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If you are good at understanding what is written in English on our web site, and you are good at writing in your own language, then we would like to make you an offer that will pay you well for combining those two skills.

It is out mission to reach out to as many serious dog owners as we can. We want them all to be able to enjoy their dogs for the wonderful gifts they are from Nature - and we want these dogs to enjoy their lives with their owners. Just as dog training works best with a serious reward, so does marketing. We are aware that our efforts to "spread the word" will be much more effective when we reward the people who are actively helping us doing it. That's what our Translator Program is all about: rewarding you for helping us!

You can expect us to be honest as dogs.... So let us explain how this Translator Program works in a way that will benefit both you, us, and the people we want to reach out to.

The last thing first: We have good reasons to believe that the information we have available for dog owners has serious value - if they bother reading it and using it. The feedback we have on file to confirm this is overwhelming. You must obviously agree - otherwise, you wouldn't bother checking this out...

Let's make this clear: K9joy is a business, not a charity with endless access to cash. We are operating on a for-profit base - otherwise, we could not exist. So, honestly as promised, we have to make some money on spreading all this information... This entails that we also have to protect ourselves again losing money! Now, losing money goes fast when you provide some crappy service or pay others for some useless junk, so we have a legitimate need for protecting ourselves against this, as we hope you can understand and appreciate.

We do make our life-sustaining cash-flow on selling our books and videos online, through the web site. No matter how we turn things around, this has to remain an objective of all activities that make our mission possible. Money is a tool, though, nothing more. An important tool, we must add, whether we like it or not....

When we make money, it is reasonable (at least for us) that those who help us doing this also make money. Win-win - a strong business principle. When you join our team of translators, you become part of that mission - and deserve a share, also in the financial rewards. Some people do not like this; they think it is more honorable when valuable information is given away for free, without limitation. They just tend to forget that doctors and nurses, and everybody else who provides a valuable service, including soldiers, all work for pay. Nothing wrong in your doing it too! But, of course, if you want to return your paycheck to us, you can always choose to do so...

Now, we have a lot of information we would like to have translated to a lot of languages.... This makes us very vulnerable, business-wise. In two ways:

  1. If we were to pay standard fees for professional interpreters, it would cost a major fortune, which we plain simply cannot finance with our cash-flow, and we are not interested in getting involved in fund-raising on such a scale. That is not our area of expertise, and that is not what our mission says!
  2. It would be a complete loss for us to pay for a translation, without also having a marketing structure in place for that translation...

The solution to both those two concerns is that we would much rather pay you much better than "standard"!

Sounds tricky? It isn't. It just takes seeing things in a different way than the traditional "I hire you" perspective.

As you can understand, we do not want to hire our translators on a fixed-fee basis. First, we have no way of checking on the quality of their work. Next we have no need for a translation, if we cannot also find someone to market our information in the appropriate language, so our need for the translation is strongly linked to our possibilities of having it marketed!

We look at things this way: If you do a good translation, whether you are a certified interpreter or not, then people will appreciate this information when they get it - and come back for more! And that coming back for more, we know from experience, results in sales, sooner or later.... In other words, if your translation is good and it gets marketed well, then we will see a corresponding increase in our sales. On the other hand, if you make a crappy job or the marketing does not function, then we make no money on that translation...

As you can see, the key to the win-win proposition is that your pay should be linked to our sales!

When money comes in from sales, we are certainly more then willing to share with those who helped us getting that sale! We walk our talk on this with our affiliate program, which basically pays 50% of all gross profit to our affiliates, leaving us with 50% to pay for also running the business....

Is it fair to share 50/50? We think so. We hope you agree. If not, doing business with us is not for you...

So, we have basically three parties involved when we talk making money with our information in a foreign language:

  1. There is you, the translator, who makes the information available in the new language (preferably your mother tongue)
  2. There is the affiliate, who markets the information and gets it out to the potential customers
  3. And then K9joy is left to pick up the tap by providing everything else....

Now, your task, the translation, is a one-time job. When done, it is done. The marketing is an on-going thing - which we know takes a significant effort that generally involves much more work than what is involved in doing a translation.

In the publishing industry, an author of a good book should generally consider himself lucky, if he can negotiate a deal with the publisher that will give him an 8% royalty on the sales. A few get 10%, and I have never heard of anyone who gets more. And that is typically on the wholesale price, certainly not the retail prices, which the publisher rarely can control.

But we will offer you significantly more, even for your translation! As a matter of fact, for our commercial publications, we typically pay royalties in the order of magnitude 12-15% to our translators, on the retail price of a download... Now, if you want to multiply with your estimated sales, you can figure out how much that will be - we will leave that to you, as we have no clue what "estimated sales" would be in your language.

We, will, of course, still pay our affiliates the usual 50%, so those translator royalties are taken out of K9joy's share of the income....

Also, in contrast to what it standard in the publishing industry that leaves all marketing completely up to the author, we do have an infrastructure in place for selling your translated works, or for using them for yourself or others to make sales: our affiliate program is exactly that.

Here is how our system works, when you translate one of our books:

  1. You sign up as affiliate, so we can keep track on the money.

  2. You and we sign the K9joy Translator Agreement.

  3. You do your translation of the work itself, as well as of the web pages etc. we need in order to facilitate sales.

  4. You can then choose to do either of the following:

    • You can "rest on the laurels" and let other people do the marketing. This way, you will be paid your agreed royalty on every sale, but no more. If we make a lot of sales through our affiliates or otherwise, you will get paid a lot; if we make none, you will get paid nothing... So, this way, you leave it up to us how much you want to get paid for your translation.
    • You can actively engage yourself as a marketer, using our affiliate program. You may even hire someone else to do it for you, if you want. That will, in reality, allow you to earn 55% of the gross profits on those sales - so if 50/50 was an acceptable split, then this should be acceptable too, we would think... This way, you take complete control over your earnings.
    • You can find other people to do your marketing - and promise them that they get paid well for it! If those people are signed up as K9joy affiliates (and thus get their 40% tier-1 commissions on all sales they make), you will get the 10% tier-2 commission on all their sales. Plus, of course, your royalty for the translation. This will typically give you a net income of 25%. Not bad for having other people do all the work, eh?

  5. We will pay you monthly, or when the account exceeds $100, whichever.

We hope you can see the win-win in this way of doing things. If you do well, we do well. If we don't do well, then you won't either. We depend on you, but you depend on us only to the degree you choose yourself! However, we feel confident that, with this system in place, you are not going to cheat on us either, as we don't have to pay anything until you show us that you work is worth it.... But then, we pay without limits! And none of us have anything to lose..

This hopefully makes sense, as far as our commercial publications goes. But translating a whole book is a serious commitment. Maybe you wanted something less demanding? We got that too....

You can also make money on translating articles or web pages!
Just one at a time - and with no obligation to ever do more...

It works this way:

  1. You sign up as a K9joy affiliate.

  2. You get a reservation from us about the translation, making sure that you are not repeating what someone else is doing and thus just wasting your time... You do that by sending us an e-mail, telling us what you want to translate, and a date for it being done.

  3. We will respond and let you know if the date is OK. The only typical reasons for this not being the case are that we already have someone else working on it, or that your date is outrageously far out in the future.... (Be reasonable, and don't ask for a year to do a couple of hours work!) Our response will include a written confirmation to you, plus the necessary instructions for the details of how we need the result delivered (if you can type a WORD document and do copy/paste into a TEXT document, that is all that is required - no web programming skills are needed!).

  4. You submit the translation in a form we can use directly as is.

  5. We put your affiliate code on the web page, so that all visitors who want to check the article or web page, will become assigned to you as affiliate if they are not already having such an assignment, and you will earn all relevant commissions on all sales to these people in the future, no matter what they buy from K9joy! (We will, in respect of other affiliates, of course not let you steal their customers, so if a visitor checks the article but already is assigned to another affiliate, this stays so. You will only pick up those who are without an affiliate reference when they enter the page - but that is still a serious chunk of them, and it certainly includes all those you refer yourself and those that are referred from people who are not members of our affiliate program...)

  6. Again, we will pay you monthly, or when the account exceeds $100, whichever.

This last possibility is an indirect way of making money, but it works! The good news for you is that you can limit the amount of work you want to do to be no more than what you feel you can handle. There is only the commitment and the time limit you set yourself.

This offer is valid for all the following:

  • All our main web pages that are in .php format - which includes our home page and our theme pages. (But not this page! If people cannot understand what we write here, we cannot use them as Translators...)

  • All our public articles (you can find an overview of them here).

  • Mogens Eliasen's newsletter "The Peeing Post" (which does require that we make an agreement with you, since it is quite an on-going commitment, and the standard letters are almost a dog book in their own right. You can check out this option here - and we can promise you that it is a serious money-maker....)

  • Our affiliate program and the pages that explain how it works.

As you can see, we do not put restrictions on you. You can set your own pace. But the pay will be in accordance with what you do. You can choose to do a lot - and make a lot of money. Or you can keep it as a little hobby on the side - and make a little extra, in complete privacy. That's completely up to you!

So, if this interests you, you will need to sign up first as a K9joy Affiliate. It is a free offer with no obligations, other than honesty. Click here to get to a description of our affiliate program and to get access to the sign-up form!

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