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Thank you for your
interest in
"The Peeing Post"

The on-line newsletter for people who
love dogs and respect their their nature.

Chief editor:
Mogens Eliasen
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Mogens Eliasen's biography

Dear Dog Friend,

"The Peeing Post" is my online newsletter, published on an as-needed basis, typically once or twice a month.

In this newsletter, I share some of my experience with dogs, particularly in relation to dog training and dog behavior. Discussing training and optimal ways of training inevitably leads us also to feeding and health maintenance.

The topics are to a large degree determined by the questions I get from the subscribers about all kinds of problems relating to dogs or about quests for better understanding of their nature.

I have a passion for dogs - and I want them respected for what they are: a piece of Nature we can enjoy interacting with, on their terms, but under our control and responsibility. I want people to take their dogs seriously, but I do not want to see dogs being treated like miniature humans or toys - or commodities. It is not fair to them. Neither is it fair to expect them to take charge of your family!

If you are a person who just wants to exploit your dog for purposes that do not accommodate the dog's fundamental physical and mental needs, or if you are not willing to accept your moral obligations as responsible pack leder for your dog, then you will soon be very upset with me - just warning you....

However, if you are seriously interested in deepening your understanding of your dog, so you can improve your relationship with it and allow both of you to enjoy life more fully together, then it is my hope that I can make a contribution to that through "The Peeing Post".

If this is what you were looking for, you are welcome to subscribe here!

In "The Peeing Post", I will particularly include articles on:

  • Training and training problems. Most training problems are rooted in the fact that very few professional trainers know enough about the dog's instincts and natural behaviors to create training methods that make sense also for the dog! If you are stuck, ask me! For subscribers to "The Peeing Post", I am happy to give free advice per e-mail if you will allow me to use your feedback!

  • Food and feeding (No - real dogs don't eat kibble; they enjoy a long life in good health! Do you know anybody who ever saw a pack of wolves sitting around the camp fire cooking their food? Or eating cookies? Or harvesting rice from their agricultural fields?)

  • Health care and simple things you can do for your dog without spending money on veterinarian consultations. (Plus: how you determine if your vet is good for your dog, or you should find another vet...)

  • Choice of dog, testing of puppies, how you find the right match.

  • Behavior problems and problem behavior - and what you can do about them! (Adequate mental stimulation is a must here - and very few people know what it is...)

  • All kinds of dog problems that are related to the dog's nature. (Please note that I will not discuss problems that are exclusively related to human fashion; and I despise treating dogs like dolls or four-legged human babies.)

If you want to check some samples of what to expect, here are three links to some typical issues:

Format and contents

The welcome letter will tell you more about what to expect in regards to the topics I will cover. But I can tell you now that you will receive two kinds of issues:

  1. The Introduction Issues which are sent in sequence to everybody, subject to the time of subscription.

  2. The Real-time Issues, which are dated and sent simultaneously to everybody, regardless of time of subscription.

The Introduction Issues literally constitute an on-line correspondence course, covering all the fundamentals that I believe no dog lover should be without. And they are too many for me to repeat them every time I have something to say... in fact, the amount of information in those issues is about 70 times what you find on this web page... So I feel this has to be distributed reasonably over time. There are 27 of those issues, and you get them a course of about 18 months. It would actually be mighty material for a book...

The Real-time Issues do, to some extent, assume that you have received the base education through the Introduction issues. If you are a brand-new subscriber, you might sometimes feel a bit "lost" because of this. But I ask you to be patient - the explanations will come. If you need them right away, then ask, and I shall help you over the barrier.

Also, I think you should know that "The Peeing Post" is not a standard on-line e-zine, filled with advertising for stuff you don't want. I do not accept third party advertising in it at all! From time to time, I will refer you to links that pertain to matters we discuss, and I might also be happy to recommend something you can buy and use for the purpose of improving your life with your dog(s) - if I believe it has good value! But "The Peeing Post" is not opening its columns for general advertising. There is enough of that on the Internet...

That being said, I also want to point out that not all information is free... Many times, a topic is simply too big to explain diligently in a newsletter. Many of those topics are subjects for e-books or videos, and I will make references to those when it makes sense to guide you to where you can dig deeper.

As you may have figured, "The Peeing Post" comes in HTML format, pretty much like this web page. I want to be able to include links and pictures, graphical illustrations, and text formatting to help you understand. I am not a fancy designer and I will not make flash presentations that take forever to load. But I will use graphic effects when it serves a good communication purpose. If your e-mail account is not set up to accept HTML, then you will automatically get a TEXT message instead, and that message will contain a link to a web page that contains the issue in question. You can then read the newsletter on-line, or you can download it, as you prefer.

Why you should subscribe?

The main reason should be that you love your dog and want to improve your relationship with it by getting some additional insights into its nature!

I have studied dog behavior and dogs in general with the most prominent researchers of all time in this area: Konrad Lorenz, Eberhart Trumler, and Anders Hallgren. Unfortunately for you, they did all their publishing in German and Swedish or Danish - which you probably don't understand. But I do. And I have used their research activily for several decades, exploited my personal contact with them, experimenting with the concepts in order to find the simple practical recipes behind the chaos. And those simple recipes are there. You will be amazed. And, if you are like most of my students, you will often mumble, "that makes sense"...

As soon as you understand more of your dog's nature, you will also start to appreciate it more - and that will make your dog much happier for being yours - and you will in turn enjoy your four-legged pal to a much larger extent.

That's my objective: to help you develop an even better relationship between yourself and your dog, based on improving your understanding of your dog.

Your dog cannot learn to speak English or to comprehend the peculiarities of human behavior. It will always respond with its instincts. And that response will not be what you might expect from using "human logic"!

But you have a superior intelligence. You can learn to understand where the dog is coming from and why things make sense for your pal the way they do - and, from there, you can control your relationship with your dog - on its own terms.

If you feel this could make sense, then I will welcome you as subscriber!

Click here to subscribe!

But I warn you: you might be ticked off by my strong opinions once in a while... I have been through a lot - and a lot of things that are very different from what most people ever get to experience. And I do have a scientific education, as well as a strong military and commercial background, so I have learned to use information and use it critically. Besides, I am not afraid of speaking my mind! But let me know why you disagree - and I will be happy to learn from you, if your experience makes sense also to me!

As a matter of fact, this has been one of my most powerful ways of improving my own understanding of these issues...

However, if your main objective is to find out how you can stop your dog from annoying you, without you having to spend any time with it, then you might find "The Peeing Post" very harrassing... You see, I love dogs - and if you don't, you will hate me because I will be your dog's advocate!

A few technicalities

In order to protect both me and you from spam, the subscription process is not simple - but it should be manageable for an intelligent person:

  1. You fill in the form below with the personal information we require for confirmation of who you are. I am not interested in dealing with anonymous subscribers. I put my name behind this - and so do you!

  2. When the information below is received, you will instantly be transferred to another page, and you will get an automatic e-mail so you can verify the settings of your spam filters. If you arrive OK at the page without any error messages from your browser, then that e-mail was sent - so if you did not receive it, you have a problem with your spam filters...

  3. On the page you arrive at, you will be requested to perform a copy/paste operation in order to arrive at the next page, to which no links exist. You must then enter your personal information one more time - and it better be the same as what you entered first time....

  4. When submitting the information again through the second form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link you must click on, in order to finish the subscription process. When you click on the confirmation link in that second e-mail, your subscription is confirmed, and the welcome letter will be sent to you right away.

I apologize for this process being a bit tedious, but I had enough accusations against me for spamming, and I had enough bogus robots subscribe in order to fill my inbox with junk. I am at least as tired of spam as you are!

The entire process takes less than 2 minutes, though. If you do not carry through on the "action tests" you are required to pass, the whole process will stall. You will get instructions along the path, one step at a time. I sincerely intend to make the process impossible to manage for a robot or a dummy - and it also gives you a chance to verify your own spam filters. You see, I will not respond to any requests from your spam guard program that I confirm being a live person! This newsletter is sent from a mass-mailing automatic server, and all such anti-spam attempts from your side to get a personal response from me will be ignored.

You may repeat the sign-up process with another e-mail address, if you want - as long as you don't use an address that is not your own. You are also welcome to refer others to sign up too. You can do this by simply forwarding any issue to them - there is a link to this page is in all issues.

You can unsubscribe anytime you want - or change your subscription information. Each issue contains easy instructions for how you do this instantly. Please note that you must do this yourself; I will not do it for you.

I take care of making the newsletter
and K9joy takes care of sending it to you.

It is up to you to make sure that you can receive it!

When this is all under your control, please proceed by supplying the following information about yourself (input fields in bold are mandatory):

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If you receive neither an automatic e-mail nor an error message in your browser, then please click here for more information on this censorship, including what you can do about it.

I look forward to having you as a subscriber! Please remember that you can always e-mail me with your comments, questions, or suggestions by simply using a special link that comes in each issue of "The Peeing Post".

Cheers and woof,

Mogens Eliasen