. You know that you can expect your dog to live 30% longer on a natural diet - and remain far more healthy all its life than what you can ever achieve on any commercial dog foods.

You want to learn how you can balance your dog's diet with ingredients you can get easily. You want your carnivore associate to enjoy his food - and you want no hassle preparing it! As a side benefit, you would also like to be able to assess the commercial information you get from pet food manufacturers - just to have a good laugh....

Please understand that feeding dogs a natural diet is far from new. It is actually the traditional way of feeding our four-legged companions, since the times of the cave man. It is only during the last 50-60 years, things have been completely turned around by the pet food industry, trying to make money on selling cheap food, catering to consumer convenience instead of sound education. The principles for feeding, as Mogens Eliasen explains them in this video, are based on more than 40 years solid experience, confirmed by thousands and thousands of happy dogs and happy dog owners. It is indeed a very old and very well-proven concept.

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Here is what you will get from this video:

  • An understanding of the dog's gastrointestinal system and how it all works in harmony with the natural food it is supposed to digest.

  • Enough basic chemistry to understand why you should never cook any food for your dog...

  • Why dogs don't need to fear infections from raw food - not even from food that is naturally decomposing and totally unfit for human consumption!

  • Why pre-manufactured dog food ("kibble") has no way of qualifying as a healthy food source for your dog!

  • Why serving cooked food will cause mal-nourishment of you dog...

  • Why a dried food never can retain its original nutritional quality...

  • How you can get the right ingredients - without paying too much.

  • How you can ensure that the diet you feed is well balanced.

  • How you can know if you feed too much - or too little.

  • When and how you should feed.

  • What you should add to the main ingredients of the food (supplements like vitamins, herbs, vegetable oils, etc.)

  • How you make sure that your dog's teeth will always stay shiny clean - without ever using a toothbrush!

  • How you combat the vast majority of skin problems and allergies.

In addition to all this, you also get the little pamphlet that contains a simple overview of which ingredients you should use - and how you balance them. You will be amazed to learn how easy it actually is!

The video comes with a little pamphlet
you can use as an easy reference.

The pamplet gives a quick overview
of the most important information.
You will probably want to watch the video several times, including showing it to the grown-up members of your family. In order to get the most out of it, you will also want to refer to the written notes (all the overheads used in the lecture are provided in hard copy) – and probably also make your own notes relating to your situation and how you can find practical ways to feed your best friend as closely as possible to the way Nature intended it.

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What you will not get from this video:

You will not get a bunch of complicated recipes telling you how to do fancy cooking for your dog; your dog simply does not need that. It needs the food as raw and whole as you can get it!

You will not get any in-depth discussions on all the topics that relate to raw food and feeding a raw natural diet. There is no way of including that much information in a 1-hour video! If you are a seasoned raw feeder who is looking for ways to dig deeper, then you should rather take a look at Mogens' giant e-book, "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog owners". This video is an introduction to the topic of raw feeding. Enough to get you started well and safely. But it does not aim at making you an expert in this field....

You will not get any specific reasons for choosing "side" in the current debates about which guru is "right" and who is "wrong". You will get enough information to make your own informed decisions, without references to any specific "schools of thought", other than a fundamental respect for Nature.

You will not get any current references to where and how you buy the ingredients of your dog food. You will have to use the knowledge you get from the video to make plan your own shopping.

The Lecturer:

Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio! Mogens Eliasen was Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn how to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Together with his close friend, the Danish Veterinarian Finn Jensen Smed who is famous for his overwhelming results with his health maintenance programs based on a natural approach. Respecting the dog’s carnivore physiology, Mogens developed a comprehensive down-to-earth education program for dog handlers and instructors. This program is building on Finn’s veterinary expertise and extensive practical experience combined with Mogens’ own scientific education in chemistry. Add to that Mogens’ talent to entertain and make complicated things simple, and you will enjoy the enlightenment process!

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Samples from the Video:

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Questions relating to the video, answered by the Lecturer:

If you want to read what other people have asked and what Mogens Eliasen has answered, then check our question & answer list for the video. We will be happy to include yours too!

There are many myths and many fears connected to feeding dogs a natural diet. The pet food industry certainly does a lot to maintain them, regardless of the complete lack of diligent basis for them! Dogs do not get vicious when being fed raw meat, and they don't get malnourished by being given a natural diet. And the last 50 years of traditional kibble-feeding has not turned our dogs into "fully domesticated pets" that no longer have any natural properties left. Just think of man's attempt for now more than 300,000 years to make a hunter out of himself - we still cannot digest raw meat effectively, and certainly not without a huge risk to our health!

The so-called "scientists" that claim that their dog food is "complete" are simply lying - nobody can know everything about this stuff - it is arrogant and ignorant. Our knowledge expands every day still. We are far from finished developing out understanding of what is going on in Nature - so the only true way of not messing up thing is by trying to get as close to Nature's way of doing things as we can.

Keep in mind that the difference between a wolf's genes and your dog's genes is no greater than the difference between the genes of black and white people...

But you don't have to go to any extremes, such at feeding your dog whole live rabbits and chickens. Mogens Eliasen's video will show you how you can still meet the dog's nutritional needs, in a way that makes sense also for you as consumer in a modern society.

It is all about balance - and when you have this video to support you, it will be easy.

And once you see the results of feeding your dog a natural diet, you will never ever want to revert to feeding anything else...

The question is not whether you dare to feed a natural diet. It is,

"Do you really dare not to feed a natural diet?"

You vet is not going to pay you for bravery - but you will be paying him for not knowing this stuff well enough!

What you will not get from this video:

This video will not advocate any specific school of thought or narrow-minded indoctrination. If you have preconceived ideas about how you should feed your dog in accordance with some specific model or philosophy, you are probably better off going directly to the creator of that school, philosophy, model, or whatever, as this video is not a contribution to any debate - it is a simpel instruction for how you feed your dog responsibly, without making things more complicated than they have to be.

This video is not a complete guideline for dealing with all kinds of special cases, including dogs with various problems or diseases to fight. It takes for granted that your dog is generally in good health - and that you intend to make sure it stays that way! If you are interested in digging deeper into such details about special challenges, possibly in order to prepare yourself for discussing this with people who might not accept the idea of feeding raw, you are better off with the e-book "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners". That e-book goes into those kinds of details also.

This video is not a piece of science, and it does not give you hundreds of references to where you can find more knowledge about these things, and it does not discuss any topics in a manner that cannot be followed by an average person. It presents a simpel philosophy that makes good common sense - and the practical implications of following that philosophy in a way that is easy to manage for the average dog owner. If you are interested in the logic behind this way of feeding, you should get yourself a copy of "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?", where you will find all the strict logic you need for this - and then some... (That e-book is an excellent supplement to this video - no overlapping information.)

This video is not a piece of guesswork or theory or hypothesis. It is fact, not fiction. Its recommendations are very solid, very well proven over many decades, and very easy to follow for people who are willing to make an effort to understand the simpel principles behind it. There are thousands and thousands of dogs to prove that the concepts taught in this video work.

This video is not a substitute for using your brain. Although its guidelines are simpel to follow, they are not for dummies that refuse to think for themselves. If you are looking for a cookbook where you can find detailed recipes for how to prepare gourmet meals for your domesticated wolf, you are in the wrong place....

This video is not for "seasoned raw feeders" either. If you are one of those, you are much better off with "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners" and/or "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?", subject to where your particular interests lie. If you want to know more about the "WHY?", you need "The Wolf's...". If you you want the details of "HOW?", you need "Raw Food..."...

Still there?

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Please be aware that your dog most likely will love you for this, but your vet most likely won't...


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