John Clifton:

"Stop the Shots!

Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets?"

- What all dog owners need to know about vaccination - before they let it happen...

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate - that's the question!

The E-book:

Vaccination is dangerous - and possibly sometimes also beneficial

"Stop the Shots! Are vaccinations killing our pets" is a systematic introduction to the crucial information you need to have about vaccines, the diseases they are supposed to protect against, and the effects of vaccinating your dog, so you do not make a decision that could cause unnecessary damage to your dog's health.

What most dog owners do not realize is that the standard protocol for vaccination, in many places even dictated by law, is outright harmful to our dogs. Many vaccines are either redundant, lack efficacy, or are outright dangerous. Others provide protection under certain circumstances. None of them work "automatically"!

It is hard to stand up against your vet - particularly if you are uninformed. But you have to. For your dog's sake. Far too many veterinarians vaccinate dogs as if we talked about giving them a treat, completely disregarding the risks and dangers and very likely side effects of over-vaccination. It is an ugly thought that they make more money on your dog being sick that it being healthy - but you have to accept that your vet has serious financial advantages from your dog not being in perfect health!

Another point of serious importance is that veterinarians in North America are not free to speak their minds, if their options deviate from what the veterinary associations find is serving their members best. Mind you, the veterinary associations have no mandate to take care of your dog or defend your interests as a member of the public. They are exclusively trade unions, and their primary mandate is to secure the income of their members....

This does not mean that all vets are bad - but it does mean that you have to be very careful about believing what you are being told in any area where vets make money. It simply means that you have to be informed yourself, so you can make the decisions about what serves your dog's best interest - because there is nobody else to do that! Besides, it is your responsibility, not the vet's...

Remember, you buy a service from your vet - so you are the boss, because you pay the bill, and you do have the power to fire him/her by walking away with your dog and find another provider of those services.

If you want to know more about this, please refer to this article.

Being the boss also means that you call the shots. You make the decisions.

For that, of course, you need to know what your options are, and you need to know what the possible consequences might be of deciding either way.

That's what this e-book is all about: supplying you the crucial information about vaccines and vaccination - the information you absolutely need in order to make an informed decisions for your dog about which diseases to vaccinate against, and when to do it.

This takes that you know about which diseases are dangerous for dogs - and which ones are either benign or easy to treat.

But it also takes that you have some basis for assessing whether or not it is even likely (or possible) for your dog to catch a certain disease! Many diseases are strictly prevalent in certain geographical areas. Others are restricted by environment or season. They may or may not impact you - and if they don't, it is pointless to accept the risks of the vaccination, as you get absolutely no benefits from it, but exclusively potential health problems for your dog!

Vaccination is not like buying insurance. There are some serious adverse health affects coming from vaccination, and there are even several diseases that are outright caused by vaccination!

Other vaccines are scientifically documented as being worthless - yet they are still being sold to veterinarians - who use them...

Don't you think you should know this, when you vet doesn't tell you?

Read here what other publishers have said about this book!

The e-book is in PDF format and all references are hyperlinks that make it easy to use it also as a reference. The 50+ pages are concentrated stuff, yet easy to understand! There is some serious learning associated with this knowledge:

  1. First, you need to understand how vaccines work - when they work. (Yes, it is absolutely not granted that a vaccine will work, just because the dog "got a shot"!)

  2. Second, you need to know which diseases are relevant to consider for vaccination.

  3. Third, you need to understand what the risks and side-effects of vaccination are.

  4. Fourth, you need to evaluate your own situation and your dog's health, so you can make a diligent decision about what to vaccinate against and when.

  5. And fifth, you need use this knowledge to stand firm if your vet should disagree with you...

All this is contained in the e-book. Explained in terms you can understand and bring to use immediately.

Although "Stop the Shots! Are vaccinations killing our pets" most definitely is solidly based on science, it is no science to read it and understand it and bring the knowledge you get from it to use for your dog. The result could very well be some dramatically reduced vet bills in the future - and a much healthier dog you can keep for several years longer.

Thanks for sharing this knowledge, John! This is exactly what I feel people need: the facts, presented in an understandable way, forming a basis for people to make their own decisions, without trying to "preach" or be fanatic. Although it is clear that you prefer minimum vaccination, you also do not condemn people who want to do some vaccinations, and you are honest about what reasons people could have (and should have) for vaccinating, at least within a limited protocol. This is truly a valuable guide, and it should be mandatory for all dog owners to read it before they even think about phoning their vet for an appointment.

Willy Sorensen
Lewiston, Idaho

From this e-book, you will get:

  • An understanding the way vaccines work - if and when they work...

  • A solid understanding of the controversy vaccines are subject to, also amongst scientists....

  • What diseases are relevant to consider vaccinating against - and for what reasons.

  • What vaccines are effective - and under which circumstances.

  • Why revaccination generally is nothing but a money-maker for vets...

  • How you go about making your decision regarding vaccination.

  • What you need to consider if you vaccinate....

  • What you need to consider if you don't...

  • What alternatives you have - and how reliable they are.

  • Why you cannot expect "scientific proof" of everything....

  • Who the "authorities" are - and why they are biased.

  • How to reduce the risks of vaccination.

This book is a little pearl in the dog literature. Finally, someone has given a balanced presentation that truly can help the average dog owner make those difficult decisions, despite all the misinformation from law-makers, politicians, veterinarians, and drug manufacturers.

After having read this book, you will feel that you understand why this issue can be so heated - and you will understand also that making everything black or white is not making life easier. Although there are some absolutes, there are also many areas where an individual assessment is required - and that individual assessment has to be done by someone competent - and by someone whose only interest at stake is the animal's welfare. That leaves only you, the pet owner, as the responsible party. You may still want to use your vet's expertise, and you should - but you have to keep that vet on a leash! That leash is your knowledge about these things - and John Clifton made it for you!

No responsible dog owner has a valid excuse for not reading this book.

Hans Egun,
Troy, Idaho

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Most pet owners aren't aware of the dangers in animal vaccinations that have been discovered in recent years. In this compact, easy-to-understand volume, John Clifton explains the very real risks involved every time a dog or cat gets a shot. The major veterinary associations now agree that vaccinations can trigger all sorts of maladies, from allergies to cancer - but most pet caretakers (and many veterinarians, it seems) haven't gotten the word.

This is an important book for every pet owner to read. In a conversational, direct, non-technical voice it guides the reader in formulating an intelligent approach to animal vaccinations. Clifton lays out all the major issues: whether to vaccinate or not, which shots to give and which to avoid, how to know if and when a shot should be repeated. And, importantly, the risks in over-vaccinating.

Holistic as well as orthodox medical opinions are presented. Despite the title, readers are not advised flat out to abandon vaccinations. Rather, they are encouraged to learn about the risks and benefits - and "stop the shots" until they are fully informed.

Foley Square Books, New York

The Author:

Click on the picture to contact John Clifton John and his Australian terrier Sparky - a survivor of lymphoma, now in his seventh year of remission. Sparky has not had a vaccination since the year 2000.

John Clifton, a prominent advocate for owner involvement in the health of their pets, has also had a long and varied career as a theatrical composer and lyricist, musical arranger, graphic artist, writer and educator.

He and his wife, Josée Clerens, co-authored "Sparky Fights Back: A Little Dog's Big Battle Against Cancer", which became an Amazon best-seller.

As a follow-up to that book, John and Josée founded an e-zine to update readers on new discoveries and techniques for curing cancer in dogs. This publication, Fighting Back: Canine Cancer Monthly is now in its second year online.

John (and sometimes Sparky) have made guest appearances on hundreds of television and radio programs across the country warning pet caretakers about the dangers to their pets' health and advising them on how to protect dogs and cats from cancer and other diseases.

John, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, lives with his wife Josée and their dog Sparky in New York City.

"Easy for any pet owner to comprehend. . . Any veterinarian who is routinely recommending annual boosters obviously isn't getting the information presented in our professional literature - maybe they can understand this book."

Gary Van Engelenburg, DVM (TV's popular "Dr. Van")

Why you want this e-book:

You want to understand enough about this important topic for you to make some informed decisions about how exactly you are going to have your dog vaccinated.

You want to learn what diseases are a potential threat.

You want to understand both the benefits and the risks associated with vaccines.

You want to be able to discuss this issue diligently with your vet.

You want your dog to be as healthy as you can make it....

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Finally, a book I can wholeheartedly recommend to every person who loves animals and wants to do the best they can to keep their companions, patients, and customers healthy for many long years. John Clifton's book is articulate, easy to read, accurate, well organized, current and full of love. Your animals are begging you to buy, read and implement this book - TODAY. In my 30 years of holistic practice and lecturing to thousands of veterinarians and animal guardians I can say categorically that vaccines have caused extensive long term harm and animal suffering for susceptible animals. I applaud the conventional researchers recommendations for fewer vaccines and encourage everyone to give very few to no vaccines.

Christina Chambreau, DVM, Homeopathic veterinarian and author of Healthy Animal's Journal

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Why some people might not want to read this e-book:

You don't want to argue with your vet - you believe that what he/she recommends is the best for your dog, no matter what other people think.

You have no intention of changing your mind on this subject, regardless which information you might get.

You don't believe in vaccines.

You firmly believe that everything shown on TV is true.

You don't believe that the warnings which the vaccine manufacturers put on the labels and in the instructions for use of their vaccine products are vastly exaggerated and completely negligible.

Your know a veterinarian who does not charge for vaccinations, and does not charge for treating sick animals either - he make his livelihood from donations from all the happy pet owners, who never need to see him.

This was a test... if you passed, you may proceed with your order here! J

The information is right on — well-researched and balanced. I sincerely hope that the general public can easily access this book, as it very well may SAVE THEIR PET'S LIFE. . .An important volume, one that was sorely needed in the pet community.

Steven Diller, Author of Dogs and Their People: Choosing and Training the Best Dog for You


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