Mogens Eliasen:

"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?"

A condensed overview of what we know and don't know
about the wolf's natural diet
and the dog's domestication process
- and how we can use this incomplete information to decide on a responsible approach to feeding our modern dogs

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Nederlandse vertaling:
"De natuurlijke voeding nan de wolf - een richtlijn voor de voeding van onze honden?"

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  Can we learn healthy nutrition from the wolf?
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"The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" is a condensed e-book, highly inspired by Dr. David Mech's seminar on September 25, 2004 at the Willow Center in South Salem, New York, about the wolf's natural diet. Although David Mech, in respect for his honest scientific approach, had to answer many of the questions from the passionate "raw feeders" in the audience with, "We simply do not know", the apparent uncertainty in this whole area is not as bad as it appears on the surface. In fact, when we also take into consideration what we know about the genetic relationship between dogs and wolves, and about the domestication process and its known and possible impacts on our modern dogs, as seen in the perspective of evolution, we have more than enough knowledge to draw some very important conclusions about dog food.

The most important conclusion is that the wolf's natural diet is very relevant indeed for the way we feed our dogs a diet that will provide optimal health - but simply copying the wolf's diet is not only practically impossible for most dog owners, it is also not necessarily the best choice you can make for your dog's health...

In fact, once you read this book, you will understand that, no matter what kind of standard diet you might choose for your dog, you must deal with a possible risk of this diet exposing certain problems and masking others, both genetic ones, chronic medical ones, and conditional ones. You cannot eliminate that risk - but you can get a strong basis for managing it when you understand how "everything" is connected: chemistry, biology, genetics, history, evolution, wildlife management, financial interests, etc.

This e-book is not another attempt to promote any specific diets for dogs as "the best" or any brand of dog food. Mogens Eliasen has no financial ties to the food manufacturing industry or to the veterinary profession. "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" is a serious attempt to have you understand what we do know about the wolf's diet and eating habits, what we do know about the dog's domestication process, and what we do know about the similarities and differences between wolves and dogs - and to what degree these similarities or differences matter. The key is to comprehend the value and the limitations of our knowledge about history, evolution, anatomy, and physiology of our dogs so we can still make some relevant and highly informed decisions about how we should approach the challenge of feeding them responsibly. This e-book gives you that key, so you can make your own decisions on an informed ethical foundation.

The objective of this e-book is to help you find out how you are going to decide about the right way for you to feed your dog. It is not a recipe for dog food, but it does give you to tools you need in order to evaluate the options you have; it contains several links to additional information that will help you further on that topic, and it gives you enough ballast to use them critically...

The e-book is in PDF format and all references are hyperlinks that make it easy to use it also as a reference (there are over 300 hyperlinks in the book...). The 125 pages are concentrated stuff! You do not need to be a scientist to understand its logic, but you do need to have an open mind for rational thinking. The important conclusions are drawn one at a time and carefully explained; we have received many comments from readers telling us that it is almost like ready a "crimi".

In this book, Mogens Eliasen has successfully covered the essence of L. David Mech Ė world-renowned wolf researcher. Based on our own first-hand experiences at the seminar in South Salem, New York, we are impressed with the way Mogens puts everything from that seminar into a perspective that adds significant value to the specific knowledge presented. Accompanied by compelling supporting research, Mogens aptly examines the historical roots of what our pets have evolved from and how they should be fed based on their ancestry and individuality.

Brenda & Dennis Hagel
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hey, I just wanted to complement you and Mogens on a great book. I had been trying to figure out what role veggies should play in my dogs' diet. I belong to a couple of raw feeding lists--one of them, the most popular one, says that they follow the natural wolf's diet and their feeding is based on a prey model--either an actual carcass or at least the proportions of meat/bone/fat etc. that is in one. I liked the logic of this but did not really buy the idea that wolves do not eat veggies and therefore that they should not be included in a dogs diet.

I wanted to check the info and be sure about this, as the people on this list invoke the research of Mech and other wolf biologists on a regular basis to support the complete elimination of vegetables from their dogs' diets. They also highly criticize Billinghurst and other BARF authors who advocated feeding what they see as a departure from what "mother Nature" has planned. This book has given me enough information to feel comfortable with my way of feeding my dogs in the face of ill-quoted "facts" from all sides of this debate. So thanks.

Lauren Cohn-Frankel

From this e-book, you will get:

  • An understanding of the nature of the biological relationship between wolves and dogs.

  • How dogs and wolves are genetically related - what we can conclude from that, in terms of feeding - and what we cannot conclude.

  • What wolves will eat and how - in a natural environment.

  • Hunting and scavenging behaviors - and how they impact the diet of the wild wolf.

  • Why the wolf's food preferences are extremely important clues.

  • Meal sizes and meal frequencies for the wild wolf.

  • What the wolf's meals are composed of.

  • What a wolf puppy gets to eat - and how.

  • How "wildlife management" impacts the wolf's natural diet - and our ability to draw conclusions.

  • What domestication is.

  • How wolves possibly were domesticated by man.

  • How man changed the feeding pattern for the domesticated wolf - and what impact this might have had on our dogs.

  • What genetic changes we can expect as a result of domestication.

  • How systematically feeding an unnatural diet over several generations can completely destroy the chances for certain breeds of ever producing healthy offspring again...

  • The types of genetic changes we can expect to find when we try to "reverse history".

  • How modern breeding has "screwed up", big time...

  • What we can and should do about genetic defects when we discover them.

  • Why breed specific diets are nothing more than more camouflage for the lurking problems...

  • What we can do to "repair the damage" from the past and restore optimal health for our dogs, on an individual basis as well as in our breeding programs.

  • What difference is makes if you are a private dog owner or a breeder.

  • How exactly we can use the wolf as model - and where the limitations are.

  • What you need to take into account when you decide how to feed your dog.

  • Where you can find more information about putting together specific healthy diets for your dog.

I found the wider implications of what we are doing to our dogs interesting. I particularly like your books because they explain the "mechanics" behind what we see happening to our dogs, i.e., why problems occur and how they manifest etc., in a way that Iíve not found in other books.

I enjoyed this book too and got some interesting information out of it. Iíve definitely found it very thought provoking. Although there is a certain amount of unavoidable overlapping, I think it complements your other book quite well because one deals with "why?" and the other explains "how?".

I would recommend others to read this book. I like the fact that it does give a bigger picture of whatís going on with our dogs, and what the future might hold if we donít deal with the situation pretty soon.


Jane Houston
Bonnie, Scotland

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The Author:

Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio! Mogens Eliasen was the founder and Chief Instructor for Human Dog Leadership Inc., a school he developed for dog handlers to learn how to train their dogs and take good responsible care of them. Together with his close friend, the Danish Veterinarian Finn Jensen Smed, who is famous for his overwhelming results with his health maintenance programs based on a natural approach, Mogens developed seminars about natural feeding of dogs. Based on the interest among his students, he founded Canine Choice Natural Foods Inc., probably the first raw food manufacturing business in North America. The food program was building on Finnís veterinary expertise and extensive practical experience, combined with Mogensí own scientific education in chemistry. Add to that Mogensí talent to entertain and make complicated things simple, and you will enjoy the enlightenment process!

In his quest for knowledge about dogs, Mogens has also studied the natural behavior of wolves most notably from Konrad Lorenz, Erik Zimen, and David Mech. Also the contacts he has enjoyed having to the Nes Pearce tribe's restoration of the Idaho wolves when he lived close by has impacted his understanding of these topics.

  • Click on the picture to see Mogens Eliasen's bio.

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Above all, thank you for sharing all of this information. I am glad that I read this and your other books. You are a great resource!

Wendy Blake
North Carolina, USA

Mogens Eliasen's books are the best! Whether you're a "newbie" or have been feeding raw for years, you always learn something new from him, in this book, about the wolf, his ancestors, and his relationship to the feeding of your dogs. He is a great source of information!

Susan Strode
North Carolina, USA

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You want to understand the important facts around the issue of natural diets for dogs. You don't want to rely on other people's opinions. You want to understand how closely our modern dogs in fact are related to wolves, and how exactly the differences can and will change the nutritional needs of our dogs to be different from those of the wolf.

You are tired of all the controversy with all its many semi-supported and non-supported claims that obviously do not always work in practice as their promoters preach. You want to have the basic information in a way that allows you to understand its limitations and uncertainties in simple terms.

You want to know why we can make the conclusions we can make - and what conclusions we can make.

You want to know what the facts are, so you can make you own judgment and find your own way of managing the ethics in this, particularly for your own dog, but also possibly for future breeds of dogs.

You want to understand why any rigid model for feeding dogs may not always be the optimal choice for a specific dog, and you want to know how you can approach solving that problem, without having to give up on the idea of responsible feeding.

You want to understand why some dogs don't do well on a certain diet others do just fine on.

You want to be clear about the ethics in the feeding discussion so you can make make your choices in accordance with your own informed decisions, based on your own high level of integrity.

You want to have a background that allows you to experiment with this, without gambling, so you can find the optimum for your dog, and the puppies you breed.

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I realized I knew nothing about my "wolf"....

I loved reading about wolves because I haven't read anything by Mech, but I really got interested starting on the chapter, "Using what we know"....

I have a mile long list of books I want to read. Mech is one. This book is good for me because I can cross it off my list. I got the information on wolves that I had wanted since I rescued my dog.

The second half was exciting because I didn't realize this stuff! During this part, it was like a detective screenplay, edge of your seat! Do I feed my dog raw or not??!!! Keeps you in your seat!

I can tell you, after reading your book, I am disgusted with the human race, more so than I thought was possible. We shouldn't be breeding animals that can't eat a natural diet. Human cruelty, as usual.

I liked, "What is wrong here is the dog's ability to handle the natural food - and it should be addressed as a medical problem for the dog, not as a general problem with the diet." (Tell that to a vet!!)

Everyone operates at their own level of health consciousness (not my quote). What a mess man has made. What you wrote is instinctively what I felt, but was not able to articulate.

Fabulous, and I mean it!

Kathy Straedey
Los Angeles, California

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Why some people might not want to read this e-book:

This e-book is NOT a cookbook for dogs! And it does NOT contain any practically applicable recipe for how you feed your dog a natural diet. For this kind of information, please check our other e-books "Canine Choice - by Nature" and "Raw Food for Dogs - the Ultimate Reference for Dog Owners".

If you don't care about understanding the reasons "why", but only want to know what exactly you are supposed to do, in a short and concise form, then go here now instead, so you can get started. You might want to return later.

If you are looking for a specific guide that explains all the details about feeding your dog, with what and how, and explains everything you might want to know about nutrients, feeding procedures, balancing, transition, supplementing, dealing with your vet and the commercial misinformation, and many more similar practical details on food and feeding, then you are better off going here instead. At least for now. Come back here later then.

If you believe your vet is right in his recommendations of the food you can buy from him, no matter what you might learn from other sources, then just stick with that and pay your vet bills....

If you believe that the commercial pet food manufacturers do their very best in regard to taking care of your dog's nutritional needs, then please go here instead....

If you believe evolution is a myth that contradicts your faith, you will be better off not reading this book - you probably already know a better book to read then.... For further guidance on this, please consult your religious leader.

If you, for any other reason, prefer to keep your mind closed so it doesn't get cluttered with any new disturbing information you are going to reject as "BS" anyway, then please go here instead.

This was a test... if you passed, you may proceed with your order here! J

Hi Mogens, I think I have read all your books, but your insights keep amazing me! In this new "wolf book", you take people by the hand into the world of responsible dog ownership and explain in very clear terms what this means. You put everything into perspective, leave no relevant objection uncommented in regards to what is important for us dog owners to learn from the wild wolf and from the history of our dogs - which is much more than what I thought. I particularly like the way you explain how breeding is involved in this. Few people understand what pet food has to do with breeding, but you get the message so clear across that I am full of awe! Although I sincerely doubt that it will happen, I still wish that the kennel clubs would learn from your respect for Nature - and stop denying or ignoring the facts you present so eloquently. Thanks for instilling some hope for the future by showing that there IS a way through this mess we have created for ourselves and our dogs. But, at least, you have now made it perfectly clear what our options are - and what the consequences of our choices will be.

Wayne Erick
Yahk, BC, Canada

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Check out the Table of Contents so you can see what this e-book contains!

Excerpt 1 (pp. 3-4 in original)
Table of Contents (complete)

(Note: in the original, all entrances are hyperlinks)

Check the beginning of the chapter on the wolf's hunting preferences: what it wants and what it gets.

Excerpt 2 (pp. 14-15 in original)
The wolf as opportunistic predator

Check the beginning of the chapter on the wolf's prepartions for a meal: traveling!

Excerpt 3 (pp. 24-25 in original)
Traveling and eating manners

Check the beginning of the chapter on domestication and how it can have impacted the modern dog's need for food.

Excerpt 4 (pp. 48-49 in original)
Domestication and its possible consequences

Check this section about pet dogs being introduced - and the possible consequences of the highly unnatural breeding that created them.

Excerpt 5 (pp. 53-54 in original)
Invention of the pet dog

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I have lots of experience with feeding raw food, but I really enjoyed this information. It was completely new to me.

Nicole Bargren
Colorado, USA

It gave me an excellent understanding of the topics I wanted to know more about - very instructive! If you want to understand about how wolves eat in the wild and how it relates to your dog, I highly recommend to get and read this book. I am extremely satisfied with it.

Teri Johnston
Sparrowbush, NY, USA

If you doubt the natural raw feeding process for dogs, you won't after you have read this book. You can't ignore the facts.

Sharryn Brown
Sydney, Australia

Go ahead and buy it! It's very informative, especially if you're new to raw feeding or want to know more about dogs' needs as canid species.

Ivonne Salcedo

A definite "must read" for anyone considering feeding raw or for anyone who has been feeding raw for many years, like me.

Deborah Garland
Toledo, Ontario

This is such a good reference book. There are clear explanations about the wolf/dog connection, and it gives step by step reasoning behind the raw diet theories, with discussion of the actual constituents of a healthy diet. It's interesting to reality-test these theories with my own dogs. Definitely buy this book!!

Jennifer Midhage
United Kingdom

This is an excellent book for someone who is wondering WHY they should feed their dog a raw diet. It takes information from many different paths of research and brings them together to present a very complete picture. Thanks to the author for creating such a wonderful resource!

Anne Clarkson
Webster, NY, USA

Buy it, now!

Irene Henkes
The Netherlands

Buy it! Even if you don't think you should...

Marian Steiskal
White City, Oregon USA

It is worth your money to buy it and your time to read it.

Susan Cohen
Montreal, Quebec


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